Jim Cornelison honored to perform at the Indy 500

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, April 19th

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Academic at sterling shows CBS sports 1430. The 100 was first running of the Indianapolis 500 we're gonna have a new singer of back home again in Indiana. Jim Courtney was send anybody who is familiar with the Chicago Blackhawks and the National Anthem. You know we came down here any segment foray an Indy fueled game as well Jim corneal sent its gotta be the voice of the Indianapolis 500 is. And do we continue to celebrate that come again in India any joins us on the phone I don't Jim. Our bureau or order a ruler heard about or bring Ghana ended up. Yeah club out all it's only an audience of about a quarter of a million people live there. At are aren't that the new crop just at CU level and I know you went to Indiana University got your masters there in 1992. And I know you're familiar with the 500 it'd it'd. It must be kind of odd though I mean Europe press obviously professionally trained operatic singer. To follow in the footsteps of the guy like Jim Nabors. Whom did I mean a singer but not necessarily of your ilk but a guy who's so. Completely. Sort of intertwined with that event. All manner mean Jim Nabors it is. I watched the YouTube video from revenue through parity or that there are a lot. On YouTube. From Matt ought and it's got a split dollar goal or borrow a look at childhood. Hero should. A hero with somebody that you do well did grow and operate. And I know that everybody you'll. You know very nostalgic. Against him and you don't wanna step in and hope you do adopt the good enough back. That that people will appreciated understanding that there is no way that they end the year should try to do papers. Stylistically. It do you perform at the same way you performed the National Anthem. Well I I think that a different op that. I attempt to try not to talk about. Repeating words and reading the words to vomit so it felt like you really look and into demeaning you know what what both word and Kyra that they are more so. I've been picked up about the bomb like it what is that feeling you know back Coleman and yet at. You know the bomb could be very fundamental work would be more joy about our battle it for the port to and a maybe a little more emotionally energetic. Version of what to Wear him bit. You know I I think there are you in on it it watching you perform the National Anthem before hawks games and before that fueled game. Yeah fuel. If you don't sing a song do you perform a song and you mentioned the difference by a voting Frank Sinatra who's a great performer. Of your music but today. At what point did you discover the need to perform rather than saying. Are you all the proper term off page and doing. Judge you've got great you got immersed herself from. A particular there's. Thought it comes to what is the emotional ups and vote and different moments earlier stage. Bill that same way where. With these strong people and it should not. Oh larger storyline. There's a reason why that long. Was written and almost everybody is feeling something when there are why would they feel that such an emotional life which. Sole guide new York and to be in touch with try to. Try to bring that out whatever that and it could be different part of the former parts under different buying at a ball without. You know I wanna be able to her now what I fine and in the work and. What's special about singing the National Anthem at the United Center. Oh what's special about it would seem need it because it's a unique deal. Or perhaps food unit you know I can tell you. You know being out there on the ice with the service members we ordered for more from active duty or terrier as well. Of veteran or two that are out on the ice. And you you come out there for people who don't know we are urged cheering at the very beginning and it definitely allowed and his growth throughout the entire ample. And it's such a dramatic emotionally dramatic experience people award from Mac crime I've been worked. You know that army guys who work. Crying her lap in her or shaking or no nobody come away with that not being not being removed and really watch. And had a note guys out there girl. Guys out there. Kind of focuses. The implement what are the buyout and are. You know Chicago ordered patriotic downward though a lot of older people here were the only good humor in the country were Syria. A high school Berber branch of the service. Can you hear yourself when you're saying it. It's it's but there at all but it playoff. All right I'm playoff game I will not be able to hear myself or say 80% good grief that he of the ball. What do you do how aegis trust that your that you're on pitch in years either they're a new and who are. Anxiously await the moment political lol and the crowd. And lenders couple. Earlier film ballpark would be ordered have you ever slumped. Would you have them you worry about it better. I always worry about it in nature or differ for many people what Duchardt jobs. Are some problems. Encompassing a better superb and worse. So. One lowers your bad but that's not on the court. Part of the nature or performance of the public get too caught up the emotional what's happening. Well I'll try to get a little bit too much. So but what a minute and 42 place than it was not not a lot of fun and easy stroll through the park. Tired of Jim Kerr Daley's son who does say a great job performing the National Anthem before Blackhawks games. He's got to be singing backup again in Indiana prior to those 100 for running. Of the Indianapolis 500. And you're on your way so Gary you're a big hockey fan you're gonna go down to Nashville and you're gonna see the predators in