Jerod Morris answers how IU's scholarship situation

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, April 18th

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His mouth. What's going on right. New Albany high school. It Vincennes street in New Albany Indiana Archie Miller and his staff for meeting with great Jim Shannon. Who by the way is gonna be on the show at 530 this afternoon. Romeo Langford and his family we welcome to the show from assembly called act on the great cured Morris. Ger red how important is Romeo Langford has a debt for Archie Miller. Well I mean he would be huge. I mean obviously it even as good a player has come out of the state of Indiana because the prospects I mean in a long time maybe since Eric Gordon. You know when you think about just how effortlessly he can score. How successful he's been that number three rated recruit so. I think if there's any way that Archie Miller can convince him to play is expected one year college basketball in Bloomington. It would be huge I would also say you know it's important. To have the right perspective on that recruitment and not take that it can kind of referendum on Archie Miller inside out recruiting strategy that he's obviously playing from behind right you know there are other schools have had a chance to develop that relationship more and I would not you know from the electorate want they close to home if you want to go away and a lot of different factors that enter into it so. I think the fact that Archie has already kind of made the inroads that he has and is getting these meetings and you know it kind of put Indiana back on the radar is important. And it would be huge if he gets them but it's not necessarily. Again you know some kind of referendum read negative signs Romeo decide to go. It's not a perfect equation. But it's a little bit like cabin because Kelvin Sampson already had a a relationship with the Gordon's family. When he took the job at Indiana and then Eric. Dean committed from Illinois to except. An invitation Indiana. But it it's a little bit similar in in net Archie is going to end this prior to Romeo senior year. And and try to moved some earth quickly and in kind of knocked down her locked down. A a top five drive but today and it really didn't work out for health and an anti gay Canada Eric. It in a pretty substantial way but it it's a little bit similar. Yes it is and I mean look into it so far are he has had three opportunities with recruits. To convince them to honor their commitment and come to Indiana in terms about the term just met include in more. And you've gone in there had conversations in the got almost immediately re committed and so. We're certainly being in the very early stages of our two others tenure Indiana that he is. Obviously very good as connecting with guys and selling them on his ideas and his program so. Obviously you know Romeo totally different situation and guys who've already signed a letter of intent. But I think just based on things that we've seen. You know if you've got to like Indiana campus you know to do again at least give back in now ball game if it even possible and they'll blow will you Burgos hopefully yeah hopefully into the data roaming in the best decision for him and I think you know I hope most people would want that communicate and if that decision and that being Indiana and that would obviously be. You know one of the biggest recruiting get for the hoosiers in a long time. You know it's kind of interesting to talk to people were being recruited by Archie Miller war or the guys who are recommit editor restated their commitment to Indiana. He is unknown nonsense guy who just presents. Kind of facts without flourish. He's not a salesman. He's just a guy who talks to the kids and lets them know what he can do for them and what the program will be whipped them. And I'm kind of surprised I would guess that guys being recruited at this level would've liked a little bit of flash and a little bit of pomp and circumstance. Met but it seems to be that our cheese condoms no nonsense business first rhetoric. And not just rhetoric but yet Ozzie did kind of what we've seen it weary he just tells people the truth it kind of vibes with kids. Yet like Arabic and their own show. Yeah that's that is it's and I think I think to a certain extent you know maybe begin Tom crane at the bit of credit. In that you know Al firmed up the Mitt includes the more you know maybe they are guys who. Who respond to that you know and then you know I had a chance to talk without and certainly you with an adjustment from the court and make me sound like pretty mature no nonsense yeah it too. What to develop their games you know and and and certainly acting you know we will create because they were a bit in the culture that Tom Green trying to create and soak it up perhaps there's just been that there you know and and and with what art she had been been saying he's obviously basketball goes sky and no nonsense like he said. But also you know from everybody you talk to see you know even though he's. Now it drive not the right word but he you know very direct comment seemed extremely serious about basketball. He's really able to connect basketball people you know because of that love of the game engine because it could well