Reid Forgrave dissects the punishment the NCAA has handed down to Louisville

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, June 15th

Reid Forgrave dissects the punishment the NCAA has handed down to Louisville.


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Our question of the day. What's the NCAA to severe. Did they go far enough. In assessing penalties against the when the university of Louisville's basketball program and Rick Pitino. Give us your answer at Kent sterling on Twitter. Read for a grade joins us from CBS sports star Connie is just written a piece count on at NCAA is taking down will bills 2013 title banner. Is UNC next I don't read. I'm good I'm I'm I'm shocked that it is Alec spent my Thursday. I didn't. Did not expect this pork from ability to be coming down today about. Bob Knight I'm shocked that they did that the NCAA it is showing them peace that we frankly haven't seen from them and why else. You know I and I thought that may be the adult thing was gonna go away because of the self imposed sanctions that will no assessed itself. And that they've got Smart people who told him Condit which way the wind was blown with the NCAA it's good to see the NCAA. Do something that's meaningful. And although I would like to have seen a suspension longer and five games amid if Larry Brown gets nine. Jimmy Hahn gets nine. The Tino at least whiz in town. As hawkers were brought to the to the basketball dorm. Yeah I mean look. I've talked a million college basketball coaches about and their opinions have been all over the border plenty of them have been told me. There's no way that Rick Pitino would know well why in the world. And it makes sense to me why in the world with Britain legacy on something just so careless. And other coaches on the other and things were like a lot. AE yeah poker coming into the dorms you know not just of one thing but again and again and again Federer punitive year of course you know because that smokers they are. You know among the most. Late power centric got people the world got a note are going to be on it I don't know. Whether he knows I have no idea. Public NCAA today. They actually want it doesn't matter. It is a Yahoo! deal here to monitor. It isn't an institution all our you know top to bottom issue at that age yet. And he Dublin based think he had a rogue guy who's to a really bad things about a ten year show cause gonna respectively. And is basketball coaching career forever arm and a bit of a matter of code it you know those are you going to be. The standard and punish going to be honest I think one of the biggest. And he double aid its vision to come down and at SMU back in the 1980. Senator Reid for grades from CBS sports tech com and that is because. They are stripping the 2013 NCAA title gets the appeal is denied right. Yeah you add up all the other things the five game suspension or year probation all the self imposed sanctions scholarships and you know the money the big deal but all up all those things. Those are just kind of a really dipped slap on the wrist what matters is. Dictating a hundred plus regular season games in fifteen NCAA tournament games. That the big yelled at it that way and never. Forced to school to pay down a bit better I think they're like and final or schools. There have been 88. Over the history of the NCAA tournament but never we had a school. That one at all. And NCAA basically a recent history it is kind of a weird thing how they do that how they say that. 2013. Championship but didn't really happen Neil Abbott champions from that your adventure found like the weighted its way this thing has Dolan. I'll let that Philip Lowe can can win on appeal and that to me. What matters most to Rick Pitino that mattered most believable plan. After mattered most his Leggett the all the other stuff. Punish him punish them in the future but it paid 2013. One of the vote. I thought unseen in college basketball you know rule. That they that never happened I mean I think that things more than any. Is bad it is 20 what's the NCAA history as far as. Appeals are concerned. Today and today often say get we were right word a word today capitulate a little bit and give oh what's kind of the history of that. And the like I think that you particulate. But this one being sought to stir bands so high profile and I think more than anything. So sensational. That the fact that this sex and strippers and you know and money is stripper with not just. Players and not what player would. I think that is something that. Not just break NCAA rules that offends our moral sensibilities. And by the way the moral sensibility question. Why it matters to me whether Rick Pitino do or whether he didn't now it doesn't sound like it matters all that much. To the NCAA but it matters to me just how I look at him as a man and out like we do that evidence. Odd that he did know I think people can. Argue either way it happened ot take I I just don't think that we actually know I think it does matter so will be NCAA. Over on this