JD Collins on the new rule changes to NCAA college basketball and how officials are being trained

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Tuesday, July 11th

JD Collins on the new rule changes to NCAA college basketball and how officials are being trained.


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Beckham can sterling chose CBS sports 1430 college basketball's a year round thing in central Indiana. And anytime we can talked about college Basque both somebody knows stuff for news and charges stuff we are happy to do we welcome to the show for the first time. The great JD Collins he's the national coordinator of officials for college basketball radon JD. I am doing well thank you didn't throw me on the so called my pleasure. A get well did you wind college basketball started. Last year we had some rule changes said trying to bring some clarity to the block charge things like data reduction in timeouts. What are we gonna have this year. Well in reality. The rules committee looked at 55 rule changes about that is out of the end of the day. And it about 20/20 two rule changes. Can't have which they think are. Relative. Meaning the average but it would seem to notice a difference. Connect me to go through a few of those like Ian yeah bloody Arum. Coaches' box increased Curtin a past years it's been twenty creed and we've increased the coach's box for 38 feet. So the coaches will be able to move closer to half court. Through 38 foot worrying. What that also means is it the officiating court is going to have a stronger enforcement of the coaching box because we're allowing them. War room on the sidelines so they shouldn't becoming known before okay. You know arresting interesting border reset the shot clock to twenty seconds. In the first quarter when I wouldn't the defense foul or commit a violation. So we have a defense to Fallon opposed. We're not gonna precept of 30 or resent the morning. In that in essence takes care of it in the second separate unit across half court line. We feel that that's gonna create a quicker pace of play there's going to be more connections are BC more scoring result for me. In addition to that the defense to kick ball used to be fifteen seconds now what's going to be twenty like all the other resets. I resting in the half court set also is instead of having. Multiple locations or throw into the front court they're keeping remember freedom front court not the backcourt right just in the front court. There's going to be two spots to throw in the ball one is the 24 cash. In one is three feet outside the lane line so if they want for felt happened out high around the perimeter in the near half court were actually taking the ball that we trying to cash. In the line of demarcation. That the officials who uses from the corner of the baseline. So where the sideline and baseline intersect up to the free throw line anything below that is to go baseline. Anything above that is gonna lose twenty court action. Now. The only time we won't use that in the front court is when the ball deflected out of bounds by the defense. Or the defense causes of the ball to Villa out of bounds military get the act actual spot. That the out of bounds happened. How how do officials become habitual way to do that I I would guess that they you know they've got a really good sense of where they used to do with the new stuff. I need Dick is today you tournaments Teddy get them trained to do it by wrote every single time. Well we did put out information to all the conference coordinators. Early in the summer so that they were aware of it. It and during the summer camp season eight season. The official uses actor. I was so they get a little bit of the mindset but during actual being. To get an early on it's going to be Altria officials won't say. We're not taking that there were on the forty foot action between the three album it will become pretty. Actual permanent and nowhere to take up a lot of mounds I think the rules committee effort was still give the coaches to spot. That they can achieve out of bounds plays for meaning that they could practice so that we know that. 90% of the out of bounds they're going to be in the east peace spots 50% from the we've put action 50% from the baseline and they can crack this plays specifically to those. But. It's a an interesting process the changing the rules what and how does. Who decides that rules are gonna be changed say got the 55 proposals against whittled down to twenty or 22. And ten of those really gonna matter as far as we watch a game who's in charge of of deciding that those rules need to be changed. Well relax their rules committee made up approximately ten people. I would say at approximately seven coaches there and about three administrators. Academy all currently at all levels division one division to a division three. That rules committee. Reports through what's called the oversight committee. In the oversight committee kind of as a view of the whole the whole game of basketball and what's good for it and provide input. But at the end of the day the rules committee knows it and Beatty the rules committee requests. Rule changes golden coaches officials and administrators media. They ask for. You know what suggestions do you have. And when when a rural gates suggested and there are multiple. People say we should do this has been helping game and the rules committee will put battle on the agenda. And then begin processing through whether or not they in fact feel that it is good for the game. Targeted JD Collins a national coordinator of officials for college basketball. Let me ask you about a rule my son played college basketball and he's a big purported to this at 41 set it as like you're crazy. That it charged fouls are really really important the game he wants to eliminate the charge. Entirely. Well what do you think about doing that it is there's something deleterious and I'm not seeing that might happen because the chargers eliminated. Well I didn't make any rule change. There's always unintended consequences. Right and we try to think through those were just stock the cup I would tell you that we eliminate the charge. We are gonna cause. If you will the offensive team the offensive players that aren't they're gonna drive that people. With the intent though contact happening. In here and I'm not gonna get a penalty because we don't have chart. But you're going