Zak Keefer on Chris Ballard ahead of the draft

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, April 19th

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Sterling show why don't you we'll take it out enjoyed since this week and it looks like he's gonna sock death. That's the way it goes. Not what didn't psyched today was a Chris Ballard and media availability at the colts headquarters out on west 56 street we welcome to the show from the Indianapolis Star does is stellar job. Of covering the Indianapolis Colts the great Zach keeper radio and Zack. I'm great carrier. Great let me Escude as just is somebody who's a wordsmith certainly. Does my views of superlatives diminishes their value. That's fair enough let's try to figure call me grade every time like a lot of it but they're gonna get wise to it and realize. How would you take today Chris Ballard. We'll for a vote great question. Tax I guess that I don't know because under that. You know the thing is I've talked to a couple people in the building. In the last couple weeks and were they keep coming up is refreshing and I thought that rang true today. He would polar opposite. Provide you would get her record enough of a knock on reichert and they're just different guys that they go about their Beers a different way. Could go to a really Smart guy. It is not talked down. You to the media he had engaged in media in order apple which. May or may not have been the first time in NFL history on our affiliate. You know usually what you gotta put on guys figure you don't know connected by a much for you to be there now we learned a little bit about its philosophy is tendencies and what you think in. You know what I walked away from their press covers think in. Don't be stunned at stake so often in the first round or or or necessarily. Don't go to position you really think they need to yet. Because this guy thinking you know 510 years down the line as opposed to the glaring need to navy quarterback in the unit I doubt I'd Lambert right now. I don't miss the net and not stunned. But it LA and this gonna sound like it started out Ryan Greg's until. But. Chris Ballard is likable in a way that Ryan Greg's and one like it this is a guy. You you could sit down and you know to Bart drink some Beers with and talk football I like this guy very much. Yeah I know a 100% behind that and and you know just drop in that little note that he's written about the cubs you know Netanyahu never ordered got on the net interest Ian neck lets you know. You know the guys report in from 8 o'clock in the morning rocket bike every day until the draft next Thursday you know and and then he goes only read the book on its own every night because it gave them the iPad so you know it kind of peel back the curtain in the way we didn't get previously. Yeah really really hard not to like this guy has so far by. At the same time into law any danger now you'll see that go because that's been app that's. I don't know what it was like to cover Ryan dregs and when he first got here he may have been a completely. Accommodating guy and and very funny and congenial I have no idea and that just went away toward the end. But at least from the beginning this guys see and and what I'd like in this got to sound harsh turn rang Griggs and two but I think it's. Pits he's so I'll medical I didn't say it. And that Chris Ballard is reading books written by others because he's curious what other people thank. I Iowa's got the feeling that Ryan greats and if he ever was going to read a book would have to write at first because he was only interest in what he would decide. It certainly seemed like that toward the end their ten year. On that note all Biden came off I've personally never had a problem with Ryan we disagreed on a couple of things but. You know moving forward to the new guy. This will be dancing to see how this goes because you're not gonna hit on every draft pick Nolan did not even the great Bill Polian to immerse it in comparing everybody to. You know be very keen to see. But the one thing that stood out to me so far. Is this is this word you'd beating indoor tired competition. These guys are entering training camp. With clean slate and you're going every one of them to earn a starting job. In dominant you know maybe look excluding Andrew Luck and out of military be looked BI they're not going anywhere other to be the starting. Quarterback and kicker respectively but everyone else who doesn't matter how much you were paid it doesn't matter where you were crafted it in scope or set. You need to earn that starting job and he bolstered just about every position group. You know through created in he'll do so more next week in the draft. He's trying to tell these guys to pick it up and I think that the message that he's trying to instill the entire building. Either be really action to see where he does about first pick next Thursday night. Would you be stunned gives through the course set of like the fourth through seventh round sports is a little bit early. But maybe in the sixth round that they've found their way into a draft and a quarterback. Yeah it be surprising to me that they draft a quarterback. Next we get in any round. The Reid and I say that actually was really saw last year he's just about what you cornerback quarterback right. You can come in and pay to play a couple of games and maybe get your chance to win. But at the same time you're not having to pay him big money right that was the problem. You know and that becomes the problem a couple of other you know guys. On the console valuable that you would keep then cracked there. Everything that Stephen Morse is the perfect third string quarterback they can push so you'll have got to got colony for over a year that this Stephen Morse beat