to me that this so sensational. And when you read details of the decision I had me hit an indictment. Overall. A note certainly an entire program the fact that they let that happen so. I don't. Overturning it but it certainly could they've done that actually reduced punishment in the cap so it could happen. Could potatoes petulant. Following the assessment of this punishment could that harm his legacy is much as anything else. Yeah I mean I failed to put Watergate that yeah he with the NCAA is the copper dropped it worked in the crime I wouldn't call that. A cover up for an epic global pretty much you know once this was out there. I get the sense that they did a pretty good job. Investigating. At least if not investigating this at least finding a fall guy right explain it. I don't know what the real truth is now would we ever well let Andre McGee I've come out and that do a tell all which. I I buy that book I'd watch that the 3230. Well you may as well with a ten year show cause it got to make some money doing something. Gap is getting his career over period and the story and it's going to be a big you know at some point he cracked down you've been. Silent I think like armor all these years in a moment that. Cracked down and in the city and that you knew her driver and he'd be excluded. I remember when this first came out in October. 2014. From remembering that correctly. That was out of town and Kansas City for big twelve media days and I tracked down Andre McGee apartments in the apartment buildings knocked on the door nobody answered he was clearly avoiding the prep them it'll be interesting to see. If you avoid the press down the road because it the whole story comes out about this and the keynote didn't know or at least it Andre McGee alleges. But the keynote did now I think that is something that will ruin his legacy forever right now. I think there are too many. The reason that the issue. About whether he knew that we can make that leap and and tarnished this man for. Talking to reform breeds for grades from CBS sports stacked come with a terrific piece at CBS sports dot com about this scandal in the assessment of punishment. By the NCAA. Do we do we have any idea how much a guy like Andre McGee would make is the director of basketball operations it will although I mean if if he was going to into his pocket. Tapeh hookers I hope you as well compensated. I thought at at a global very strangely. Mentioned in the air. In their rebuttal. Absolute in the report of independent. 21 of their arguments against them what eighties hooker or expenses. How. Would you know bizarre by the wonderful thing it means is that the worst and be able to handle. I've ever seen among conservatives but it certainly the most bizarre. We don't know what caused worked like it. It does a player just get our player you just get scholarship room boards Ricci sure she is well. Our policy work is all about off the books stopped at the Bob Dole out money in runners in all the behind the scenes stuff so my guess is. Even if Aldridge but he was naked 405060. Dot year which behind us. I'm sure yet accept money all the way I'm not saying it would access the money necessarily. Really official channels known countered on through official channels needed through. You know the shady characters on in in the shadows of cost or and that is what media did hooker scandal is unique global. I certainly hope it is. But you know operating on the margins that that it's certainly not you need to move more college. War why take we've all heard recruits having a very good time on their officials' visits at a variety universities. I've just never heard of a coach going into his pocket to pay for. I could and would like you hear about recruiting visit to play these things are like. Terrible candidate like sort of unofficial lookers out right that it's like the fact the global basically. Put on paper trail that the port became what from European super Canadian probably immoral to. Illustrate well why would you ever you know half official money trails and although that could write it how law password to get. Those from immoral to just about to justice but not. Again. I've want to know whether it's you know knew what he knew how sick we ever will unless we hear from under Mickey between meat. This ultimately. Comes down to a moral matter I don't think the NCAA. Is making as much of a moral judgment. In their ruling today as they are kind of a strict rules breaking judgment. But when it like you look at Rick Pitino as the person. That matters to me and I don't know my gut tells me that he did note to be completely honest and maybe yes meek. You final load of bull but I don't know him well enough but I just don't think he'd brisket I think it would be too don't. And the NCAA there image conscious as well and they don't want to be done and the punch line. To a joke about hookers I mean they don't want you know and rubber stamp they kind of behavior with a slap on the wrist. Are. And they've basically gotten investigations in