Mike DeCourcy discusses the NCAA transfer restrictions and the challenges facing LaVall Jordan at Butler

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, June 14th

Mike DeCourcy discusses the NCAA transfer restrictions and the challenges facing LaVall Jordan at Butler.


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My goal to court seat from the sporting ism from the Big Ten network carried on. I'm gonna are you can't I'm glad I did a lot I think we're gonna disagree on this we'll talk about this first. And it may be only one I was Greenwood. Ought to be granted without penalty as long as they're done out of the season. And I I'd just I think that the rules that the NCAA is created the coaches within the NCAA. Are kind of onerous for student athletes over what do you think about eligibility following a transferred for an athlete in football or men's basketball. I think the rules that they are now are very reasonable and I think their reasons for that. First of all I think that what people are understanding. It how much better ideally it is the be forced to sit out. Turley a year because if you if you go nutrients were immediately I think you go to years it. And Butler. And you transferred to Purdue. After two years. And you are eligible to play immediately. What are the odds that you're gonna have enough credit after you eligibility is completed. To be able to gradually. I suppose it's possible depend on how much he did in the summer but most kids taken 12 classes in the summer so they're not really coupling. And then all of a sudden they get to the end of four years no eligibility left. No degree. This out it's almost impossible not to gradually. You have to try not to gradually. So that the better deal that way. And it also gives you an opportunity to work on your game how Welch became an all American you know because he transferred from Kentucky spent a year getting better. And then became a very very good player an all America player at his bag and eventually I think he's in the league nearly he has been. So I I believe that. You should not you should not happen to have immediate eligibility. I am in favor of the graduate transfers. And I have written on occasion and I'd be OK with that that be in favor of it. If your coat get fired. We're lead then you can go but you can't. Follow him. You can't follow the code that like he went from. But they Butler Ohio tonight you know you're gonna go follow Chris told now that that that window close when he left but didn't go somewhere else sit. You know we undermine a rule you would be able to go somewhere else immediately imply. What like kidney got a lot of like Katie just choose where every wants to go I mean it's as your running and journalistic enterprise and I wanna work for you and he jumps from one paper to another one TV network to another. As saying that if you allow or if you allow me. If you allowed a player to follow that coach and play immediately. People would be hiring details. Hey we're gonna hire result that we can bring up all these guy that played for now you don't want that. That's not the way it should be so if I admire my idea was if your coach get fired or your coach leaves for another job. Then you can play immediately in the recent I have that idea is frankly I'd protection for the coaches and also protection for the schools. So the coaches aren't jumping. We know so Willy Nilly from job to job and that. Coach and the school are they in fact. You know we have 1415 feet until it does get rid of this guy well you may get rid of that guy that you almost you may also lose all your players too so maybe he should rethink that. Tired of my two accorsi from the sporting news in the Big Ten network let me ask you back Cameron Johnson I know we've discussed and a little bit before. But should an athletic department be able to stand in the way and block a transfer. To a specific schools. I don't think they shouldn't at all I I I don't I'm not in favor of that I think that the restrictions there. You know pretty into some instances you know. It's not all but sometimes. Day and in mobile we've seen at some multiple occasions that if you look at it is the player doesn't wanna play for you anymore. Then he should be did he or she should be able to go play where they want to play. I don't think it's populated. And with it except in the grad transfers circumstance. They should be able to do it. Without you know with what happened a year away from the game but I do think that they should be able to play. At another school in your league now if it leaks wanna pass rules. You know the big plan want the past Warner ACC or whoever I know the big east. Full walk and I don't know if that rule is still the same now that they're trying to differently. But saw a long time they had a very. Very strict strictest rules. If you stop aimed at big east school back in the day. You could never played another big east member. Because they know they were all kind of really competitive so they wanted to protect one another. Tired in my two currencies from the sporting news in the Big Ten network Butler hires Lavelle Jordan what do you think of that honor. Excellent hire I really like the well I think he's terrific. Coach they've been really good young man that maybe not fast carpet anymore. But I can I I've known him a little. Went back when he played at Butler. And