Malcolm Moran examines the shift from print to video in media and his time as a professor at IUPUI

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, July 11th

Malcolm Moran examines the shift from print to video in media and his time as a professor at IUPUI.


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I don't attempt during CBS Ortiz thirty. And there are a let me. We can look guys and great. Another great thing we know we ran the director of our capital journal program by Eli I don't know. A government. In order to. You are. And I quickly done. All. Over on. Hard and and we are long. And you re covering. Your read all our. New York Times. It was. More. A degree. And I'm on the court. And true. Your buck. And it. It. Would. Real and hard and well. And I. Let him. So you covered about we're gonna talk about journal and in media and dot com. I know you primarily hurt covering all you. Or. Aren't great story regardless. The heart of oil or. More and more. All and and include. And broaden read on. And all. A word. Del Rio organizations that are reliable. They are I'm sure you. I am yeah you got some organizations are very accommodating. And then on allows virtually no lack. And I know and edit all in allowing black. Eye on you know now we don't want people telling their story. World and you were ordered Bob. And her. I'd been on. I. Like gold are miners are. Okay well we'll go. I. Believe. It. I wrote. An. Article. And. Or. A door and I. A lack of the media and ever seem to do. A simple minded. Every able people who want to tell a good story. Or are in an. Area. I wouldn't. Prior. I looked. And and all. And call. Bug. Or. Or. Two or people who are willing to. People wanted me and mom. Shall know real war and the like world. War or. Laura. A. My role. Quote. Or. Moderate. And I'm the current and. I would. What I don't know. I'll. But. Marc. Coma and knew. Him. And them. All and and air. And golden. And all are. Oh. And and our. Own book. And or not. More and dole were. And oh god. Owed. And do and you. Heard it was. I work on them and there were cut load and work. Our. Meant what outlines. A meat we eat and he's an evil predator on children. We colonel guy who turned a blind I. Can year as a guy who could've done more. Though it allied take away right. A dollar. Or. More. Only. Route of illegal. Drug. In her and early. All all or. Away. I. Ordered. Him. More. There were. So little. Old ball. And the world. Are. All. Alert. And ended in all. You double play became very reactive in that. Room immediately. Right thing to do they've been more. Are. On. One M. All in. And mark. Political. Yeah. Goal. Of him. And. Prior. To. Bernard and two. And our. Arnold. An. Old. And or. To. What kind of lie and you know I know you re bonded to re entered the public human cry and that's Bob hold. And then wait a month later on paid or we got a little correction. In order to right wind when he died down pretty dark calmer heads may recognize. What was probably right. On. But. It. And. Yeah journey. Or you. Meet people how are into a job correctly. And chopped it all kind of more candy all very very quickly. How do you pair. 22 year old girl a place where there's a much. Ruler. Low crude to. Overlook or. I I'm sure. Oh yeah college. And her. And your. I. Wanted done our. Leader. And and are. And the boulder and the middle. Or not now I'm. About. How. Important. With. What monetize. Our product and my. Argued or would be doing and make sure. And it. Would look what. Everybody and channel one create and nobody could want or. Problem. An. Organ. Or boat away. All the way. Of a dollar. I. To learn a commitment and car. Google. And and what do total. Dollar. Or more. To the illusion and Oregon to. Earlier. On. Who let me. A hard. And me. I. Know what to do. And I mean I go to it Andy card's not comment and I hate or. Thought in it like it don't you get in. I Mon you read and things. And but then what you and go to settling on what you're virtually and uttered act. Or ER. All the aggregators. And any any schmuck in. Length. And all narrative you can click on get eight. And there's got to be ways kind of like me can create one. How it went through now. And all of that we're sharing. And nobody can pay EG you can't have not Dana. And I. And about look we were. Little. Light. Ma. Old. And on a look at a certain. Were there. I. Automatically go to your. Look at how. Wrong model. And not heard. We are. Oh. You're not. Her. Colts'. New. Or not. And Reid. And the country. On idol drew. At all. It. About. A girl would. And our dollar. At all. I did Google. Are. Howard. I. Political. And go to New York time old. Earlier. Number. I. Hope you. Realize. Or. A bowl. And I'm. Worried worried about. It and shoulder. Are always. I want and we're going on school board. All in and there. Are all a lie. All. One reloaded and. Malcolm Moran director of the art capital journal program and when we come back when you're not writing with rock or. Abandoning. On her written wording going on video or annoy you about that now when I am writing to and coming back on the early show. Or let me tell you mom and her when Iraq. When we need windows won't we bought all we needed finding my