Zak Keefer gives an update on the Colts OTA's and what to watch out for

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, June 15th

Zak Keefer gives an update on the Colts OTA's and what to watch out for.


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I've got against sterling show on CBS sports 1430 days doing this after. Deal tonight at victory field. It's that Caroline Sammons celebrity softball challenge not a media types Garnett play in that thing lot of sports types gonna play in that thing. Including Robert Mathis and a lot of his former teammates with the Indianapolis Colts. I don't know whether you play in the Zach Kiefer not do you play in this thing. This here my first time I'm a little longer. Well you know it nobody's really paying attention to be anyway that's the way I'd like data that did and I played in it I almost killed Robert Mathis once is used penchant. I hit a light scolded the thing right back at him and thank god it hit him in the met. I. You know and I've butted heads with Robert Mathis from the path over stories and I'm a little afraid like in the batter's. And a couple of years of frustration with a ball at but I know I'm very much aware of that when I'm up to back it fighting back about diet. The rest of the stand will be on their phone was in another thing and the lowest of the low total. Corporate. Tiger does that Kiefer from the Indianapolis Star about the Indianapolis Colts com and chuck I'll talk to us today. And I thought it correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that he seemed like gun usually we eerie. They. I thought he seemed kinda tired. We seen a couple different separate out the brain. And I think it's been in a better mood altogether you know it. Keep keep the entire spring and summer together and he's in a better mirrored I think we know why I think we're in for Chris Ballard made your coach. He was a little bit this morning I think he just got done with that meeting where. Do not go out and get arrested over the next week. Yeah if you get in the news at all it's better future for all read enough or you know got a fighter the bar or something like that. A little interest in catching up on the final day of practice. The coaches complain all the time about not being enough time in the field. Another not playing football right now they're in shorts in certain about where pat but. Why would you give up another day of practice but hey you know other teams are doing it as well. We seldom get a lot of field work this week. But will but it would seem to actually review got caught all ankle but the lord. What was it noticeable wesun Donte' Mon Kris tweet was it noticeable that somehow they were working harder. Then they've worked in the past I can't believe that that's the hardest work. But Donte' Mon creatures ever been asked to do. I asked them about that and had the same reaction you did he doubled down there well and to his credit they were in side that day was a little mock you heck gays in the middle of summer. It was really really hot in unit out on the sideline put in an email to now. They without a plane into an art today. It it didn't go out and he said he went all the with a better senator caught back so. To his credit he said it was a out of the heart rate ever you know put all ready never had. But talk about a guy who looked really good this week at notre not played all that are at pebble or he tore up the defense. This week in practice dating though people are saying look he knows did a real estate some is he going get the colts defense look he's gonna. That. And you know really you know this is when guys this is this start to translate that we've seen that in your act last year. You are held with the very best player in training camp and what did he knew he led the league in receiving yards over the course the seat. This year Guttmacher toward making it will be elegant yet. But it ended today this is what most important this guy's gonna entered a contract you been challenged by that are on the scene that the US open. And it said coach you know you want that money go get it. Really encouraging start to the point seventeen year and for dock and laughter. Exactly for the Indianapolis Star about the Indianapolis Colts had just wrapped up. There mandatory mini camp but it remotely cooker when's he gonna be ready to go duh is he ready for camp. Yeah I'll be ready for training camp they got it really the biggest question mark right now and it's an explosion Andrew Luck will probably see. Within the first week or two or print it get out there are well. We got really worried about it couldn't gather that I had no idea you can be out there to start. Or even just finished training camp but but not just never know if timetable respect immensely because he didn't get surgery immediately after the beat him. Selecting the lead congress steps in there was seen by our early. You know ahead of TJ green on the depth chart safety he dared Butler back there as well. A lot to be decided on the safety depth chart as we move forward. Do we notice and unsealed difference in tenor with Chris Ballard right in the show as opposed to Greg's and no okay on the field. I don't believe so we'll see though because the biggest difference with these two you know look what they're in the rocker is going to be out training camp. Sort of unfold because with Greg silly black over years we knew. Where everybody would that. There was not a lot to be decided when training camps started. When I came in when they were signed up the street or create three. We knew where they stood at a depth chart now we do not know it could be as many as seven very new starters on defense and the great thing is we don't know. It took ground kind of talk about that today is the exciting grow and expand. Find out what kind of football team has been out of the little word on the well obviously. No we didn't find out today that is for training camp they're gonna spend three weeks in a hotel. Regularly do we know how it like up and Anderson we all kinda got into the routine to watch in the morning workout and then gone under the tent listening to chuck and then there were players right. Do we have any idea how this is gonna work. Yet you make up this year this is what we're hearing were here in order up more. We'll talk to him after practice in the morning which is good for our right. And then they had you mean walk through that will be well. And I don't know about you but I've never been reluctant to that wanted to be so. And it was born singer and football refuted football practices or it would be like a walk. So they're mixing it up in in doing the hotel opinion not of normal teams that they hold for training camp will have to team in a hotel. I know for many staffers and many players they're very glad to be out of the storms. Honor of being a little bit better combinations that but it still going to be the same kind of format like chuck mentioned today only forced seven football for about three weeks. Zach people are gonna ask you for your autograph tonight. At that we're gonna want my autograph and this is this is it's inexplicable and what mine are. But they will throw little balls that you and and they'll expect to say heavy sign it. Big gracious a wave to them smiled because it and it we know where where we live in their grand scheme of things on the totem pole. We're much more energy were much closer to the earth and we are the sky. We know best but be gracious in signing stuff inciting and try and step back and treat yourself like you're a big deal I think that's the way to go. I who I will be. Hampered the network was. I'm afraid I've never had an autograph or never. All right well have fun out there it's a great night and and you're gonna have a great time. They get absolutely beds that Kiefer from the Indianapolis started as a great time at the Carolyn sends celebrity softball challenge at victory field tonight at 7 o'clock. Robert Mathis Paul George they're the captain's attitude teams got a bunch colts on one side a bunch pacers on the other side some media guys sprinkled in. And it's just a really really good time and it's fun to hang out. With those guys they like two years ago amid a dugout I think there was a clerical mix up and in so I wound up playing instead of being in the home run derby. And does so I got like a Jersey end. Andy you know you sit in the dugout numb I'm sitting next to Frank Vogel who was at the time to head coach of the pacers. And just talking about Yunel ordinary jumped. Pays like a bubble about it in your haven't like offline conversations with people at a very relaxed. Kind of environment. And it it it couldn't be more fun and you'll. As fans can do the same thing they come out to sign autographs you're gonna have a good time we gonna get to see them kind of outside. They're normal professional habitat. And so yeah you're kind of on a pure level with all these people and and it's really going to be funds freer to watch it's a great night. And the weather looks okay.