Mike Chappell examines the progress the Colts have made this offseason

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, August 2nd

Mike Chappell examines the progress the Colts have made this offseason.


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Joining us the great Mike Chappell of 80 sports central dot com fox 59 CBS four height dual Mike. Bird area until I had a what do we learned after three days of workouts. At the can be more worked should expect. And did that that not a knock it just it's early are always trying to. In character for years your blog on the first day of practice at it that looks oral. In the quarter from awful they were all you now are about mercy Herbert and really. But what they were you know struggle in a credible or judicial. It's crucial important and not cannot knee jerk. Well the one thing up earlier answer from me or me probably stranger from Anderson enter Oden out here. What's important from an injured dog from her. Well it's kind of important thing that you do out there right is you take attendance. You go down the roster you figure out who's there who's not there and then at the end of the thing you figure out why and that's kind of the news of the day. Got to play in it her Serb air flow guys in the bottom rush you're very. There's a player down the middle pure larger we will vote that was so little so well we're receiver. Think extra que La. Is that it's so what you start well or did you back where I'll be you know middle nine remaining an error sent him to her. What you do when you can't find remember lying on the ground. You're trying to find the top. Six straight numbers walked around right of your very first very nerves underwritten rhetoric very thing happened to him in terms of if journalists here. You know and you tonight Drexel and we're on the sideline talking and you're Mercer. And there on the plate towards us are running registered smothered in each state stale. And it's your mercenary in Ian he's talking and shops. And it looks the miniseries and it was like Ronald Humphrey not bitterness or soccer in an. Awful big use your tortured Walsh. Up six straight guys were just you'd ever heard but. Pierre to put its ambassador and helping get better of course that just you know what we've seen guys won't go to Eric possibly during our Geithner earlier. In this is no time did you guys are potentially heparin in games. Don't have an open brush. Do you day you around you've been doing this for a long time and practices used to be a lot more contentious say it was a lot more physical guys. He hit each other harder. Do you think that that amount of hitting or the amount of hitting the colts are gonna do. Helps prevent. Injury down the road. But it might be into it seems counterproductive that the them the more you hear. A little injuries you might have found a roping you know maybe. Some of these some teams and medical imploded in the last known and the last X number of year where you. It's easy to answer relatively easy camps. When governor playing preceded the regular season the body's not quite ready for. And then you do have guys get hurt Carter you know the the bottom line it's a game again in the future and you liked find worries so to minimize it. Spiral for well I know there's good the Coca talked about more control parts to talk last year they're talker this year Woolsey. You know you're you're only Kirk cricket board goes up like three weeks Brian Herbert Beckham a very weak that they went to chip what July 6 or so there were all the same. Actually typically you're just sitting here and that's an area. To the base to graze where it repairs a lot so it's different. Of course it's same time player for the most part summit between a internships or they're brought to the program group they're British these cigars buttons and on Twitter and answered them we're a work around to wrestle for the most part. Players are in shape or form an opinion. In the gym shape or run or township and went to check for them. Also you have a shocker didn't get knocked around so. Bit better again and it'd be attributed to different world the CPA the players union truly limited the amount of contact from Indianapolis for a argue it would be no appeal for our very very transparent. And no more than three out of time pair only wants. But as the days so it's really it's it's really you know top form trojans. Some coaches some key indict her injury group are pretty rugged training camp area and if that portray him trying. The colts haven't done that quite so much. It will be morsel this year but but I just keep center in three weeks were a walker and kept second better that that's physical. But it works for Wall Street bit. It's a circus is different from what it was in and that the troops have to throw walked up belt to dream getting enough contact them and knocked it garter. Tired. Mike Chappell Mike I TY held not happy with the level of respect to these receiving. From a whoever puts together a list send in all of that stuff. And he's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder but that's not unusual with great players as that they find motivation. In some pretty strange places. The other do and it is I understand when you look at the number of people like 61. Of the number or stroke or 20815. Dog. Monday morning quarterbacks topped 401. Looked there was. Where does it rank among receivers. In a war and he was twelfth one he was a leveled the problems on twelve was lit up like Tyreke fuel from campus earlier in front of him. Immersed Thomason and furthermore a battle should object frontrunner appeared. And that that that's bogus so that's ridiculous. But if you look at the other guys I don't see why we're probably right seventh. These may be a Mike given result in a bit of my Mike Evans of Tampa Bay bit. Yeah I mean if