recent years a Miami investigation was just a disaster. Penn State I actually thought that. The fact that they came down hard on Penn State at first it may be what outside their jurisdiction. Which is what a lot of people letters and why those penalties were very much dial back but it was the right thing to do our town because that was just. Such an awful important institutional problem. But look NCAA has had plenty of black eyed over the years especially in recent years. The need of them really asserting. Comfortable there authority and saying hey guys you can't just run a mock up all the rules and by the way if you are. But school was broken rules. The fact that it he sure seems like that standard gonna go down at Kiev the young senator. That means that no one is above the law and it would never done this before 1930 not Oregon won the first national title it never taken away. Up after the premiere event. The NCAA that what are they never taken down opinion they never speaking to idle it down like that's what they're doing this year and that is. I can't underscore what a giant deal that that is. To read for graves from CBS sports start time you ask a great question in the head on earpiece at CBS sports dot com. Is UNC next is it. Well com is if you read the notice of allegations against UN ET it was pretty pointed at. Roy Williams name was not and it com. And it and it did seem to me like they were. They were at pains boat unit via our NCAA. To differentiate. This from an act ended furcal athletics scandal to like an academic scandal that. Drifted over into athletics. That said. Double hit that then you would you handle it a lot. More at the core of what the NCAA is supposed to be an organization that Mary academic and athletic as some sort of alleged security and that way I had a lot more error. Central mission. And the global scandal which is so bizarre to one off type scandal that. You know you don't think that something like that could happen. On April platinum. To mean that then that strikes right at the NCAA is. Integrity meter and it. Thought for years actually that you and he is that the air and calm down on UNC would ever and today. It makes me feel that even more. You know it it did it to me in the UNC deal. It seems like UNC has better attorneys than the NCAA and the NCAA so they're kind of like Gary. You know and now we're into world work quibbling. And it's a legal and they're a bunch of legal acquit vacations and so this is. There really dot nine is crossing t.s and making sure that this that whatever they do two or about this UNC's stuff. It is gonna pass Muster because UNC's seems very aggressive in the way they're defense that defending themselves from a legal perspective. It would seem a little about global. I mean we thought he is the statement from the school today Cupertino and it that your attorney. Obviously and that is not the end of the rules or it is merely the middle. Are we gotten indications today that the NCAA is not gonna let this awful that strong slap on the wrist and five justified in suspension we got. No indication that they're taking this very very seriously so. All these schools know their reputations that they. Their futures are at stake and these are things that matter. Just for our basketball program but they matter little old school we've seen. A clip of what Butler plays like which topped eight how much. These sports program. Can you don't mean to an academic environment in the schools com. You don't want to have scandal associated with UNC or live local are. I think Roy Williams honestly heartbroken. But he's been having to deal looked at toward the end of his career are obviously sweetened. By the national title few months ago but I think the fact that it. Well it muted his legacy to some extent and certainly his no his his mentor legacy Dean Smith. Just being that you appear with a I absolutely break is are so. Will they take a banner down at UNC. Yesterday I would hope you know because there's no way to pick a beer down but if you would entitle you get immunity but today I'm only a boy there's. It is the NCAA has pulled up there at least there's a chance that no one is immune. From prosecution. Thank you read really appreciate it great stuff. Yet I haven't. Reads for graves from CBS sports dot com great piece count on it NCAA is taking download those 2013 title banner is UNC next. And Scott Agnes brought up the great point a little bit earlier in the shall Andy you're maybe before the show you got Romeo Langford right across the Ohio River. Hand in New Albany. Trying to figure out where he's got to go to college she is he would just a couple of weeks away. From his final. Rig kind of recruiting. Tour. In his final month of the AU basketball. And is he assesses what's goals he might wanna be a part of what schools he might not wanna be apart of and that includes his family's mother and father. Well bill what has happened to them today may be that kind of colors the way the Langford Steele about the university of wool little.