Mike DeCourcy talks Caleb Swanigan in the summer league, and Hoosier and Boilermaker basketball

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, July 12th

Mike DeCourcy talks Caleb Swanigan in the summer league, and Hoosier and Boilermaker basketball.


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Yeah. I don't know sterling over here for 1431. Court order to return network join a I don't might. You know and I. Were talking about I'm great on it better than. And we. All know. Eight airline. I. Know. Iraq the Tora. I know I got real. Error. I will be. I'm used to. Like how and or lower and tell me how I wanted to. I down there and you're covering the the tournament and I am and I'm going to weekend. I will be. It income and then you'll yeah it. Number I. At the those Google I ODD. Under our current and athlete to. You'll go to things and really did coach. More than elected to. Do any of these things. Really tried a lot to many players. Or. Very valuable and go. And tiger and a pretty good deal. I. Go like a lot player and and he'll sometimes you end up coat and get a little bit and. You know being whatever I. There are only a little bit a lot of well a lot of beat the best player. I'm maybe later this year I can't remember all know or I. It out near what the meant is it in our. Really I think I was economy know what it in her eight. Years. Now. Or or the mid at least. And held it like it a field house at about how it got beyond the heir to the media and the coach Al. And lined up and read our conversation amid regained. That happened at. Over. Three. Error. You rule the NB. A little. Lighter note I. And I think we are in order. Being able use. Or they thought. Oh. I. Know. Lou I may well Amy of that little law physically. Emotionally and wait. Are like. Or I admit how wrong I was. Larry and though the court early are out you are. I wouldn't let me tell. A lot of credit or. At Ali and on up there watching all the I. Yeah. It's go do it. A lot. I'm and he. Are all they know what. It's. On the record as being very well. Aren't donating time I get annoyed with him in time I am not I know and I stuck my drives and pretend American ordinary on. It we got a lot of time here yet today would melt a brand. New capital journal program and I need you whiny. Young journal did a long time. Talking about the island. And when he wandered 42 year old trying to break into the do had a chance today 42 year old. Idiotic and having a career that you don't need to do to the high level what did he give your 42 year old Al. At Point Park University my daughter undermine they'll work or. Communicate secretly. It went out oh. Run point arc or bring in. Speaker. Newt and I. Or they'll. And wanting. A I would probably rural. You know and a little bit everything in the eight. Evey are you know. I think. That I. So it all goes. I really like. That when I wish we are. Ideal what I wanted to work in port media. I think what really the way he. Medium birdie. I'll let it and it it was ordered opener a one. Followed Earl. It would be OK I would say it. Young journal are able to do it. Being on on the radio or television. Well a right and close any of those or. A little bit. And the other idea is it could be. You laden and handle. Yeah now. Nobody had only a and him not to be re. Doing an. NB. A at least I had that aren't and I don't work. Do you like to date. In a row yeah you gotta be able to do to be multitask and not anywhere your. I absolutely true I think you have to be able to do a lot. Out of every. Writing. Things that. It's sorted out they you can write. I'll do a lot of ground. Oh I. And you better really. Got a criminal. Court. I can't. It can. I know how to deal with the old. You are putting it on on either look we really only. Radio television now. I literally Graham and none other in. Any one of which might hurt you eat. The look elation. I would be ordered to be present. Nine. Or Earl knew what is meant. You're. Right. I you've got a great arc that. Late start because they can cover you in in our. Are you in in it and how are you are in now media relation to you go into that are. And organized ought you know I I always. Higher radio guy couldn't bright I knew they couldn't write naked kind of separate the wheat from the any of content and herded pyramid. And that's how you build. Segment on talk radio show and right I'll let a guy like that. At eight. Like I I've hired right or to do radio an artist and and then kind of eight and revelry. And though there editing their own. That doesn't work beyond that I heard right Earl always on the radio. I think it helps you should be able to do but they are hill. Be able under. You really don't know. And I. So you be able and be able to wait. A a great play looked left and again. You write. In early re. If you are a lot of guilt or senior people. Allotted and there are a lot at her and quit hoping to. And that good and I've learned endured a bunch of under my cell is. Me and I'm really don't have a good guy. On I what do I got on their hate and then I'd kind of rampant weren't wrong. It. Up very good he. You are. United in the ballpark. And that you may not cavity. Can't survey. Typically do that and I'll kill you don't remain at comic and it and it. So locker lined up and in unit and it's like. Well let me about it were my 2 hours on the morning news and the Big Ten network talk. Because you re created it. And it meant. Root root as you're getting in and I'd look at the new Georgia Dome there are new and menu price at your iPod hot dog dollar. We look why because. And being. Either need a stadium to the point where buying it and marketing. And going all the man they go to and I. Anymore. Or whether right or. And make an area in stadium. A little bit and is it a little bit more compelling. Remember that. India or when your your kind of code ER solitary. As you and they can you. Or whatever. It can charge whatever they want and good. To go to work I I they're but it can do. I don't really go. And I. So I don't think that it. We. Know where they are ever it. Color or. Are. Ancient lake and I ain't dark. Further Diet Coke there are a boxer re read it I I'll have to do and great well. If they are. It would be really it organizations. Got a point where they realize. They tell the war. Friendly or the salute. Mike in the Big Ten network and courting I know national columnist. Crew have always believed that they can do every and he needed to cover and watching it on EB. And can't sing that same note. From conference. And and can put together Horry why it important to end a journal. Lately. I don't know why. Don't like like I did it. Audi unit. At 60. All the battleground. I. That's. Why. I wrote. It go and not get a leader. On clay court got it buddy. And bear. And and in. The war. Being in the bill no. Beer you'd get little. ER television. Or that you call or and certainly there are out there aren't the only thing. Being in any arena. Couldn't get out. It. Being all. That. It. That they. What happened and any and why the US I. Think you. Oh you know I couldn't help it I thought oh well in all. A letter to let players the coaches or. Or he personnel. Not eat. Like that we're going to eat. I. It. Treated. All better story I'm in the building and it all ED. And live in and out on great. I might of America Merrill. All right a car on morning news and in the Big Ten network we talked to Mike every week. At 330 great about media and ban all I. Oh that we talk a little bit about media as well I'll congratulate. As an iron to get a big academic. And Laura. Am not. There dare. To EPA and three point 01. Including it in there have been EPA during during. The hand I players on the big ten's all academic team. And die out or employers on the roster. Non cumulative. GPA above three point out that for you know what. When more. Dumb. That.