Jeff Rabjohns on high school recruiting

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, April 20th

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Jeff friend John's from pigs dot com joins us they don't just. Bull Terrier I could not be better do you think Indiana has a way into the Romeo Langford sweepstakes. What well I mean first of all. The first meeting. Went really well so you know the other that's part of it just. Getting in the door planned. China as well laid out the start of your message who you are what you are about. You applies you wanted to go look at players. So that's certainly here. A good start. No other other teams that are further out Prague via the read about it. But if you're going to have any chance. Yes to get operations start running and I think sergeant Miller's done. A really good job with that certain expect him to be that in that talks to watch Romeo this weekend. Will be some of the responses he's among the players. I think another part of that is. The fact that Archie Miller has done a really good job of following up on what he said here's your career approach should be this or inside out in the state are. They followed up that actions and has been to see Robert Tennessee's industry. Connors industry. Kim books opened for ways he's been to as sees another kid in this state. Cremated tour through Indianapolis. And in Europe that it is committed to this C 11 or two players. You know it may stop another high schools connected with high school coach is just dynamic conversations with them. So you know that that's part of it as well. You know it. Does Indiana have a lot of ground America for the Romeo like we're yeah they do. But they're they're at least go and get in the race. And do what they Kia. Playing catch up against Michigan and Illinois a you know in Minnesota that'd be one thing. Playing catch up against Kentucky will build duke North Carolina. Yes she's you better get cracking. We have it's it's a tough situation. And everybody who's followed this closely and you know there's so. Doesn't reader comments from Romeo. Up on the exact compliment today I'm you really opened to a repetitive like. It's virtually anywhere with sergeant Miller. Blank prepared to enjoy their first meeting. And in person meetings they've talked McFall. So be you know I you don't have a chance but yeah win. Now when Roy Williams win the national championship in three days later Tuesday you're jam. And he's been in your gym before. Men that they've been working this for awhile yeah you're. You're behind. Including big at all no doubt about it. They need to blockade Vincennes street. Where New Albany high school is anytime they see you know the dead air tar heel or your book air wildcat coming to town. And at Stanford will hold just blockade the two ends of Vincennes and Antonin what the coaches in the gym. What let me ask you about Roberts fantasy because I think he's really interest again I like him a lot. But I I don't see him very highly nationally ranked is that. It did it to pay our people are showing their respect for Robert say to see that he kinda deserves. We got him supplement reporter do you really calm you have a tank I don't think there's any question in the top woman player. He's a pure point guard he has incredible field for the game. He has very good vision. And he keeps divisional while on the move. You know some guys can handle ball but once they start to drive ahead goes down they're going from here to the rim and nothing's happening in between. Financier has the ability to make them make a play. Including a pass off of any one of his troubles. And then that today that's kind of policy at the next level skill book that's something you don't see a lot with high school guys so that's certainly a very legit point guard skills. He can shoot it very well for point guard but he's the guy who looks to create plays for others. And and it's one thing just to make the next act. It's another thing too with the ball in your hands make defenders moved to create the past and senate they can do that. He's up to about six foot now maybe you below measures like six foot and a quarter. So you know he's got a big point guard but but but that's that's fine size wise. Yeah we've got him as a top 100 player and I don't think there's. Any question here it's supplement report. Targeted Jeff Fred jazz from the exact Tom. About Indiana recruiting end and other so let me ask you generally about recruiting have started dead today other kid is gonna played football at Indiana. And and if you like this the first time he's going through this and in parents. Have two parents don't know exactly how stuff works. And coaches don't always know the level of ignorance they're dealing with in parents what is one thing about recruiting. The parents really need to know that they don't. Well I think one of the things and I think that a lot of things that parents really need to try to understand. I'm certainly one of them us. You need to get a sense. One of my being told and then you know what our actual facts that a coach can control me. What has he done with players who are in a position. That might some place or my daughter. What what what the plan what's the plan for I was going to be utilized what is impact going to be on the team what's the what's the plan for development. And those kind of things. You know yet some guys who. Just listened to the words can get in Hamburg where it. All that sounds cool and that place is pretty and that practice facility is pretty. And you know I'm gonna go be a part of something that's big time. It's great to be a part of something that's big time but I think it's important to understand. You know what's your world going to be. What are you actually gonna do and where do you fit with that team and the coach and and his plan. My coach should be able to sit down and talked view. Just you know without the height without all the you know over the Wessels. And say you know here's what I see in your son or daughter here's here's their strength and weaknesses. And that is our development of a coach should be able to have that very even keel conversation with their. And that really says. They have a plan for you. You're freer shatter your order. Targeted just franchise and it out is sometimes. Ever story into data package told me about a kitten bush RN I kitten Columbus. Who like they talked to on the phone indicate got confused. And committed. To Indiana he didn't have an offer it a lot of people take a phone call means something a lot of people think piece of mail means something that it doesn't mean. And injure people just kick kinda confused by the entire. Like if the coaches do it all the time the parents have no idea what the hell's going on. Yeah that definitely does happen. You know. But those funny stories out there about parents and kids. You know give that phone call and you know all and I can't offer from songs all the may be offered. A little bit