Zach Osterman provides his insight on Hoosier basketball and football

The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, July 14th

Zach Osterman provides his insight on Hoosier basketball and football.


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We do that right now Issac customer to the Indianapolis Star right on Zach. Club record out right here I could have been better lit that we will talk about Paul church fermented but only in this context. So I I wrote some things about Paul George and I did video about they liked Paul Georgia breakfast with Kent thank. And dom sold polled Georgia earlier today he tweets. I hate can't dot dot dot dot who argue. And so I answered him and also like to do that was a mushroom cloud on Twitter that just will not stop it in have you had a have you tweeted something that didn't blew up and you're kind of like what the hell's going on here. Mean I'm sure that I mean lord knows I'm sure I have not been immediately comes to mind but it. These things you just can't get away premier real quick I think probably too. You are as guilty of it yeah jumping into some kind of conversation I think it light hearted yeah. Yeah out silly and then all of a sudden kind of spiral out of control and I wanted to have ended it. Can you just remove me from minutes after yeah it's fading out there watching in the red I don't. Is it surprising to you that people on Twitter I guess it shouldn't be because they're kind of faceless and nameless. So there's an anonymity factor that provides people cover I suppose. But people get very it like there is tremendous. Profane invective. That's hurled about on Twitter and it seems like people are just waiting to get pissed off about something. Yeah and I think you're right it is he's probably a lot to do with the anonymity. That you could it. I think there's probably a feeling of sort of a lack of accountability and data in an open look to a Yahoo! is trying to. You know it is alive and in your face it only 140 characters to me lord knows. You cannot quite get involved in the race site aren't I you're clear Twitter debate if there are no other reason that there would be. Even if you've got a reasonable point to make and I've got a reasonable reply. Are we really going to be able to. You know match no doubt and a 140 characters and are not so much doubt you're accusing one another without somebody saying something somebody chocolate. You know what all or whatever it took. Created it in public medium and a lot of. Where did the exact ouster and from the Indianapolis Star let's talk about Indiana University basketball they had kind of the practice that was. Supposed to be open to the media. End up but then they had everybody talked did we learn something that we didn't know from hearing from all like Colin Hartman and Archie Miller and JaJuan Morgan and all the guys. You ought I don't know how much we learned that we didn't know I think there's little you know two bit here in their apartment. But waited example cleared for contact. You know we've heard a lot bit this spring and summer about. Iran Davis getting into better shape he says he's down to about 250 pounds right media height and that where the com the start of the season. I think it was all just kind of the general impression of me what I wrote in the immediate aftermath of that sort of split wood that I felt like. More so than at any other point that we've talked to them Archie Miller has really started negate. Get a comfort level with what you got in and you know what it team's going to be able to do it obviously. You're you're just. We go go to eight hours a week right now Kirkland limited settings so terms as scheme and installation and a lot of that stuff still kind of gonna happen slowly but their baby and a broader sense. He feel like he's got a better handle on who is gonna fit into what role you know what what thirteen strikes in any weakness is going to be. How can start to map out. Up plan for handle in the nonconference schedule at Kennedy pretty tricky but the Big Ten obviously from those two games in an early December I think there's just. It bit maybe not that surprising given you know it kind of caught from getting hired to string work out. To talk to work out but you just kind of got different but yet. Much sort of firmer more competent crap this is what looks like. This is what we got edited actually. And with the players it was their vibe but we probably positive. You know what I mean did it did did they feel like could very they're moving kind of on greased grooves tortoise sees a where they now have some success. Agnico I mean I think this there was a definite sort of feel. And and what ever got in there probably a combination of a lot of things predator adept and feel like. BE. Bill lesson that we needed to learn from obviously all all see a lot of it. Maybe feeling like they did take a lot of those lessons I see the root of a lot of that and god that. Indiana really needed to kind of step up and in terms of leadership accountability. You're goat didn't. I'm really kind of making that. Our point of emphasis and day eighty. Just kind of a no doubt sort of situation I guess you'd say to want Morgan probably have been in the quote. Of the day in that regard you just sit leadership. Problem that these all. But. You don't get a group that may be not unlike. Are you know or you're not maybe that's the problem. But a group that may be really good and help evaluating this spring and summer and had some experienced guys back who could kind of lead that effort. And now that may be a more competent sort of feel. This is what we needed to get sick not just in terms of you know statistical output of the more intangible stuff we're getting Netflix. And we're going to be going forward together. Into this season because I think it