door at Juliet got. We gotta talk to the people universe went to Iraq. They're gonna hook up and it came out of the house and churn out within a couple we. We it and finding or that functional. It was all it was. And you know. You other civilian and gone down like I'm a liar here. And a lot of it has to do. What good people. What do corrected or it will do and human right now get one window and act and three no limit and finance thirty. Now the time I'm called get your free in home amid today again and financing. And I call 317720. Her guardian window Indy dot com like meal be 80 my window. Shown here for. Ever. He directorate the or capital journal program a story. Or journal. Our capital journal program what are they now. And we do our. Job or. And hung from the final or we are showing. How bird. On. The final dollar. New work and told him. To. Do. Our. Arab. World and an open and and we're not. Goler who were on the go or read or write to. Him. There was added LaMont and a little. Cooler. And on camera at all. And I'm. And it meant mom or you don't. Or your. Motor remark that the ball. Oh. And right. Eyes. And noted. Mark. To. Code out of all. And I'm. How anybody don't 4220 I agree and college graduate because I during the tour and job. Idiot and aren't. All I can really bright girl and really right and there was an job and they're stepping back. Other would try or that make socially and. Mark Clark bar or her and all due. To. Her. I'm Lauren and her. You better know how to create video all you better not do you know how to do every thing kinda. Well there are guys who make a lot of money and I shall I. Can Doolittle did every thing in his and kind of glue guy like everybody in the media event today he needs to be included. All we are. A whole. Tool. You. Dude. Later on buck. Oh. Right. How to. Record I more or. Go to. Are. You. All. Right and Clark. And to go. Out. Work. And a model. That. And in order were right. Or. Rebel soul and aren't around a minute or. And on to produce. A news. He or. People. Ought to. Are. Handled. And now. Whole. Port luck and it. And the way things are now technologically. You can I mean aren't here I got. I have an eye on out of tripod. Got a laptop I can generate any level of media that my capability allows me to generate and it caught a lot of money. Or work. Or not. And I'm. Alarm alarm. And I'll. Tell our own oh really. Hole hole and lower. I one. It. Ball a little of rotted. Or Olbermann and Lou. A little toe. All. Of I'd on the Dubai. On. Your own. And herb clutter up. We. Are our. People. In Tarrytown. Or eleven. Her abdomen and mark it. Oh. Their time. Riding change. When you get a guy aura a woman who come in your program. Are they more or let applicant and writer at this point Ellen in the way. More content not bowl now are there elegant in the right. Similar. To gruden. Loves. Him. Herb. And work early and go. And we're pupil. Now. We were reads and rainy and or. The or. My. Call. It an. The moral and and world. Will. All. My. Load. And really. And and and lower. One of the short. We're. Or old. Or by a iron teams. Noted. It sounded a lot. And I'm. Well and I didn't. I'm meant to. Muted and reader. And down. And down. And do. What. Common. Law and real. And not do. Remind them. Collar work. All of I'm getting into. Right like all the things I need right dale pop up online there that I need to read. Nail on pop up on my green alert I'm going to read them because Pau too and I'm going to do but. Nobody timed under exactly what readings are all legitimate. Or greeting or early into what they knew. And try crane lowered. And under. Earning con and we need to track from neck con and formation. At all and legitimate. On ground. Or relevance and. And what are you. Look at the highlight. In my. What do you look all. I'm. On the he married. By Corey Miller Larry. I'm a lawyer to a code. Right. Early. Show a polar world wide to. All. Know. Really. Aren't you order and I'll show and old. All people. Are about. One reason they're doing. Like in this AB. And in third I don't edited. They locked into Chicago and right there and I everybody they want grew and how did it would. All the pain. Well. Oh Kenny what do you would you EI. Would that mean. You idiot painting. Right and in in. And shoot and you. Walk in. The end to try not. An online. Order and and not really an OR. A and bile to my. Anybody here. Our. New Orleans in me. And I are like here I am EB dot com and their make and read and in the contact of being Mel camera and thirty are. Things and then they're manned and window. In emit or. Mort. Horror. Or who. He heard early. I'm a poor people. Are and can. But. On. Wall and broad and oral. Bottled. I did and bought 200 dollar. Low bar shirt and our daughter there. Don't know where it works out are hard up. By Annika called it charged day in and an. Element. Of ball. I know there are no are an important to thank all my car and I really appreciate. All you do. All my pleasure to Malcolm grant the directorate or capital journal program. Coming back we're gonna talk trying to find Purdue University. Moral high graduate now I'm bad boy on his way to do I take at wait talk right Klein now on the early show. Or 1430.