Ryan Phillips on Josh Rosen's comments on college athletes being paid and Hoosiers football

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, August 8th

Ryan Phillips on Josh Rosen's comments on college athletes being paid and Hoosiers football.


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Bryan Phillips from the big lead and assembly called you don't Bryant. Forget again I don't I cannot be better. Implied in the IE you've got a piece on the big lead. Dot com. About Brandon Albert Brandon Albert to be doing better the offensive lineman for the I guess retired now but formerly of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yeah it's it's such an odd situation I've ever seen or I mean you've got to go out. So under the contact point working with the dolphins got traded this off into a jet orders. And then you know what are the others you know the hot tip of the mandatory mini up. Yes he issued a part time training camp after three days besides. You'll smaller all of port Perry was just kitten. Beaten to a poll by by the younger linemen and in the defensive guys and center retired and find idiot he gave back three point oh million dollar. Oops. I meant to be. You know combative. And so. LT yeah or don't wanna back. You know it's an odd situation where it could be treated orbit clearly wanted to. And now after all if they don't want I wouldn't want him back either you guys did a lot of plays football league just don't want to give in my three and a half million. Yeah I mean and and that we mean it elegant just terrain indicted two time pro bowler is probably gonna be starting you are quitting on him being the starting left tackle. Kind of an important if you actually. It just seemed like you know they're they're over there with him and they'd rather than 3.4 million. Blame them if somebody offered me 3.4 million dollars or I get to have a 32 year old guy you'd really rather not play football I take the 3.4 million. I'm let's. Let's talk about it this also on the big lead. On day and night your story but it's about Josh Rosen from UCLA and China Josh Rosen. Is a bit of a boat rocker. And and believes obviously the college football players should be professional wised. And that the academics. Available to the normal college student is not available. 28 college football player to place like UCLA or Alabama. And he would like to see that system change what what do you think about. The way college athletics are built today at the major programs. Where it's you kind of get a wink wink education. For all the value bring to the university. Yeah I mean. It looked an addict and I it would be adequate school portraits it and I have close to with anybody should play into. It has been making good points in Kenya and that we eat and this is pretty much like try to double to fulltime jobs if anybody knows anything. About college athletics and an. Those about you know what these kids go through it's not in a row now he was an issue it is a little while it is. If any of them half I think like that. Eight its profit the typical situation and you know when you see these schools making hundreds of billions of dollars are well they're back. I don't know. You know it's it's clear as to some people read. That there should be you know search application for these kids and this year. Did you get a piece of it and I think of the world and it means you clearly Smart kitty an economics major. You know any. EU he's certainly a bit of a blow hard and kind of reflection and so it will quit but I can alternate route and now we're talking to me here. But. I think you. You could guide. Is willing to sit with bonus money and I think is so when it's refreshing. And he makes some good points and he really does it's it's very difficult. For these kids to do. It's dictated complete all of their studies and was opal yeah. You can help yourself Koji you couldn't just a 100% positive toward the Bruins. Notable. I apple obligations that. It and I just can't. I it's right that kind of woman and Purdue in order Kentucky. It's not in my in it it got within my ability. Talking to Ryan Phillips for the big league dot com as well as assembly called dot com follow what you think about the adults and sign in Jay Cutler ten million. He you know I didn't I didn't get it. I really did not know he played her friend is that a pretty good feeling with the with the bears but. You know they've got it got there and Matt Moore played really well last year as did with the franchise a long time. Has been a dutiful back Gupta Ryan cannon well. Again so intricate how lesser plea really well he's got a perspective while his teammates respect throughout the week will you welcome there. I department had engagement or within that year eight ready mentally and I say okay this past. I because the teammates don't want me to bridle and it. And India the collar. Collar work or where he doesn't end. You know he has a million goal or but he just he makes terrible decision. Couple ball you'd at best an average quarterback despite all the or tell the world. And it bit. He's a guy who just I don't think he makes demonstrably better. And I think in some cases they'll call asking you even when he epic Greek Hewitt gave some onion makes terrible and