Matt Norlander explains why Ohio State is a better job than Butler and why Tom Crean will struggle to be a coach again

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, June 13th

Matt Norlander explains why Ohio State is a better job than Butler and why Tom Crean will struggle to be a coach again.


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Back up to cancer early show CBS sports 1430 how much fun to talk to and a happy about golf for about an oh. That I can't have more fun to sit here talk a guy like me are gonna have a three and a half hour conversation. Anyway other things going on obviously. It is to talk about basketball we wanted to get I met Earl Lander from buzz CBS sports that we're gonna do that hate on Matt. I'm doing all right aren't. I cannot be better on the I I Sonny got new pat podcasts. Com with some context on why Chris Altman had to take the Al has state job and won the thing that I don't understand. If it I know it's about money and so that's fine it and there's money and there's opportunity within the Big Ten school like Ohio State especially. A well funded program. Well funded athletic department like at a like Ohio State's. But why. Why would ache Chris holt and have to leave Butler to take at Ohio State job. Patent. I don't know what he had to leave obviously is now you know he didn't do but. The reality is that Ohio State. Although it has not been that important. Program at that school obviously football at the worst Butler about what program is the most important. And many. That Bobby via a relatively big distinction. Ohio State. Facilities recruiting budget. Capability of landing top five recruiting classes. Not to mention paying more money but these are all actors swear if you aren't job. And you have the potential to move onto a bigger job. That paid better potentially could Q. At a higher Echelon. In in terms of standing within your overall business and obviously each strongly consider that. And so having settled that. Fact of the matter is you are more likely to win a national title at Ohio State. And make final fours than you are Butler now I can be done at Butler make final four and you know they wanted a generation coached proved. But ultimately when you're playing well but the thing. The only thing up Boller release has over Ohio State pretty coaching candidate pool in college about why become perhaps coaches that I spoke to. Reid certainly and chipped over the course of the year in doing that. Ohio State our case is Butler in terms of being a program that it Vicky job. In college basketball. Butler has eight top forty job so with all of things being equal I know it really things for Boller financial news Altman. But I you know no one in the business basically playing and urged a match up on every single person on the third event. Nora letter from CBS sports and CBS sports dot com what is the biggest priority. That coaches chase as they change jobs. Definitely the coached by code base that. Frankly I'm coaches you want the stability of a contract in the and a security money that comes with it because it. On the circuit secondly something that may be turns and a little bit. But ultimately that it can be really harsh and a coach has apparently Petrie for kids. The coach want to know that even if things don't work out well that he could have. Essentially if they can Erica. Hope that Stanley out till it get in you know go to college and and be able to support and so are some parts that have big time thing. Other coaches when they're looking. There very. Keen on being a top four program and giving conference a matter of global copper and because the good cop or program. That usually mean even if you missed some recurring cycle or break out year. The history of that school within that league will indicate that you'll be able to bounce back and perhaps have a better longer tenure there. Some coaches in means a lot Wear pajamas actually located whether that's where they grew up or if a particular area in the country that they that they. Just like more than other places so it. It's a lot that the coaches really. Really take a lot of stock into the athletic director and the actual culture within an athletic department. Because they feel as though if they're going acute situation in athletic director. The president really have a solid plan in place to a program should be after state firing a coach that weapon that or losing a coach to. A bigger job they order now and I'm going into place I'm going to have. Security and support and I can afford to lose two straight years in the academic that tournament for the first three years of a year or when I got things going. And they'll gonna have that in our support so there's a hole on a factor but not necessarily just money. But ultimately. Coaches are looking at. That framework of an athletic department the eighty involved here it from other people like coach in that area and Al. Working with that school and dealing with that mandate all sorts of things you know plan to. Talk to Matt. Nor Lander from CBS sports and CBS sports dot com about college basketball talk a little NBA as well. Let me ask you mentioned that Ohio State's top fifteen job I've seen where some coaches said. It might be a top five job it deal which would be it in most coaches minds a better job Ohio Stater Indiana. Indiana pretty definitively. I don't see how he can rate in the top five job I'd have a hard time little bit and job because. The candidate cares so much more about. Football and basketball and that's really writes me a good thing about it. Indiana they're all in on it ninety