Robert Turbin explains his relationship with the Colts and how Frank Gore has served as a mentor

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, August 8th

Robert Turbin explains his relationship with the Colts and how Frank Gore has served as a mentor.


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Academic and sterling chose CBS sports 1430. Calls running back Robert determine how how tiger you guys as a position group per hour. Always tight man. We we come out you know. Grade a were cool wanna get better but you know any summer together for laughs cinema joke in and and you know when say you a little bit about a little loose environment out you know Selanne will tape the game series is just that. You know we come. You know and that's who we try to instill within our group is like come out. Ready to work but still remember that this game and you gonna have fun and so NASA we try to do you know with one another. Every time I talked francoeur. I think man there is a guy who loves his job I got to figure out how to love my job as much as francoeur once is. Does that inspire you guys he loves it is today is very inspirational to be around you know. We know is going to be the whole face and right you know he doesn't like to talk about it much. And it's like wow you know that that's how our hall of Famer produces jobs. On a daily basis and man you have no choice but to be inspired by that and he's got his money so we announced here for the cash she sent here 'cause he just. Loves this game and it's cool thing he loves the game man and you know I try to get till I try to get notes seeking give me cold you know. Thousand million out of I don't know if he would if he's got some you know saved up somewhere or hooking a what do call ourselves like that. No but now he loves the game you know it's not about the money who also the title. And if anything that's probably the most inspirational part of it here I've watched I grew up in the area. You know with the forty niner fan I didn't like the book. So I've watched them and I've seen him get close you know and man how inspirational. Would it be how gratifying would it be. To be able to limit title for frank you know before. He hangs in that way if this this year world or whenever the case may be you know how awesome would it would be to be a part of that experience but the hall and lines coming in Thursday and Friday in a new claim on Sunday. How much fun is it going to be when he got trying to get done honesty that first weekend to try to get done against the lines. The can't really get done against yourself it's no what I don't know. It'll be it'll be you know this is my six year in the league and I'm never done that this before I'm really got never practiced with another team before and so. To be honest with you it'll it'll be a new experience for me I'm not really sure. What to expect how's he gonna go. I'm sure coach will. Let us know some things be prepared for. In our meetings and so whatever those things are will be made to go and it's kind of weird deal you guys practice and against him twice or with them twice. And then going up against them. I think football being a contact sport Thursday and Friday maybe some as some rubs raw and on Sunday. You guys are pop and all of it yeah I mean yeah. You know I expected to practice against someone and then play out. Hopefully we'll get so much of our stuff you know I think it's a test so that we can pass and successful Sunday but it'll be interesting to see what happens. Figured let me ask as you know I'd like your shoes Nike shoes echoing in six years in the league in Plame before then count how she how she is changed. And has the technology made it easier fear to play and higher level I think so I think. It depends on your feet of it depends on the individual. You know Nike has turned it. Transformed. Into this clique where it's a little bit. More stiff at the bottom having to protects. People's feet Newark via combo for others it can it can be a disadvantage to hurt your feet more some people need a little bit more reflection. At the bottom you know farmers these wounds that I have on have a little bit of that tomorrow couple from me so. But the you know it's it's a bad thing so much because they're you know they're testing people's feet in the air. Studying how wide the and that. Better helps the equipment managers say hey. This is that this is the basically for your foot because of this size in the shape of it in. And all the companies Nike and armor they're all. You know engaging into that hey make sure you're measuring guys beat make sure you're. You're testing to see like. And how they are so we can. Suggested basically for that individual so it's a desolate. Marlin Mack to me is rookies seems like an adult. He has a vendor. He's the readiness for the east. So poking me he seems like you guys ready to play professional football he's not like on bide he just looks like he's out here doing his job. They pretty approaches his job. Especially the way it's supposed to be done in and we're glad to have. Perfect thanks Robert appreciate it.