is even more Indiana have to be a little bit more some part of that makes sense that this is. I'm not here where you can simply say here's our users are just gonna build it gonna be effort. You know all the war in terms of figuring out how to replace all idea at all except that that. You know what we had that you want Morgan on the show earlier in the week he was talking about Justin Smith and how surprised he was. Maybe surprised what the word that he used but how impressed he was. With Justin Smith and the level of basketball that he was playing David did you alluded do you hear that from him and others what they think about the freshman. Heard the gripping look look cooked and more well. I think there are idols were gimmicky to god it. Maybe terribly. Surprisingly here I mean even if you go back to win concrete and his staff recruiting him. Kind of the book what more would he was the late developing forward but he was the guy had. Com a lot of potential he would be guided it kind of came a little bit out of obscurity. Had a ton upside it really versatile guy 69 trick and and I've heard a lot of good things about him and and one of the first things out of anybody now that album. We're big city could shoot real well and it is that the case being treated like that I think your percentages are a little bit. If you look at an article made you a little bit up and down I've seen him shoot the ball person I think he. Had the tools and shot to be good shooter in college eventually if he can even be sort of a reliable option off the passionate and let it. But Indiana got a lot of shooting ability to replace. From not just slapping him really the last two seasons. It hard to be effective on offense and modern college that ball up in the state of Florida to be really helpful as well. Tired Zach customer to the Indianapolis Star football is I did there what a couple weeks away. From. It's too big getting the processing getting ready for Ohio State Tom Allen his first full season. He of course was a head coach of the bowl game. Last year after he took over from Kevin Wilson to what do we think about football and Tom Allen's ability to be a head coach at the Big Ten level year. Well I think there's a lot of questions I don't you know when you enumerated problem there. You know you'd be talent and then head coaching college area codes that this kind of Ben Davis. You know he's he's bringing in an entirely new altered the staff and an Indiana. Really the thing that you know probably the bigger on the you'll accomplishment it will never realized was eternity and it stalled in the big. Not good. Four a middling program or or good for an above achieve genuinely wanted to be better off debate and a lot here. Now all of that had gone not just open but all coaches with virtually starter so. You know what advice what you might deport grip hurt bill. Wondered if the committee going to be able to accomplish on the opposite side of the ball on the other hand. You know when we probably conversation about what prompted Indiana's defensive improvement last year. Over and over players' coach beverages. Everybody bought into and believe. In Tom Allen and more or less what he was selling could at some level every coach is kind of African. When you talk about when you're afraid by hand you know players are. The natural order partnered that'd mean you're selling something. And you look at Tom Allen what he did not one year's South Florida be credited the improvement he made that one year. That you go back and look at last year they regret pretty quickly on defense. So that told he would not shut. Maybe lightning you know in a bottle it's something that amount as in being able to really inspire. College age aptly. To improve and to get better. Barack probably speak well but again there's a lot of questions there that top. Schedule starting out right away the other night in August 31 against state you got. And all that Britney it didn't pick up a news Nina got down turn over defiance. The couple who offered the linemen need to find a new running back. There's there's a lot of questions to be answered I do think that that star we've got our state or international. Virginians or to southern. I think that can help maybe enter a lot of question true but it about September. And this is silly business but winning three of those games kind of puts in a position Derek get to a bull. And I I know the one of those four games where it's unlikely Indiana's commitment begin how emerge victorious. But the end of the schedule. Not tough and then kind of does the beginning after Ohio State you got a chance to win some games. Yeah I think you're right I mean I do think it needed to schedule that you got to be able to do your work early an act of your right that doesn't mean to be state. On the other hand you only have four big and pong game this year. Among those or our state Michigan and with confidence there aren't a lot of free these old. Not that in Vienna and a program and I'm not trying to be flippant but historically rupiah programs can. Can claim a lot of freebies and scheduling. I'll British you can if you said that you win three of those first four. Then you set yourself up in a position where you don't like captive. You don't ask don't have to beat Michigan home you don't necessarily have to be sharp and hope especially you can beat Virginia on the road. And maybe take some of that experience on the road to places like Dylan and barrel and Purdue. And say look we want eroding your car but conference team already here. You're going to be possible for up to do it again. And I just admin question that there are I think we know a lot about this team what's gonna be simple but yet. At September I appreciated thanks so much Zach. Apple regard premise the great Zach dostum and from the Indianapolis Star.