if that works for you choose to get you motivated nor afford. I think she large fighting a stereotype. When he came here he he's got small speaker. Prefer one dimensional if he he's been partner that. He let the Lincoln University or pleasure to sit the only player almost a list there was forget the most lists the rebel leader receiving Ericsson arc. Julio Jones Antonio brown and Q I don't yuk it. Social east proper Burke is rewarding they're so. But many heroes were rescued on those restaurants or all our our for the option would not possible honored there are clicked big part -- it's treated for a conversation and debate which works. And if a player wants to take that as motivation in itself show you are. There's just so good pre occupy our dollars. Tired in my chapel of fox 59 CBS for an Indy sports central dot com. Does Doug Cole a deposition battle that I'm watching closest and I'm trying to figure things out. I'm trying to figure it out and inside linebacker what do you think his Qaeda the hierarchy there and it is a guy like it I keep seeing named Toni Morrison. In a list you're watching him in games I was like did this guy can't play. And admitted sure seems like somebody likes him there. Yeah and that's. I momma and Boris here it's it's obviously done about here but should be one of them and then for the most part has been Antonio. Warsaw and beyond and it injects a little bit. In some interview walker but he walked expert yeah accurately and I thought Morse and worst. Limited I don't know what are overworked unity was she if you walk straight coverage. He's he was sort of slow to react and sometimes banning of meg maybe that was a repeat part of a bit. I agree I kind of thought when the new look GM came out of all this may be. A reevaluation. Of over managed to be aware I would like senator training camp Clinton that there was no way to both Morse and injure Jackson who were who were the end incumbent. Starters. I didn't think numbers wise both could make the right right. I just just Patricia mean you're going to be huge market so many positions that need to busted charged spent two sort of not to love about him. But it's an effort to walk or you're making sure searchlight bit the world secret knowledge Richards it's strange. And I still need to see an interim or certain Pretoria Orson burial place. More from early downs and even here and he wasn't that much effect for a guy I don't agree Dem too much simply perky year. They want over you that's kind of gets caught wide Zoolander is it's the other markets early. But they open up camp with basically that this is their sure that they're being this is who we like there. And that player has to prove you belong to build a ball in the right now. And toward a more sort of like one of the book that you inside linebacker prime rustic. Has got to won his first five years is a coach of this team and is he got a guy to debt was. Prone to shuffling that depth charge scattered depth chart kind of wildly or does he stick with what he's got. I think he's surge opponents gotten jail injuries. Are organized and replace him as Leo which is everywhere in Paris were. For them or or from elected to work there in orbit they dream more work to not gonna go. Has gotten hooked it whether they move guys around so I think that they when they get their depth chart set. I think it's sad that that's what you want me that they talked about what they're built into what we like guys that can move around and flexibility and position at all flexibility not only offensive line. You need five guys and it and then you know that there are 789 maybe in the ten guys don't want to beat. You know what whether it's a branch twenty complete garden December whether it's. Didn't look good to border guard and tackle I want my five guys could be much started when no one a couple of Joseph writes guys who Wear. If you're not start new employee force spots and and that's why I think they need to. Define guys are now I think by and large. When you when your starters that's who you're air balling injury you want closed as well. Air and in the guys who are starters they need to be able lady you know maybe Jerry Butler doesn't start. Here of course. But you know admit people to some nickel corner who knows that if not a starter in your back and ready to Jenner some flexibility to to move around. Tired of Mike Chappell of Indy sports central dot com fox 59 CBS for. What are the guys that I see in the work outs anytime the run in the football and I see a little bit of burst out of marlin Mack and I kind of like it. But I know that watching guys encamped in projecting net toward what they're going to be in the regular season is kind of a fool's errand what do you think tomorrow on Mac. I like you are like what he brings it burns what you know record doesn't have. That burst right if you sort of against Beck in the day went for it was early in in his career he had that'd be good. To be it will equity digital characters are actually doesn't have that now the problem with was watching training camp practice is in the running gamers. They really don't get much sort Robert Weinberg submitted to a patrol further than it to die and let him go with. They're retired and in early breakfast and were there in regard to China joy it was carried in their employer orchestrated era when. In Ayers or Carol and there's no hitting. So we're running record we're a public place could be an incredible great you know greater rattle in the big bright future colonel Gregory academic and accurate. I get to choose Sherri are on higher local. He does that burst and that's what they listen. The last gosh common a year toward garbage and if you so if it's better you know gets five but that maybe it's fifteen or Saudi. And they would and that a long term thanks Mike appreciate it later. Talk sort.