got to know him really well when he coached in the Big Ten especially at Michigan. And I think that he was an excellent candidate he knows that program if it works because. Everybody get Butler really trying to understand. What makes Butler good and what makes it's special and that mean you know everybody from the head coach to the athletic director of the school president. The people on the faculty that the people and support services they all kind of know that that basketball has really helped make Butler. A bigger name and that you are more successful university. And so they they they pulled together to make it work and live golf from having been around that for a long period of time. Understand that system as well as anybody. Obviously the competition is stronger now greater now that there in the big east but that that's not let anything new to him and he was in the Big Ten for. Dozen years or more. Talking to Mike to Kersey from the sporting news and the Big Ten network. Let me ask you a question about something that we discussed a little bit earlier. And that is the ability he's gonna have to put together a staff is second to be problematic for him given the timing. Hi I think that personally. Eat eat eat eat those a lot of it. Excellent coaches than it in there and there are always at least some. That are out of work or or doing something not coaching and if he wanted to ATP wanted to hire Kerry Keating. And this is right then and Kerry you know carry the media now and I keep it like I'm just using them as an example is tremendous coach and an unbelievable recruiter the guy who looked at Russell Westbrook and said that I can play. Is it would be a guy that you would want on your staff and he's out there are so I'm sure that there are a lot of really really good coaches. That are out there that that it would bow wanted to go after somebody that you know that may be what is familiar with Butler or whatever. You can find some really good ones. Yet a place like Butler are we don't know because it's not a public university in so salaries aren't revealed but what. Where Oreo what kind of a window. Do they have as far as pace scales for assisting coaches. You honestly I don't know but it being in the big east they certainly can pay more than they did ten years ago. I mean when Mike issue is very left earlier this decade. Mean he was leaving not because he was. I'm happy with Brad are unhappy with Butler but because Purdue could pay more young and had it at that can happen very often I cannot get a seat. An assistant coach at Butler leave for another job and let you know as much as the saint. In a lot of circumstances that look at that somewhere that's really elite like Kentucky Europe due course something like that. You got to see somebody leave just because. The money is intent is good he did die in debt that situation is it is long past for Butler Butler now. Is is based that the calm on the great Doyle wrote the other day I wasn't sure if that was. You know a 100% right but I think he was about 98%. Right. Did you know that others until these guys now. Any job I mean they're gonna lose only to the absolute best and maybe we're getting to the day where. You know even up big state school like a Michigan or Ohio State is going to have trouble getting them and only be. The cream of the cream the in North Carolina and then Kentucky's will be able take away by a stroke. It seemed like Chris Holcomb was on the sense turning down the job once and then deciding OK once. I I guess the pot was always there is an additional year placed in there insult. Chris that well OK Al I'll go Brit it was it was that close. Between staying at Butler and going to Ohio State. The difference between a place like Butler and a place like DePaul DePaul can't seem to win no matter what they do. And Butler can't seem not to win no matter what they do. What is the fundamental difference between those two athletic department. I think that the great question I think it starts with with leadership I think it really starts at the top of the university big. That they're very good understanding of Butler that they developed and then Dave here is very similar epic of Xavier Butler and and didn't sag in the very similar way they figured out a few things one is. Good basketball great basketball is good for the university. Paula it's done the right way again and certainly that's been the case and all three of those places. But that's good but he hit it raises the university profile it raises it did the degree of recognition. I think that all three of those schools have benefited act act academically. From having excellent basketball program consult its start that that top level and then it permeate the entire university. And I think that the different that that apology never really had that I mean Apollo had in my hand ray Meyer and they were outstanding and they play great basketball they want. But I don't think they really I think they've they've got to BP really ever develop a formula. For what it meant a white hook. Could be as successful. And maybe it may be the problem was that they were great. It you know and an error when you could get Mark McGwire has stayed home and you could get out comedies and all these guys and you could win just you know what talent and coaching. And the others yelled out talking about the Xavier Butler can accept all