you're probably gonna lose the ball or date you're gonna take I shot that was on why is right. That that you're hurting and finish up the sunlight and probably one of the predominant than that. People who deal with rules would think about is the chance that we're increasing. Bad play or bad behavior that might cause injury. And interfere with the safety of the players. Those kind those kind of changes hardly ever make it through because the chance is that people. In those plays you know it might lose the ball we're gonna go people harder and the safety of the student athletes is is. The highest factor that we consider. And then you gotta rockets and nobody wants to rock his right Judy. Everybody complains about that second half after. Hey I'm in it what changes it is so the officials if officials get together and decide we wanted this rule would make college basketball better. Then the coach is considerate nick comes back in India hope there's not a change made but who better. Then officials who are in the business of trying to kind of affect a fair and balanced. And kind of basketball contest to better known to figure out what the rules ought to be. Well I think I think the officials have a great insight into the rules. And yet it's a different incitement coaches and so I'm not during the rules committee meetings which Kapanen early may in Indianapolis. We bring a coordinator of officials in the room. To share information ideas will bring an active official. NCAA tournament level official in the room. To discuss. The concerns or thoughts respond to coaches questions about certain plays. I I obviously have an item in the room nonvoting member. That I respond. With I think this. We can appreciate this early in appreciate that. So I think there is a balance of refereeing knowledge coming into the room okay. And yet then at the end of the data rules committee you know voting number actually make the decision on the rules so they're the balance there and you know each conference at the conference wants to. Suggest a rule change they can get all their social to go and go out the survey specifically want an idea and you know it's got enough attention to at least get or not. I get on the board June the change in the out of bounds while the two locations that we chosen as the rules committee. Work part of this suggestion. But referees actually brought to the table we need to have a better. Way of marking where is all of a lot of Arabs from the baseline sideline. We had a system before that worked but we want to delineate that'll be clear. So if you haven't put it and that's valuable. Tired JD counts national coordinator of officials for college basketball so the conferences. I'm guessing it in the home teams in non conference games. A sign or or hired the officials is that right. But it strip that is correct and then you do it for March Madness. That is correct each conference has the staff of officials. People you know referees go to camps stage the try to get on the steps of officials. If you weren't sure on that staff that you can work teams in that league. It is another during the regular season the conference coordinators of officials. A sign he knows all games. And do not starting with March Madness I assign you know I I identified selects a sign an answer crucial. Through her return now virtually every college basketball game I watched last year featured bold brows ski as one of the officials. How many poke around skis are gathering college basketball officiating games. There's only one that's the only ones that he's busy now. Well highly successful officials are highly rated. And then the demand for and goes up in Bowe along with many other officials. Working here a very good schedule. Because no matter the quality of their work. And I looked. The way is he officiated she's very communicative with coaches and with players and tries to explain and and I like that because I think communications cut it out what level is that coached. Well I think I think it certainly coached. That all college. You know starting starting out at gene code and you know I division three division two level. The importance of communication. Is. Quite frankly it's 75% of our team yeah if you if you can't you might be the best official in the world. But if you can't communicate with people. That being coaches administrators papal cruise fellow officials and eat keep communicate. In another have a very long career and part of the process of working Hugo anyway good computer screen is still banking experience. And figure out how to communicate with a coach that's tirade on the sideline if you camps how do you hear. Non verbal in rubles to to work through that process. It and it's a maturing process each and every special needs to go through. You know and there's great value and. I contacted ms. stern glare that's what got me when I was a fourth grader and I think of basketball coaches are a lot like fourth graders. I have no confidence that. They. When you win you a sign referees in the NCAA tournament I'll ask you what the criteria are but I I wanna ask you this specifically. Did take into account like if you coach K. Has a real historic problem. With refereed beach. Do you do you take that into account and tried added kind of not start trouble. There or proactively in trouble I guess by a kind of manipulating assignments. Well that what I would tell you any coordinator out to be aware of situations it and you know there are times when there's just not good decisions on eight to coach coach it yeah. They need a little space. In and so. Oftentimes you you work that through. Maybe the next season and the conference slowly putting up a that would redeem that is not an intense. So and everybody relaxes a little bit. The NCAA does eighty. I know. They get sick over no blacklist they cannot they cannot mark an official off. So do I consider that incidentally turned my interest BS and now. It's easy with 32 games the first round two. Have plenty of places to put officials by right officials moved through the turn on its list around the regionals. Sweet sixteen elite eight final four as a higher greater officials make it to those levels. If they earn that slot and they need to be refereeing in those games. What it what kind of heard the cry. Teary of the EU's engaging the quality of an official. Well our process it's more of a process. I'll talk about the criteria