Mike Chappell looks ahead to NFL Draft

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, April 20th

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I'm a cancer early on CBS sports. There you permanent nine NFL drafts first round is going to be held in Philadelphia. Great Mike Chappell. Going to cover their draft for the Indianapolis Colts like he has every single one of the others Mike Chappell from fox 59 CBS Ford joins us I don't like. But I don't have beckoned and ready to wonder prayers and they went on for over. Do you like this words chopped up to three days. Oh like and recruiters so I mean. Normally in Europe relatives are remarkably regular appeared in their spare ones. That's a bit much but it worked its just that Saturday you'd you'd get cut older and I wonder how teams. Thank you like your form it needs Freeman opener last couple around on the bricks. What you do and around seven. LO betray our you know picker from start to order against a wall or storage so. But it works and what to say and I'd always have you'll think nobody market. Their products are being a total look at all up. I don't for last week and just announce a precinct to juggle so it is related to prepare what to do. And I tonight they're gonna announce the regular season schedule. And I don't know who really you know it is who pays attention to other than media guys were trying to putt the schedule. I conducted into trying to figure out. Were going to be on Thanksgiving and Christmas right there are being an in buffalo. On but why should treatment that they in 1999 nickel for a while also agree so. You wanna know that. But again it's just amazing. How well these stern and such and relentless flooding is really want to be speaker. Until later Clark and and our network yeah these things just kind of leak yup agree rhetorical people. Finding out who's where in order to an airport gains. Reporter and work so it's it's her department has got people talking. Talk to Mike Chappell from 569 CBS for let me ask it says it's a kind of a general question and appropriate of of almost nothing but. And in all the locker rooms he'd been in with the Indianapolis Colts is they're discernible difference in a locker room that's destined for success. Or does success make the difference in the locker room. I think it's clear turley of the chemistry. Do waiting Pete only winning teams have chemistry or can you not document Shaquille went and no I don't think so. You can but he junior by. It's some time when it just sort of a an operation blocker which opened old cultural. For a long time. Read it had a pretty. Pretty called it an important block Herman took out a little at all to Chris Kirk for a long time so. Now and don't part of our government to block Peru. It is is who steps up. In replaces. Them skepticism dual core of the Mike bear arms and people here are in a leadership role and I don't know. Who's going to be general inferred. Vontae Davis earlier raw raw guy. Andrew Luck Q2 degrees out. I wanna see noticing comes together so many newspapers. And so what are young players on this roster who who's the leader your follow I don't know here. Chris Ballard yesterday's spent a long time talking about culture and that's kind of why I asked. And do what do you saying that it likes a good building a cultured such a subjective kind of comedic type type thing. Hey if you what do you think he meant by building a culture is it just a matter of accountability. Did a critical player you're bringing in and an important we're sure you waited during the last three years where you're talking about. You know we have a culture with the colts winning go to mr. Muller and you've collected fourteen were talking about that. And I just sort of hesitate advocate for me the culture sort of it's in your locker room and our culture. Really will the patent in that are Reggie Wayne are. Robert Wood chips Saturday and people like that. It's sort of beat just it's just you had to beat their current net time. Pearl load pierce and and being there the last couple years. Where all the young players played and had no clue yeah I guess they really they are this should remember that what they had no clue what they're. During military leaders. And because it was expected hardest workers were your best players and so little plot to nose guard is a bit. Just yet you know schedule we've got culture recoup record at two albums. They weren't suitable limited winningest team and all this stuff. You can't create your own culture. Or or or somehow stir in the culture that was their. Apparently nature not culture to culture of mediocrity would know what. Did you. It is you listened to yesterday today is as we heard from Chris Ballard and as we've heard from chuck Modano in the past. Do you in these guys. I don't know how these guys again again along and it is well is you know these guys personality wise it's DC these guys meshing real well. You know locally we unedited writes one problem problem you are in it's an error with torture don't want we will bring in three and these guys have no idea they they've seen Nicole Lee being you know and some success and they've seen in guerrilla. Several buildings about an audit. And the problem repaired back at the last war partners rotted so many. Hi Ferrari's. Free agency had speak here we are getting higher. Yeah and that's something that was some of these guys that they had nothing invested in the team and the bridge were growing in in some cases Robbie. LeRon Landry he was here recruit great project. And the next stop it and number he never got the impression. He invested 11. Spending more money to. Do the job. And it can't be more than certain organic Turkey beat back back to the paper backed him Ryan being in an interest in bill. Earlier pro cornerback Marcus Pollard they just set the tone and you that they that the young players here in Poland. And now you're you're gonna have I don't know order Priscilla roster come training camp. Will be first time colts never with the team before. That's that's a high number realize deletes fourth turn over that that site number to have guards worked on with your team. And to