blatant gains. Quit the football and it will he's not a guy with ears and so who's made a I didn't understand I mean in order seem to. Not gonna retire sort of Forester dark but he really wanted him. And then Italy they what are the better parent in ten million and a potential for a little or when he had a parent roster or I think current issue. You know here's my Jay Cutler story and I take it just perfectly illustrates the weaknesses of his character. My son is in a bar in Chicago when he is oil all of Chicago with three guys from Wisconsin with whom he was a basketball team. At oil and Jay Cutler is there and these guys from Wisconsin are giving Cutler a bit of a hard time because they're Packers fans and the Cutler's the quarterback of the banners. So instead of come over and saying hey you guys are funny let me buy you guys a beer and endearing him. To those guys what Cutler did was get up from the table go get the manager and have those guys thrown out of the bar. That is problems solving at the lowest possible level and I think that that's the thing that's been wrong with Cutler like from day one. Yeah. And you gotta be buried in in you can't deny that story so. Should show me about their quarterback it is not sure we achieved so there aren't you just. You know there's something missing I mean if we accept this magnetism about them as well all of them. When they have this you know ability to be almost politician. Off the field. And co written ever and he's never had that ability but he always got via your talent. And you know I think a lot like a guy like me be Jeff George will be the perfect comparison for him and I felt recount. You know just at this million dollar. And it and it just but never put it altogether for other. And I think it that's Cutler and and that's what it does not surprise me at all well. Talk to Ryan throws from the big lead and assembly called Indiana's football season when you Indiana. And football season started to get all goose bumpy. Not to say I didn't enter. And what was coach taps and mr. interspersed. With an excellent cadet because he is a guy who. Got you excited at work or student media and I think that. Day of football program it really ignore student media and hit it a priority each day. All of us and meet will accept it and don't try to gear himself in the football program. Struggled with adjective you're also given attention and some. Yeah I'd like he Qaeda football in the attic I see that you know in order. And you don't accept all of these in a black coach there. Got a excited about it mortar the spectacle of it and going to end in you know it involves being created so tradition that they'll. I'll really keeps you keep I think it was in your immediate help somebody was trying to reinvigorate and and so exciting and I also about the football program it's definitely a much better shape than when I was there com. And I am looking forward to cold game day being on campus yeah speaking that's quite that also added quote a program on its oracle. Orders to get back kind of attention and the students there so. That should be exciting I think that they're excited about. But I people vote even if it's not in the a local school he. You can start getting excited about certain aspects of programming and things moving forward and we'll see how how Tom Allen doesn't. Here there is no better place on this planet to be. At the end of August and in Bloomington Indiana is. I love that I mean I do you know I go back is that at least once year. All we do it our assembly called meet ups usually during the basketball and try to make another top secret the open. Now I won't let counties such Ellis down in the that your listeners. You know for whatever you never got a chance to go out and still a late summer early fall afternoon in orbit. Goes civic. You know. Whatever bar it just deal out of beer and relax and enjoy it it's it's a great talent and has always been one market strides Ryan thanks for your time in your great work on the big Layden assembly call. Always great spirit again absolutely that's Ryan Phillips. Nice piece today. And it. Brandon Albert. The offensive tackle for the checks and jaguars didn't pick hey you know what I got up Bonnie. I don't wanna play football anymore and so I don't walk away and I'm declaring myself retired. And then all of a sudden the bill comes due the portion of the signing bonus still do the Jacksonville Jaguars. 3.4 million dollars. That's pro rated but he's got to get back if he opts out and Jacksonville said oh. Take you very much will take at 3.4 million now Brandon Albert is start to think well maybe I do want to point football media three point for a larger really large. Is it worth. My time and effort with the Jacksonville Jaguars for a season even if I play have speed what are they gonna do what they cut me I still get to keep my bonus. Brandon Albert who is his agent. Who is Branden Albert's agent. And didn't Brandon Albert think to pick up the foreign sale locked I'm really take its series it is seriously about retiring and major what is so whoa wait a minute. Because you're gonna have dreaded checked desperate to these people for 3.4 million dollars so you might want to think twice about that Alicea agency completed it.