but the processes. Myself and for a regional advisors that go out to watch scene from November 1. True march 1 last season the five of us watch 569. Dean. And where they're experts that would be specifically looking at officials wow and we're looking at progress that they may. From November to December some special referee really well in November and December and start to decline as they get through this season. Well look at call accuracy we're looking at their general performance we're looking at how they communicate with coaches. I do they cause problem occurred is that they resolve problems and we have a system which takes. I'll say that approximately 350 officials that the coordinator recommend we look at. We take that list from 350. Entry that five month process. Note down to. A hundred they get selected for the NCAA term while my condense. The that we would put our time and effort into making sure that the hundred that we select. Or that specific tournament are the best officials at that time. And you know in your radio show on guessing maybe you had a about nighter to home some sometimes I just happen. It's so you can you can overlook that but there's a tree and that happens with the officials then we have to identified that. He and sometimes they don't make it's it I would term as. Hey I've had a good nighter to attack attack. I'm is three officials it is that's right I wonder I don't remember what it went from two to three and people got all upset and they said to his bloody in now where we're kind of happy with three. Is the deal lack of noise about three officials it does that kind of communicate that that's a rate never guys stand out there are women to have out there. Well there are so many there's so many factors that go into that finances is one of Yahoo! and you know when they went from two industry that increased the financial commitment that each of the institution has been in their responsible. To worry about budget as well. Looking at for the question becomes how much better is four going to be either three. And you know using examples are considerably term that we ran approximately 94% accuracy during that term it. So if we put four on the floor removed it from 94% to 94 point five is that worth the expense you know. Right in 1994% actually pretty good. Just upside notre everyone's benefits. And India you sure don't want I have I mean don't wanna have every call turning into a committee. Yeah it do you think let me ask you this because this is a big bugaboo with me because I don't like stoppages in play. And it drives me nuts at the last minute of a college basketball game could take as many as sixteen minutes to plight. Replay do you think that that's good in the end did you think it's worth getting a few calls right. And that replay corrects in order to delay the game to three minutes. Well yes it question. Fifteen years ago I was refereeing and social media were not present. Young and number of being this or not our allies. At the level they are now I would price that I just opened its recruiting. But now with the green almost well. I can I can access every college basketball game in the country character and what China Alec and watch every game I wanted to rest of the time. Everything is televised in some fashion everything is available in the scrutiny that social media and the media in general put toward games. Says we have to have the question is how we manage it so that you don't you don't get that feeling that the into the game is so. You know such a problem you know that's an out what you make that comment Yahoo! I will tell you that the last two years the rules committee action. Actually for years the last three years they have taken into consideration. The amount of time it takes to play a game. And stoppages in the game and trying to reduce the number of stoppages that we have and that will be your ongoing effort. Three years ago are average being linked during the regular season was over two hours which most. Television windows are two hour windows right we are now we are now an hour and 56 minutes. Per game on average in the regular season. So we've made major strides and yet you as a viewer. Still have that wire we wire we chopping up the game at the end and it continues to be a subject that the rules committee. Competition committee in oversight committee look at. I'm having a great time talking it is so if you're foregone too long I apologize gonna. I've got another question. Joseph McCarty road apiece on espn.com. Talking about a guy with the basketball tournament you know that the wing nut thing where guys get together they play for a million bucks. And the way they're gonna. And he kind of effect pace of play in some of those games is by turning the clock off for the last four minutes. Adding seven to the lead team score and say OK if it's 53 to fifty were played to sixty. And awfully dull and it eliminates the the late game timeouts. And it eliminates a late game fouling event but that is that such a wacky idea that can never be affected and college basketball cut it. Well I like the fact that people consider different things and look at different than the reality is what makes college basketball also special. Is that any team would anybody can beat any other team Yahoo! some EEE you know that at some point in time. This team does better than that team and maybe one out of a hundred they're going to be what are the cases. But that makes college basketball pretty special. And it's when you start. Tinkering with that. And also I would tell you may be the defensive minded coaches don't like that approach. The opposite coaches might like that approach and we have a balance of both Girardi and Yahoo! and so I just don't know that that that. Format weird. Are Serbs who need a real world game that make her dad does thank you so much for the time I really appreciated it this is a lot of fun for me thanks JD. Anytime you want look forward absolutely that's JD Collins sees that national coordinator of officials. For college basketball I'd love talking about college basketball especially was somebody's in charge. Of stuff that I've got questions about JD answered all the questions completely transparent. Really really fun and I feel like come. Better informed. College basketball fan because of that conversation very very nice coming up next to other shopping on the Kent sterling shell CBS sports 1430.