Sage Karam of Dreyer & Reinbold Racing

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, May 17th

Sage Karam of Dreyer & Reinbold Racing on how the wind has affected him at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today & his #Indy500 prep. 


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And we toggle lever for other territories then Zach Kiefer and now sage care for Dreyer Reinhold racing. He driver machete and saint Jude I saw you this morning to the media thing. And it sounds like it we spent a lot of time together a couple of years ago I come back into the hauler and and talking about things. And it you said things like. I'll put my foot on the gas poverty goes fast I can't pass as many people like him as quick as I can't. It sounds like your little your little bit more conservative now that you were back then. Yes and I just think. Basically just took the mistakes that we need you know it's two. To learn those things and I I am more conservative now I believe and you know coming in here with you know a clear mind in slow approach and both black and qualified better this year so I don't have to like you know be making the wrist against the front. But yeah I am gonna. You know use my head a bit more out there and you know be more methodical about a month. Racing Clinton and how many get around it's 200 laps this my collapse if not hundreds if you run 200 laps my money's on you could see capacity yeah I weakened asset that was that they. You know it's it's a bit windy audited as we have been running. Com and because we're confident are as hard right now and yes that was able to pass anybody really anywhere. And last year we showed it as well and that. Clashes car feels just like this year's car so. I'm very excited for that. So it doesn't really matter where I start I know I'll be able to pass but obviously one that I like easier just kind of start towards the front. Sorry to say Chara was driving for drier ride bulls that become auctions. Chevrolet. But let me ask you about your attempt to hood attaching it got on your wrist felt even. His hat he had notes that today's league the first day it's really getting noticed by everybody. Inspired to blow up a little bit I guess but I got the stats do it like march I believe. It's wings in the tire you know an announcement is doing logo etched on the flags on it and they just Sony's entire. And I don't have any of the letters and just the outline. But yeah I just wanted it because I just you know Ina I wanted to go to wake up in the morning look at it just you know every day think of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indy 500 and that's one as someone went more than anything. Just you know be able to look at it get a lot of identity it is and a better myself to be able to win it and it pushed me and you know I love since they surrounded and is you know as I wanna do something with him for when I do when there is that nine out of the car number at the Dayton knows that. Yet. It definitely means something this year. Guess the only fight you need to have to it's the checkered flag yeah yeah yeah noted is that blue thing with your strike. I don't even know what that means you don't have been TCI Daniels a great year he's slow and you're about to go up down so each political leader if you did how how. So really what are the odds that that happens with you. A week from Sunday. I mean if it doesn't matter really bad days. I'd like to say. 00. Hunter. There's no chance of that happening those Honda. Talk to say tabs so you practice pit stops today. And how Beckham I mean that's really all you can do with any kind of enthusiasm on a day like this where it's this when he had that. Yet no we we could do it too much today. No sense in practice the car I mean when you see it seemed like Penske not even go out internal happening of all the spares in the world. You know and you know you know that's here at secret you know that. You don't need to be out there and pound and around you know I'm on a little team along parts Neiman you know we don't have. The back of cars the stairs other teams have so. It was a Smart just sit back and relax and lets them make the most of the day and focus on the pit stop. Practice and we got the guys on our rhythm I hit my marks a pretty well I felt good guys seem pretty good so Elizabeth. Last year didn't it well obviously. But make further period of time you were on the track going from where you started where you wound up. You're whole finance and impasse and everybody on the track how much fun it was that. It was a blast. At this it was a blast music on a stressful because. I didn't you want to outside passes inside passes isn't close passes. That's the only risky thing you play to start in the back like I knew I was so much faster than all these guys around me. Yet people blocking and everything in. They're making life difficult you're making it easy for me that. Yeah I knew I had to get around him I knew I could get around them. And I think that's why I got so like Hungary and almost like I got towards the front small blood in the water plus all the front of the race I was like all right that's right deserves to be nice ones to get there. So I notice you're in now. It's all right to be in my fifteenth at the end of the second stop you know me I'm gonna I think great pick here I'm gonna pick out spots in the pits and benefit of spots on track. And you know it doesn't matter where I am on ninety on the 93 it's only when I'm in my 200 and hopefully the top of the pile ons that the milk. Talk about the thoroughness and its parent the driver of the other big of auction Chevrolet for prior Brian bull. So what he'd do it tomorrow into Friday how much your time it's gonna be spent on race setup and how much your time spent trying to be as fast as you can't. For holding. Yes so we're just gonna start out in the morning do one run. I'm race trim. And a group and make sure that bounces you know where we left off and everything is cool it. Once we get that run out of way and that's bigger odds that on us the qualifying stuff. Head back out there to slow start chipping away at a qualifying setup. You know the claw like Cecil trickier on here. I don't wanna just so ridiculous you know that's from the big heart it's really sketchy when you start putting all my stuff on it you know a lot of not a lot of when lives and stuff and you know it's a slide it's lies down and it's you can't make a mistake got to drive perfect so. Yeah we'll we'll be doing a lot of lot of offline stuff over the next two days getting prepared for that hopefully rain holds off this weekend. We get a full two day isn't Saturday Sunday. Really good qualifying and from now now you just work on areas aren't. Again better. What's that like. When it when you get out trim out a lot of the town's former senior according to one and you're kind of in a year you get it seems like it's gonna scare there. Yeah not a good feeling. I wish that call I was only one day you know they have a two days now. Which means not only did he had to do once he got to its flight out so. You know you hold your breath for four laps to get it done. Yeah that's you know usage is doing its. Thought there. You can be done and now it's like you hold your breath for us to get it done any sale. We'll crack. I had a good sleep what he did do this all over again tomorrow and in kind of a kind of sucks a little bit in it's the same for everybody. But you're not sleeping very well in others it is and the lineups over you know isn't being laid off your shoulders. I appreciate it say thanks for stopping by good luck this weekend and not race day yet thank you guys are always written stories aged care of the driver of the out become auction Chevrolet for Dreyer Reinhold. It just they are Eddie don't there was there is such that two years ago like it 2014. He ran great. It eight you do it that uses special driver and then the next here here's credit for chip and asked the end and we had to deal where I talked to him every day. And so I go back there there were just some that is ties is like now I'm going to be the youngest person ever to win this race. And he was that we talk about what bar ball kind of talking himself true. It was like sage Terrell was talking himself chart it's been interesting to watch the evolution. Of of him as just an outright gunslinger who put the foot to that put his foot to the floor. And you know hauled ass around this place. To a guy who's a little bit more conservative and understands that passing guys is going to be available to him. As he moves forward through the race in its 200 laps and if you're not running at the lap 200. You're not going to win that race spec brake what talk until yeah he's always an exciting one that tracks throughout the amounts may not be starting particularly high. But. You might be that guy that you look fifty laps then in while there's a couple accidents around him there isn't changing and it. Leader he moves 120 to seven and he's in contention already.