do their Arab leaders and employees to shall how to do it with. Just sounds so in login who won because I'm not sure to distribute such a young people right outside original anchors and involuntary very much for your buck and second dirtier guys more guys are disputing your I don't know its openness that's not the Osce and about. In we're gonna hear that continuity and chemistry and all lit bit. You don't get to it in four weeks of the Joker lawsuit work or not we look here is that it takes time and not just a year to a couple of years so. You can bet that's why it's so important to get on your earlier periods. Can all the employers. And Newman are second cut permanent next contract template to keep. Only and it all three years let's get to maintain roster stability. Protector and that kind of culture. Where. Tired of Mike Chappell from fox 59 and CBS floor Mike it. Kids you've heard. GM is in in kind of their first go round before dress and everything is we listen to Chris now yesterday kept. I don't think well what a great guy but they haven't lost a game. And die yet missed on a dragon head in his pew or inferred yet. I know him but it you'll like told in polian. And Craig's and did any of those guys sound like Ballard in their first couple months is GM. Well. I'm not accused Crist has more technically and I don't mean to be agreed to the other guys. In Tokyo more media savvy he has accused were personality we read more outgoing. I'm not sure that how much. We're gonna get from rim background and bear in mind that it has stopped but I think he does realized. More so that we do have a job to do. Gain in more dire trying to. Totally you know disrupt what they're going to even mention it even gave some media and waters credit by saying. You know as a weaker military and there's approach mark. On the draft and all that's so. But against us I agree with you Pete let's remember the honeymoon what gate oh yeah and not. Bjorn murder or or Chris Richardson and or. Could name. You know march. Are any being part of it it is he not gotten any reports. Just they are running groups will not Bill Polian. So you are like get change in Quebec remember the first of the year was running groups and people that it did this I was executive of the year. In 2012 yeah so it's but again I think they're very very important important the first broach. The new voice and he brings a totally different approach will always are at greater GM and president was. He had Bernal from the media which which now he's part of which you wrote Iraq. So many levels. That but he he just he just sort thought we were a nuisance and gotten away which made me work sometime. Crystal or appear to be different. As well again you know check back in the year two and he says. Some misses as he's going to ever treated you know what looks to dress up like 6%. It's rare yeah you're gonna adamant he just you just can't missed. On the Bjorn horrors in your early picks as. It's just Q yet you missed you missed on the announcement a couple of years ago so what are what are your crying needs now yup number right so that it that's where you are. And let's say dead isn't it's exactly were the colts are they need to speed rusher they were hoping to get a guy Bjorn Burke who could get to the quarterback a little bit they needed to corner they drafted to Sean Smith. And those of the two areas is of most dire need. A week from tonight India take paid they stick defense in the early rounds sore or imported surprising given what Ballard said yesterday. That they take the best player available. Well I'm open about player rebels are trucker yeah right. Again I it would be awful as the GM or grip. It's reported pressured her not grip the best one cannot be go back to win. Bill told it was here and whatever was. It and he can he redeem recalled that in Chicago one year. We desperately need left tackle really knew what tackle on the first round but he picks Cam Thomas might electric sector or her great. In volatile bust. Any said that told erect or you do not reach too far. So I just sat that they get fifteen. Difficult to get lucky unit a couple quarterbacks who were limited or running back sorely. And we want to literally premier cost structure will fall and said that doesn't agree grip for prince Frederick to beat Graff for quarterbacks. So maybe eagle quarterback can that be considered in May be good people to and cornerback. I just don't know how you can look at what you've got on deep down they we solve our trucks. And taken regardless picker upper around. It's that means he's something of a project he's not a finished product yet. I just look at what will Blake street here where we're well. Back in 2002. That's forty future guarded that's where it's that's done on a real leader Robert rapper late. Burton looked up you know looked around opening another government efforts. And one thing about bill Tobin that we got to remember is that not only did he draft and I take I was in the second round Troy was seemed to the Chicago Bears. He made the second mistake a bringing him with him to Indian and a person so he had to build Tobin maybe not the best guy decides for wisdom in drafts. But he did bring in Jim Harbaugh here it yeah it's true to dodger. A bit mature record that's what you gotta be careful and and you know the World Series but again it's there's 200 Renner mentioned yesterday how there's grass sort of light up its ranks. Our articles we as a Glor yeah our cubicles or recruit everywhere so. Right replied. You're you don't really get a running back police are running back. I wouldn't figure running Britain upper brackets in people taken Christian McCaffery which. Any other year maybe he's probably a great player. But I researching credit the average cornered you're irked about what your Russian Ruble has juniors. It's fair to that hasn't been like a milk or round. Street you can get these guys. Net maybe not elite one which can get up pretty good serviceable running back late even undrafted if you need to so. A look at that defense and it's still an unfinished product. I appreciate it Mike thanks so much. But that's Mike Chappell from fox 59 CBS for.