Will Haskett on why LaVall Jordan is made for Butler Basketball and what to expect from the US Open

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, June 13th

Will Haskett on why LaVall Jordan is made for Butler Basketball and what to expect from the US Open.


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Academic and sterling shows CBS sports 1430. From a golf signing here in nursing country club. Proud to benefit the saint John's children's clinic a look at we've run into from PGA tour radio. Degree will ask if I don't well I can't it's a little soggy but anytime you play golf and help people then sign me up to do it. The US open coming up this weekend we'll talk about that in a minute the let's talk about the Butler Bulldogs in the decision that was made yesterday. Tell higher above all Jordan I I haven't heard anybody seeing a great things about the ball. I'm it's a zero credit for about take all the credit within this interview because Scott and the under so on Friday. I kind of went non professional there and just went full billboard like this is the guy had to be hired. I don't think that there was a choice that was going to be a bad one for Boller whether they went with either. Right Dioner Terry Johnson who now last to take assistant jobs with crystal and Ohio State. Or Mike issues very you I know has been on details and that he wanted to job was considered for it but to me love Al Jordan had all of the makings he checked every single box that comes with it from a guy you. You know blood and sweat and tears for the program as a player as an assistant as a recruiter he showed we can do for a player development standpoint working under John Beilein in Michigan and I suffer Stanley in the horizon and last your broadcasting many of his games in Milwaukee. Don't want the eleven wins fool you he inherited a roster with nothing he had to division one players on entire roster and nearly won the tournament has the tendency. Speaking coach he's level headed. He's defense of minded he's a member of the multifamily he's everything about once in a coach and I think Berry College in armor on. The last time this job was open I wrote and talked about the fall short and and that he just seemed to make the most sense that he kind of checked all the boxes. Butler went with Brenda Miller we understand why it may need the timing is just perfect this time four vol I think he was the right choice in 2013. And butler's fortunate that circumstances allow them to have a redo of 2017. And and I said this before like Chris Holman deserves all the credit in the world. Because he was able to him he left the job as head coach and then Weston eighteen months later he's the head coach of Butler basketball and really guide them through. A rough patch there because of the one your with Brandon Miller but. You know I think about Jordan would have been successful and an awesome and I'd be a top flight big east team had he taken the job in 2000 there's been offered the job I should say two dozen thirteen. He gets here in 2017 it's a four year delay the ball is gonna win. Eventually. I should know this stuff we're talking to will caskets from PGA tour radio. On the AA Indy and Indy get old longtime Butler guy. And the staff that he's gonna put together our is everywhere I know my trial he is headed out to Columbus is Terry Johnson and it Brian Pete and I assume because he's from Columbus. He's gonna head back home yet that's the word and that's what David woods is reporting I think this morning Indianapolis stars of the world gone I think the only one that was. They likely one to perhaps stay with Terry Johnson and it could there have been a way to work out an associate head coach sort of deal with him. I don't know the money Hassey better Ohio State you have to make that determination any interviewed for the job and a lot times news of the job you don't get it. It is time for the change in scenery so it's going to be difficult but most head coaches deal with having to put their whole staff together. It's be interesting to see who's available out there from assistant standpoint that wants to take that opportunity of lap without Jordan and he brings anybody with a from Milwaukee. You know it's it's one of those situations and I don't mean to unknowing Chris Holman a saint or any thing. But it seemed like one of the things that he really wanted during these negotiations with Ohio State was a budget to where he could reward the staff that he had. In the same way he's being rewarded by Ohio State I think it was important to them all last is an ATM in the athletic department and they need to go to the cash machine and they can do it in Butler doesn't have that luxury no matter what fans delusions are. With this the big east teak TV money yes they have more money needed and cries they don't have Big Ten football mind Internet top of the Big Ten football money. Which is what Ohio State has. If you believe the media reports crystal and turned on the Ohio State job once last week and then took it a second time when he came met with an even better more fruitful offer so he can take care all the people around him. It's gonna continuity shift for him to go to ball to go from Butler to Ohio State. As he pretty seamless form from the big east of the Big Ten because he's gonna have that same staff. The US open not too far away this weekend up in Wisconsin an interesting story with the selection of the course. Who did this kind of course and I know nothing about it we'll find out everything this weekend. What kind of vote on golfer does this course kind of favor if you like trees you really haven't like the US open for the last three years because it's in chambers today and Oakmont last year in this series and hills Wisconsin there's one tree one tree on the inner eighteen holes and Aaron Hill this week. So this is modern links sort of lay out noble one thing that I appreciate it iron fails to know the architects pretty well. They didn't really move like dirt this isn't a Pete Dye French slick sort of thing you came in the bulldozer and created something out of a flat. A portion of land this is a naturally formed a sort of links style golf course that's gonna have a little bit more populist. It's a wider golf course it's really long play over 7700 yards but against that modern US links sort of look to it where there are any trees. I think it's great for the fans because allows golfers to have full creativity. You have to worry about. Necessarily the position of making Gina blocked by a tree you put yourself in position to try and make as many birdies and get yourself as many birdie looks as possible. So for the longer hitters in the field gives an creative angle saying hey acting trying cut this bunker right in trying cut this. Waste area over here Chinese and things I loved it because against every player a different option in different pathways in the same results. DJ looked like a guy who's just gonna Dominic calls in perpetuity that he sold on the stairs at Augusta. He's kind of struggle is it a back issue with amber what's going on with Dietrich you know I think right now it's just a wall for Maine greatest player in the world. I wrote an article for golf news net to write for on a weekly basis effectively saying at this US open was always I still think it is DJ vs the field. I'm taking DJ vs the field this week he can do things a golf ball the team that nobody in the world can. It's a golf course that sets up well for missed the first on the US open is playing a par 72. Since Pebble Beach in 199201. Assays have been 25 years since we've had four par fives and play. At a US open and that's his plays into the hand of a guy like Dustin Johnson the first holes 632. Yard par five he might actually be you'll reach in two because of his language is crazy to think beaten cut the corner and hit a big swooping hook. And he's the bank there at the first adding DJ is still the favorite. The only thing that scares me about it as I walked with them for 36 holes at Muirfield village and the memorial a couple of weeks ago and his putter looked horrible. So if he can't make putts you can't win it's like that for everybody in the field. But the tensions there his son was born today so he's gonna whiskey is waiting Aaron hill's after the birth of the second child. I still think it's his tournament but it wouldn't shot me he doesn't win base he has the tools to dominate this golf course and a left because he's gonna go to his daughter's high school graduation or whatever not surprising he's always put family first. But a really interesting choice given his age well. The thing about it is there's symmetry here is the daughter that was born after that famous moment with Payne Stewart in 1990 there's even more of that to this story than just always a child is graduating from high school it is. First child is the job that legend nearly was when he rushed home to after finishing runner up and it. And she's I think salas story so saluted toying excuse me giving the commencement speech there's a lot of things in play. He's still on the TC he is not officially withdrawn he still holding a press conference at the once it this week. Because if the weather comes in the play it's storming Thursday morning in his tee time is delayed. He could still play he has not officially backed out. Very nice thanks will appreciate it.