they've they've they mailed it in the military. Now offer ordered. Well it's a bit like me. Staying on as it. My old cold Cogent and have a conversation you might not want tweet that you have an offer amendment better than me it's got to plot questions it's funny but it. It gives the little confusing. A lot of times should know you know this overcharge their own social media. Look at their own PR person and though we doubt at all in my list or whatever. And sometimes they'll put up schools and it's like about school already filled up to smoke or position. They're not recruit them is cute anymore but the kid puts up the list and now they can get a little model social media but certainly there are times where. You know they're there is some confusion I think I think that's what it's really good when coaches do work well Archie Miller did you know for example yesterday. By making the trip up to see five star or went forward Kia broke sit with a Stanley talked. And say you know. From a head coach we want you you have an offer we're gonna come hard we're gonna recruit really hard is what we see here's our plan. We know started the relationship we want you know you have an offer goes one on one conversations. I think those things are tremendous because that Olympics in Munich confusion you're talking about. Jack confusion is ads for everybody. And it's bad for coaches so you wonder why they don't communicate a little bit more directly especially what do kid. Comes from a home where her parents may not be paying that kinda close attention that they would be paying and others. But forward. What degree you know today is some guys some of these kids dig up parents are a little bit today Walt. And not necessarily invested in in what they're doing and so these kids they don't know what the hell's going on in the parents really don't care. Some of the time and and that causes confusion as well. Chart sir and again that's why. You know in person conversations around. And I think those things are there are really important. And it's awful another reason I got a big fan. You know. Schools and making it offers either in person or minimum on the phone with the kids his parents. In other head coach saying you know you have an offer from mines school. If it comes directly from the head coach in a phone call. Well there in person meeting. The bad about this and eliminate confusion makes things much smoother and easier for everybody. Over the first couple weeks of off of turn amend send in the start of the summer basketball season. As anybody surprised anybody looked really good. I'm number of guys who have looked good. I don't know I would say that those surprises that. Tennessee was very good up from the jump. Probability that it goes a little bit expected but he's certainly look good. Eric Holder. The combo guard from Indianapolis Finley. He looked really good. We. I'm trying to think of who else might be some guys are kind of like. Jumped out a little bit maybe. I'm Kim Brooks played really well. But he's a five star kid I'm really intrigued to see him this week and he's going to be playing on the seventeen and under. Do you live in Nike liability. For Lisa BE. Going to be interested to see how he does. And it certainly was Romeo get the big game rut that we're gonna put his team against by and Williamsburg. Another top five player. Did you is that in Dallas Mike tiger will be their watch that one. The burden number of troops started off pretty well. And the minutemen some some younger guys who will be and kind of intriguing. Guys you look at and say you know. He's he's got a good track to both of the kind of guy who also kind of on the watch. Throughout the spring and the summer. Until the did he did he does have one good weekend orgy really becoming an art major prospect and that's that's for the opponent watching. Over the course of the whole spring and summer. You get the field forward with a good one weekend with a good one game or is he really capable of doing this and is capable of doing it. Are pretty consistent level and is he capable of doing it against other guys who are certainly later gouge prospect. I appreciated chest thanks so much for taking the time. And her parents are traveling tips we get you to create to enjoy yourself this busy season for chip friend John's. As he travels about watch and I young man trying to. You know what hey it's really kind of a two tracks saying. And one track doesn't necessarily begets the other you know if you got kids. We're trying to win tournaments to win games when possessions you know and that kinda stuff. Winning a tournament doesn't necessarily. Draw the eyes. Of any kind of decode true winning doesn't seem to be. A significant piece of the puzzle. To college coaches is today as they recruit kids you know there what can for a level of competitiveness. They're looking for lying there looking for shooting ability. They're looking for a guy who's gonna get the stance a little bit defensively all of that stuff. They're paying far closer attention on the individuals. And they are on the teams themselves. And in so especially. For the class of 2018 guys got to get a little bit selfish. That happens because they know they're playing for scholarships. And they they know what a good game or a good tournament can mean so they start to turn a little bit and word if they haven't already. And die as a result the basketball can really kinda suffers so it becomes a little bit difficult. Four or somebody who likes basketball. To go to these tournaments and watch. The games because the competitiveness of the games. Is not necessarily. Five on five sometimes it's just one on one. It's this guy played against Mac guy I remember and Gordon played against Raleigh Balkans. Up and Fisher's I wanna see that came it at the best choice field house so I watched and and what I saw as a result I saw some other guys that I really liked. Off the off the New York friends team the Raleigh Elkins. Played with I didn't like Balkans altogether that much. And I didn't thanks Ed Gordon really shined. In that kind of scenario saying okay gets funky and it gets weird and coaches even negotiated Weller they don't. And date and always. Going to these tournaments for me is always a good time to zero is gonna is that you get a lot of CNN guy. Right you're gonna see a guy you're gonna go home who's that went. And sometimes it's a guy who's ranked and and with laptops and south nagging just dig your Google in Chinese say no. Also your a cup replica. Pays a seven footer is out of Fort Lauderdale. Florida is ranked fifth. In the 2019 class okay. I know who that guy is now sometimes it's a guy who's not ranked and Albie kind of like something about a c.s start asking around about him today and that's kind of the fun. The fun of those events is kind of and the discovery. For me. And delegate is seeking a Michael he's a winner and say keep tracked him in college and he's he's he's in order not usually am right.