the experience. And just his ability to relate in a number of different situation than probably any type of basketball context you'd want and so I think that helped them. Be able to do that and I think with that comes. A certain sense of Grata pot when he talks the people believe what he's saying they believe that a case he's got a plan. And he's going to be able to do it and so when you can do that with recruit them with their families. They're going to be you know much more willing to trust you end and want to. Indian upper part of parent perspective want to Entrust the future of their son with him and from the players perspective what the truck the picture of their development there right. Now or talk can do Richard Morris from assembly cult like com of course. Assembly called great place for all Indiana basketball stops whether it's. Podcasts. Or whether it's written starts for oral whether it's post game halftime. Webcasts. I'm let me ask you about out of the numbers situation right now other plus two and scholarships. They've got James Blackmon junior. Hanging in the balance not knowing whether they're gonna jump to the NBA draft whether they're not going to jump. Bigger plus two how do you think to shakes out. Good question obviously if all products and games stay in the NBA draft then and Robert Dutton comes back and you're thirteen and everything and look at. From all the people in the know who I can talk to date seem to think. That Indiana will probably go one for two on Brian Blackman that one of those two guys who stay in one of those two guys who come back. And different people you know seem to think it'd be different guys so no one really has any infect their that would obviously leave Indiana won over. And you know there again you know from people who would certainly know about it more than nine. No one really has a really good idea for how that works you know what one of the freshman. Be apt to go to a prep school would you know a guy who's lower on on the wrong in terms of playing time like the great gay honor someone like that. You know be talking about finding other place I have no idea you know no one really seems to know. And there's no history of being perky deal with situations like this to know. You know what what is normal philosophy on it is so yet it seems you know kind of unfair to speculate and really. Just went even cabinet happening yet. You know almost a waste of time so we will defeat obviously everybody's just waiting on thing with Thomas and James do and then and then we'll go from there. But it'll it'll be interesting to see how it plays out of that and we'll also be interesting in the future we see Indiana get into position like this. Because Turkey you know never got himself in that position at C news never something that they didn't. But when you are recruiting a higher level talent and guys who may go to the NBA if you do have to have backup plan in place and if you know you're here recruiting expecting certain guys go pro and I don't approach you can find yourself in the position so just because he's never been in the position before. It could be a little bit of a different game for committee Indiana in terms of how he tried. To cover himself. You know given that the likelihood of really good players testing the waters and in between. We don't croak do you find it surprising. That 62 weeks a year we find stuff to talk about it substantial stuff to talk about. Regarding Indiana basketball. Now I doubt that having a program emblem can follow the team I don't I will say I think. Now given how last season when and if no change had been made I think we would find it a lot harder the talk about things the off season. In a way that people would have been interested in listening to. And so I think the fact that you know the change was made in the so much new enthusiasm and and everything kind of seems fresh and new it made the conversation a lot easier and and more accurate what the defense. Brought the house yeah they did it Indiana basketball. Right right and and AJ you know data through no fault of yours obviously but any any conversation about Indiana basketball where it doesn't. That you get cut ahead this this these overcast sky news. During your day ended there's storm clouds always on the Verizon because there is always going to be questioned about Tom crane and whether he's the right guy. And weather is the wrong guy I dreaded asking them that you dreaded answering them. And Andy did it it was just kind of this routine that and we were on eight it was a treadmill we couldn't get off. Well and you know late last year that are that you're doing the post game show and heading toward the end of the year you know February march. Was probably the week fun that we had doing it and breaking down game just because it felt like the same thing over and over again there was inevitability about it. Injected into the a lot of hope and excitement and now you know I wish there was a game tomorrow and I can't wait to get to the game and I think that was and again I'm happy that the reason why. The change was made Iraq that he was there and I think the fact it's not just. Obviously any change would have brought excitement. But the fact that I think are he had pleasantly surprised everybody so much with Howell