the Blackhawks. And and try to get the Blackhawks back on the winning track they're down 30 in this thing. And and hope they'd I take it that maybe there's 31 now but they're gonna. You're you're gonna try you know you're invested in their product out is what I'm saying poll. Yeah absolutely I anticipate that this game what it really arc will go in. And our guys oil well at low their backs to wall they're don't know what they're going to be down people and and it's going to be quite a match up so I was gonna front there and they have not been for the team to go on afforded him winning streak. So a lot of our planet on this being the start of Mara. And you've got a jazz album coming out soon with frank cattle on all. And and that's kind of interesting because that's like I know your operatic but this sing in a little bit a jazz it's different. Well there are few notes that are quite operatic but mostly not at the lower and arranged and it on. And I'm really automobile we'll do from a court battle. Is that number one and number two album with the owner original stuff out there last year it bought by black or were they war. From Seoul to be able to come out to somebody who already established. On the national scene and a jazz charts. It is pretty exciting for what it's gonna pick Peter gonna fail but at least but it but it is dot. You know day at what point you're like to do you know that you're gonna be able to sing professionally. And you know that really started to come clear when out of India. Is that right there you have you have park a marker called remote of the world there are certain number of course. But it's such a war music school and you see so many singers being successful. You started. Realize what your and that war. And I and I I realize that in a way to go out you know. Being equal shot but real what was your big break. Really didn't Butler copper Chicago's young apprentice program in order for. Oppressed programs in the country. That are really top not everybody pays attention to prove it in those efforts as the accused in the Lyric Opera of Chicago of course about all of upper and you'll. So getting into the builder what fantastic event you're around. You know the Islamic courts of the departure now would sure you're well there are around bigger what. Or what do the Mingo who come at a couple. Of more. The most known figures and popular culture but we'll come back try to. It around a guy like Placido Domingo and it did view. Did you learn stuff from him that he told you. Or did you learn just by being around him end and watching him and kind of experiencing what he did. That's exactly and not to them but many others well. Watching calories there are public curtains so. The quality and the amount of power on the government. Arm. That's what you start to a or better at what point out a plan where a pretty Cold War group at Notre Dame. Do actually. How did this come together for you is somebody from the Holman George Stanley just kinda give you Collins saying you wanna do this. I got a call a couple months ago and I think it then that's got war you know am armed. Or maybe back home in Indiana. What are called Alex that run between. Are. A couple of months ago and look for a playoff or parliament vote for the black box them look like everything was gonna work out. Com book and hard came here about you know there's been a lot of Twitter and FaceBook activity in the last two years about. Me do it now Indiana to a basketball. And also doing something at the Indianapolis 500. I've done stuff so well with the Indianapolis fuel into fuel architecture. The last few years and that's been a blast. And so getting back down to Indiana which would do well at all. What a great experience we clobbered North Carolina. A victory guys. But being able now to do Indy 500 that's. So but you literally are really special bank. Have you ever heard the story of how Jim Nabors did it the first time. No all. Tony it'd Tony Holman who ran the speedway from like 1946. Until his death I think in 77. He he owned the place and it's about fifteen minutes before somebody's got to sing the song. And he just walked up this is according to Jim Nabors who walked up to Jim Nabors and said hey you wanna sing back home again in Indiana. And Jim Nabors said sure. And so Jim Nabors had big goals find. A copy of the they'll lyrics and he hand wrote them on the palm of his hand. Prior to signing it and kind of learn the ten and anyone out I think it was dale late sixties or 1971 some Mike debt. Just went out sang it with fifteen minutes' notice with the lyrics written on his hand. That the main idol of I think are going to be a person you know about the Ben Bernanke that video. Go on YouTube crappy apartment could be that order down low out of the camera shot and he was I don't look at. This out about the one work talk things are a little bit different today than they were beckoned back in the early seventies Arctic. Well you know what they are by the year for right because they would book ultra right look like rock stuff. Perfect we'll bring help level out winner tonight national I appreciated Jim. All right man thanks a lot really pursued. Absolutely that's Jim Carney it was sending he's gonna sing backup again in Indiana before. The 101 running of the Indianapolis 500 he's going to be a little bit different than the last two. Renditions. Jim corneal ascend. Go on YouTube and watch his cat deliver a National Anthem and it makes the hair on the back here next stand up straight. It just stay and and really a performer. Of the song not a singer of the National Anthem. Under performer. Of the National Anthem and it's just say it is it's great crews bumpy stuff. And in Chicago Blackhawks games would not be the same without Jim Carney Ellison.