have to build it up Obama is from a lower level I mean Butler and Jeter both started in what is now the Horizon League. In Baghdad is still on the West Coast Conference but all of them. Have grown international powers in this in the sport. I remember when Duncan's sag played against Purdue and this is like the mid ninety's. And I had trouble finding people who knew how to pronounce it and and so we had we had a guest on WIB seats from the school. Literally just to tell us how you could Sagan Zagat. And the only place I've ever heard of it was that it was the place that Bing Crosby went to school I didn't and now. Kids know exactly what can zag is. And and that is the value of of collegiate athletics at net. Although they still have trouble mispronouncing it as they do with behavior you you still hear people being exact text behavior you still hear people playing. Gone and Zagat or been gaga but he'd but no one doesn't recognize the name now I have president is nobody's ever since. No thank you very much Mike appreciate it thank you Mike to Kersey from the sporting news in the Big Ten network. Skins Agha they did get they played Purdue don't like in 1995. And in 9495. Somewhere in there. And so we had caught up to like Spokane. And got a guy out because I was sure it was consent because I'd heard Bing Crosby saying it. And the host said it was Gonzaga as I now. I don't think so so we called out there we cold called. And a guy in the athletic department picked up the finally talked to him for like five minutes about the university what it was all about all that stuff. And now at least college basketball fans. They know exactly what can zag is. And they know who Mark Few is and they know what he's been able to do out there to create a unique basketball program. Kind of Allard of out of the ether and out of the dusting in much the same white. I remember. When Butler played Indiana and this is probably 1997. Or 1998. And Butler beat Indiana house like what in the hell is going on here. How could this possibly have happened what it did a bad does Bob Knight need to go. Did he forget how to coach what what is going up or ever being at a party war and watch connect game. But here's what we've learned. That if you do things the right way all the time 365. Days a year for a long enough period of time you're gonna wind up in bad passes. And you're gonna build a solid foundation. And then you're gonna build a solid first story in second story in third story him for a story in all of a sudden he held a building very get a hell of a program. And that's what Barry collier did first. And Ted modest took it and ran with the and then public collider took great advantage of that Brad Stevens same thing. Brown talent yet to date just do things a little bit deeper and in a little bit more detailed way. And that's what they've always been I got a text from Brian Pete and Bryan Payton one of the great all time guys I hate that he's even Butler. To go to Ohio State because I absolutely think that he's one of those guys in college basketball. Who does it for the right reason and does it the right way all the time one of my favorite people. And he said that walking out of Hinkle fieldhouse last night. Was a hell lot harder and he thought it was going to be and he was only here was eager for two years. You know end and came to absolutely adore the place that staff footballer you know hey what are the reasons I'm glad all those guys are go to Columbus. Is that it really seem to Hawaii. They were family EA you know when he went over about border Hinkle fieldhouse where he went to the wild and rooms for the light and selection Sunday and that kind of thing. Those guys the the wives the coaches. They're kids all got together and and that extended to Michael Lewis still and Michael Gordon Nebraska. A year ago. You know those guys just were were very familial. And all of the kids all done you know the student athletes all the players. Just got along so well with the children of the assisting coaches and end of Chris Holman and it it was just so much fun to be around you Todd right. Again I work here you know that was kind of the deal he did you thought that they'll love that those people shared. And the bond that those people shared was so profound that it would make a work environment even. Potentially. Kind of negative one I I don't know that he negative. The light even the losses. Would be barely tolerable. Because you're around all these people that you got along exceptionally well with three if you needed to work eighteen hour days and you're doing scouts and and you're doing practice plans and you're doing all this stuff all this development work with the kids there. You know deal with study tables and all of that it would have been okay. Because you really liked each other a lot. And that and that's kind of what Butler basketball. Has been and now there will be another chapter with Lavelle Jordan and the staff that he puts together. As Chris Coleman might try he Ryan PN and Terry Johnson have all gone to Columbus. But it in this also validates the Butler way. And does the methodology it's used in Butler athletics to select coaches. And build a program that a school like Ohio State just thanks okay you know what. That motto is gone and what's just hire would these people have done. And they bring across the entire staff that's what they do.