took on point he has and how perfect of a fit he's been so far. For what Indiana is in the big picture and specifically what they needed at this moment. And it really taken that enthusiasm to another level and it's been really really exciting. To watch. Every. Saying to this point has been positive whether it's the recruits restating their commitment or whether it's the hiring of the staff because I'm I'm just. What I heard Ed chilling junior was coming I was like OK this is a series deal we're we're hiring people way for major programs. People who have kind of a out. I'll multiple they have multiple skill sets. That can be put into play and be very useful to Indiana basketball. And in so it just seems like the good news just keeps role and it's very nice. Nor does it and again you know that think. The big thing for me the biggest thing I think you know getting it Schilling and and the staff that he put together with huge. But the fact that none of these that they're not NBA guy you know the drawn davis' that you want Morgan those guys hurt Jones. You know as of yet unit of those guys have left a lot of those guys that you have. Have affirmed that that they're staying with Indiana and then seeing the three recruits. That's big and I think it shows number one. You know that are huge priorities are in the right place when he came here because you know I talk with Jeff Goodman today for podcast on the brink and that's one of the things that he said Archie told him when he was hired. Is you know hit top priority is coming in convincing. The current players to stay and convincing the incoming recruits to stay because that's going to be the best way. To be competitive early and really keep the thing going. Because you know Indiana basketball is in bad shape they've had a bat he's. And so that was his priority and the fact that he's been been able to do it. When so often you see you know things really go through turmoil in off season and there's a transition and ability to sell that and keep those guys there. It's just it's been really impressive and and the thought that not only great sign for the long term future. But you know that you start looking at the roster enemy that he had a chance to. You know fit to be a really good Big Ten team and I think it came that you expect to be in the NCAA tournament next year and coaches from either not a really good spot the end. Which means for Indiana that miles bridges is sticking around Michigan State. I've been good game in Michigan they're going to be a lot harder yeah. He he's really good at I'm I don't know you know some people disagree with that but even though he placed machines they average really excited that we can come back in the night. I know that you know they did that make beating Michigan State a little less likely that makes a rival of yours better. But I'm you know just in the span of Big Ten basketball I like seeing the best players. Stay and come back you know I would love to be Thomas Bryant you know and James Buckley junior come back for the same reason so. I'm excited that we get another he's about bridges kinetic either really unique player and it really unclear why. I'm you know remind me yet said that when we're getting great play the piano hitting them. But but you know overall I think it's a good thing for the Big Ten. And and look you know I think that's the kind of mentality frankly that. You know I you should have I mean let everybody else have their best players I mean were Indiana we can still compete and there's no need to be afraid. So let let you know as many good players into the Big Ten as possible and will give it our best and feel confident that we're gonna win anyway. It it kind of feels like old school Big Ten star forty new guys and they were coming back I hope. May I help Caleb swan again does whatever the hell he wants and that he's happy doing it. But I want to see him come back to produce for the same reason Isaac 'cause Vince Edwards to. I think you'd be a lot of fun to watch Indiana play against a team like Purdue play against Michigan State. With miles bridges. Play against guys great kind of NBA talent who've decided they're playing college basketball is something other than some you do while you wait to go to the NBA. Absolutely anything to make all the games more fun to watch and I think ultimately create better games speakers are more battle tested. You know in Big Ten play an anecdote of everybody for the NCAA tournament though. Truth. It's perfect thanks so much cared appreciate it. Yet my putter that the great chaired Morris from assembly called Andyaat highly recommend the podcast that he's posted and I read tweeted it. The the podcast with Jeff Goodman as they discuss. Indiana passed on just admit now listen Jeff Goodman's a guide that I got to tell you truth I know a lot of times for. But I've talked to people inside basketball over the course of the last two months is all this stuff happened in Bloomington. And at the level which Jeff Goodman does his job. And the level of respect he has within college basketball. For the work that he does. That I'm start to change my mind I change my mind very often about people because I'm almost always right. In my first assessment but maybe you would Jeff Goodman may be IA. Maybe had judged too quickly.