to the pressure's higher there are some coaches that certainly some cook beat Baylor and I go to Ohio State. I got the resources that I need to basically equal Indiana okay. I don't have been any pressure. But I'll so you know there are going to be people on the stand and on November and December so if that thing doesn't inadvertently got an obvious and more are Kia. But. It has been coached they're gonna tell you the Indiana job better. That battery and it certainly racism that I mean it it'd be that job. In the bat got in that program entity and I think that definitive with a ball. Tied a menorah Lander from CBS sports and CBS sports dot com. If Archie Miller had not been hired by Indiana would he'd been to go to for Ohio State in this search. I very much thanks so it Archie Miller and the united crane was still there and art they hire criminal. I think Archie Miller would have been at the target. Now it two different questions I mean like one if you lined up in and got me I picked up Archie what you'd done. Can't say what he would done could obviously get them. Connected with that having the that the weapons two years though. That cut off some people think that you know if this had been equal. Archie might have chosen. Are they over Indiana I'm not that it's fairly convinced that. But if it was a case where you hire these are open where it did in Indian parents Phil and argued Philippines and yet. Pretty that a 100% believe that argument would have gone and in fact that you. Our our schools talk at a time careened why did visit I mean the bumper job the Ohio State job all these jobs. And in time cranes still on the sidelines why didn't he have a job. Oh well let's kick it a viable rational candidate that apple should consider. Why does he have a job I mean. He's really out coached in Butler and then obviously. They wanted to keep up with their pattern their decade long pattern of hiring someone who has. Previously either covered under the school or been on staff creep perhaps with prohibited from even being considered for that. And them with Ohio State. You know wit Altman being out of a candidate had he'd been having turned down multiple major conference job creamed. Having just left the operate. Wit some solid except that the bump in the road. At that moment. You can make it capable of it the better candidate green obviously. And and then bury it is. Screens they'll. Not that he should really much care about it but. There are so weird. There's a weird thing with Crete where he got bit. Ability to turn fans off and it might be hit it overall demeanor or appearance I don't know I don't get it. Concrete gonna get another job probably a year from now. At a top fifty program and that program will be set up I believed to succeed in the future so he's gonna be okay you want to go into a situation. Ballot weapon or like you want to go into an athletic department and a program at the plan well established. No it wouldn't want and that he can step in and make immediate impact and derive so. I don't predict concrete to be out of a job to return ticket package from now. Still viable coaching candidate and more and the kind of guy and I think is. Totally under rated by college basketball fans in general I you'd think he'd certainly a top fifty caliber quality coach and. And sport. Tired about Nora Lander from CBS sports CBS sports dot com let's talk about Indiana Pacers for a minute. But in terms of the overall NBA you've got a Golden State Warriors. Cora diverted best team in the NBA you've got the Cleveland Cavaliers were a dominant best team in the Eastern Conference. Is there any point in debit Indy Indiana Pacers keeping Paul George and trying to become marginally better. This offseason in hopes that they can retain him or hurting you take it just. Yea yea kinda re played a little bit you try to get we can't for Paul George. Accumulate assets and build toward 45 years down the road when maybe the field opens up. Got to in the is that happening. The papers are not built right now even with keeping called George at any sort of ability to. He got the magic and that only really go face to face Cleveland in the morning eat a developing viable option you actively wanting to get older. Perhaps we want to make a move that unintentionally. We can it go all or whether that means the economic and it did it but they were Q. Always have a lot something like that UP that they brought in didn't. Work out quite as well. And in the profit of doing that. It young bill that this is really hurting that you can help and understand that it's based in a directory area but with all that. It might be the best place for the pacers have a chance to win the east come twenty wanting. Art into a step but I think that the reality of the situation when you look at LeBron made the final seven straight years Bangkok. Thank you bet really appreciate it great stuff. I'd thank you democratic. That girl Lander from CBS sports and CBS sports are common in total lockstep with that girl underwear concerns the Indian pacers. It'll be interesting to see where Tom Green lions. That is going to be the fascinating thing about next year's college basketball offseason. To see the turn of jobs. And what jobs Tom Karine winds up being a candidate for. I don't think that Ohio State talked to him I don't think that Pollard did it's interesting that his name. Has been bandied about by the media but we haven't heard that any Ph.D.s have had any overwhelming interest. In Tom crane I think it's got to really well and media I am I think maybe he he's gonna want to kind of enjoying battle of epic.