starter to maybe that the. The problem. But. Is this outgunned make up person who knows things about football. I mean not to Ragheb Stephen Moore's seems like a nice guy and put competent. Very athletic but it is is the guy who's calling you is he just alluded take Sanders here real guy. He's a person. Either mix of both I think I think just discarded in this sub. The last pre season game last year Stephen Morse will be here he let a lot of game winning drive in the fourth quarter I think just about everybody. Would sleep. Separate mean even polar currently who clearly were paid to be awake but they're pretty epic so. I think he's the perfect practice squad quarterback they're not going after a quarterback they might sign somebody after the draft for now there are about something Chris Bauer like that out. Good to have four arms and campus facility Andrew Luck. You'll be limited the very best to start camps so the talk is that what if you don't burn your draft pick on a quarterback. Would you take him what Andrew Luck had to say the other day woody what he said Monday. Yet I told the truth read a couple of years. And I can count on one hand how many times I've locked out of Andrew Luck press conference learn something new read and remembered Jacksonville last year record a lot from London. No he called out the cold professionalism that was some new. But this time that's really what we suspected all along right I remember that day in Tennessee. He was beat to crap and a locker room in a way that would not normal you know you're used to cnet's Greg taken. 400 could Egypt or something that first Bob or five years. The most by any cornerback Korey used to seeing him. Look like crap that's in this is a different level of beat to crap I couldn't pick a shoulder pads off I remember thinking to myself something wrong. Little did we know he was playing with their children referral over a year and a half. I couldn't tell last year and specifically you would ask me. I would have been able to tell you it was some that I would have been back my mind. You know in this time critical question in this time. Throughout the scene in practice. They were doing that maintenance thing but there were times Jim Irsay said look this is not a chronic issue we're not playing in a certain. So what you're lying to us than or you know did something change. But it would interesting and I do really think from from talking to a couple of doctors that I out. About the shoulder surgery about the you know partially torn labor and if they did it Nixon he comes back a 100% which there's no reason to think you Waltz. Are you could be an MVP discussion here. Well Zach Kiefer from the Indianapolis Star. But what's it. How about running back to me get turban he deck core big needs something different don't share and ended the draft day Irsay during the owners' meeting said they'd kind of there's thinking that maybe getting get a guy likens Dick Ballard was in 2012 on the fifth round and that seems like only a reasonable assumption dot net. Yeah yeah if not higher. That might be a little bit of a smokescreen Woolsey they will be taking a running back and distract if they don't go crazy. Couldn't get them you know you give young in right cheek. I would be shocked to that would the second or third rounder for Europe that they got you remember they've got 76 in the fit runner Bob sort of got locked the capital especially. Court the middle of the draft. I would be surprised that this woman the first round on a running back. Like a Christian McCaffery they have been floated out there he would be perfect in this system I think. But it still stunned me a bit in their defense the first round. Yeah you gotta stop people and you need corners. You know T yeah you know it says Sid I'm not Ziggy you could tell me this fried tell you. But you gotta put pressure on their quarterback they've got to keep keep pressure off your quarterback create can't win in the NFL. Yeah I an Indian in really their two biggest need to go hand in hand right riding to get to the quarterback having to have a guy and yet you can increase or the receiver. And they just didn't have either of last year Bobby Davis is so banked up but it eagle back point scorching when he had a career year. That really help the past sourced to a point where wasn't that big of an issue and Robert Mathis what an even plane and going torching. They didn't even have a past trust you know the leader in sacks that year was stopped and these super doubt yup I'm a forgot about him but. Their quarterback later declines so significantly in the last two seed and that their path source you know problem has been just just. Doubt debated you know so. Yes they got to get a corner and getting noticed that address or not a really really hard thing to do and wonder out. We'll see what happens but that got them that got their work cut out. Do you enjoy cover in the draft or is it just like oh my god what is this thing demand. They get to get out of their camp Tampa. I mean the standards are. Thursday night it's fun and we know when you know all the prospects that are in the area of it's that the draft pick you know that's on. And Saturday at the longest period a year for us and I think I would rank it up there was one of the worst days struggle we're there for like twelve hours and it's it's a long day we spent a lot of time and that room but Saturday a figure the longest day of the year for us. Take Zach I appreciate it great answers to some stellar questions. They appreciate that thanks yeah out of the content of the grades that caper. Yeah I take you did it's gonna be really interesting because that is that this is the first time we're gonna see exactly. We've heard the rhetoric. Right we haven't seen the action or sell the action.