Evan Altman on the Cubs' title hangover

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, May 11th

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Back down to Kent sterling shows CBS sports 1430. And China's we are every Thursday afternoon by the great us involvement from cubs insider dot com Evan how you done this afternoon. I am doing I'm doing quite well despite the the overcast. Masks that we ever it's. It's another beautiful day here in central Indiana. Well at the very least it's not gonna be ruined by cubs loss because they don't play until tomorrow night in Saint Louis. Absolutely hating you know it's it's directed to cut take a break I think it has Spain and even every once a while organic I have goes those Allstate's sort of have been a lot of us just look at output so arrayed over the failings over the last week or so went you know kind of nice release it back what some battles for the law. What Della the cubs got to do for pitching tomorrow a man named Eddie Butler is god take the bombs for the north siders I don't know who the hell is Justin Grimm goes down the Iowa. Which I'm thrilled to see because I hate testing Graham every time he comes in the game. He's like Warren bruise stopper was back in the mid eighties Bruce Starr comes in me you know he's gonna have to debase its. I can't stand Graham now wake up by a mood Els Eddie Butler. Yes so he. February so one published drafted by the Iraqis. Came up through their system is what a top prospects. And kind of one of those guys who you know what thirty Oprah all things. Or cock out of his mechanics a little bit. What he hit the Major League level he he really kind of ran up against or elective period middle management reached promoted to the local government competence. Not that you write know anything about that and I'm gonna try not to take that personally Evan Ryan our understanding you know and we're we're just on an upward trajectory but. Yeah what he did what he's sorry you up at one of those changeup it just fell off a papal me and just. Baffled. By early hitters but. What happens is mechanics got a little stray. His release point is it was very differently that's all of it changeup so hitters were picked up out of it and very easily. Our report that a favorite cup straight forward Chris Bond deal worked within them and maybe he read we discovered a few other things his release point. At least not for a looks really really good five Tripoli start one once that you are a I wanna know governor Iowa. So called what he what happens and in this could be one of those reclamation projects that this seems. Defined so readily. Who could actually end up. Being a potential Maine state still under control for a while also you never know and and a group Greenpeace claims that it wasn't a big law beaters so I think it could be an interest in the watchers are. And they're got to make a deal you know they're gonna make a deal and it's at least one deal you write about it a cubs insider dot com the interview with Theo Epstein a Molly and Handley. And who's gonna be the first ex cub prospect. Ago hi amber candle aerials or Eli Jimenez. I think it's going to be can Malario if the lotteries and Internet is still back extended spring training. Are a lot of guys from collisions that are actually just talked to a few minutes ago exodus shoulder feels good. But he still expect it has been a couple more days here at the base ERE participated in some. So mob this basket simulated at bat today expect to get into whole game simulator game at least. Oh some that in the next couple days and they'll probably make it quick Myrtle Beach but I think. Do it's it talks to all the we got a ton of value it's almost puppy got an injury like that to to a battered pickup I don't know at this young age. What happened I can't execute the value their particular area it seems like one of those where. I think it's I don't say it's obvious. But there are re well that they brought a mop up yet exactly and he's got a thousand so yes across the harder and some games at triple A he's a corner infielder you arguably person on this team know. A team like the rays who might have some pictures to deal. You don't get a very expensive aging third baseman Evan Longoria they've gotten up very expensive but not very good first baseman and look more some. They could very well be in the market for a corner infielder so you also want it makes sense. And they've got Chris archer who the cubs dealt as part of a deal to go get pitching. Now a kind of a pitching now what type deal with Matt Garza coming from the razed to the cubs because Jim Hendry knew that his job was on the line I'll tell you the truth. I'd like to go find Jim Hendry mean Neil let's do this let's look at the car was some Beers will drive off toward chip it wherever Jim Hendry is living I think he's in Park Ridge Illinois. Will roll up to his house just beat down a lot of them. I will are all drive to get away car. I doubt I will get away that's probably leave that there probably got a dozen maybe we can hire some thugs. And he hired thugs. I I think if this circle you run and I'm pretty sure you find someone I don't feel Wikipedia under. Ruptured hey John Lackey threw well. Hendrickson threw OK Brady you can't beat a team if he can't score against them. So maybe the pitching is coming around a little bit but the cubs are not scoring as many runs as last year. Montero calls out the team for playing lackluster baseball and not really focusing on the little things. Is this team psychologically where it needs to be. Not. I don't think they are mean I don't think you are socialists into the score on earlier today in and outlook caller text or somebody. You know I think there's not a panic that well you go you know pretty creative and make 34 games into the season. But you know I do you think and and as you can imagine there is perhaps a sense a little. Africa holding your breath for so long. And then finally getting to exhale as they did with winning the World Series last year. I do think it it maybe kick in and you figure out quite there was around that how how big that was. I think you know it may take a little bit of some tomato kick in the episode on the part this year really get going but. I don't think there needs to be any kind of panic by any stretch at the same time it does feel like they are sort of if you're stuck at a lower gear would be shifted down a little too or. And if you became quite get to that next level yep. You don't give another month or so and if there's still sorry you're an idol and I worry me be a little bit but go to a decline is if you get a couple of. Here's my deal eleven you know in 1985. Of the Chicago Bears were really really like historically good and so on. As much fun to watch as any football team in the history of the NFL. That was enough for me as a bears fan back then. Last year was enough for me. As a cubs fan if they never win another World Series I am absolutely fine they have before last season I could've made a deal. Saying that in my lifetime I'm gonna see the cubs. Danced in the streets after World Series win once. Item made that deal I have been thrilled to do it once and no more than once. This year if they waited they went and I I've game you know what I mean. If you go to junior high school dance any get to dance for the prettiest girl in the school and you get to make out in the corner the of the church basements. You're a winner you don't need to go to another junior high dance in my right. Well you know it via a horrible. That. It. The ice. You know there's there's recent computers is playing so I mean how many teens making you repeat as World Series champions right that's. So none internationally since the big red machine yet so you know we're we're talking about a little bit fine. And then on the other side the same thing that made the expectations so hard this year. That totem pole next year. Right these guys are still the core of the team is still very much in their idea and you know I think. It's going to be interesting to see what they do in in the pursuit of pitching because it's quite obvious. So much like Jake area who you know kind of pathetic put up the door the entire season. But certainly you're pitching like a guy who's buying Corey if monster contract. You know it's possible that you saw replacing some of these guys would even better Lackey has an aging pitcher who is good you look lately. You can go out and get some guys to could be even better so. Not really a precipitous drop off the Rossi in terms of performance and you know. Maybe I have a down year for Wally about back. But with the Red Sox kind of did a couple times there right under Bobby Valentine and amniotic I got a real reawakened after that went back out want it so. This isn't an unprecedented thing and and I think it just opened people that are. It used to making a knock of 105 games but. Who knows it could still go up when 95 and be just as good. And it's also on the weather's beautiful at Wrigley Field this summer go up to Wrigley Field and enjoyed de LAJ aired today in the bleachers. And you know throws some gloved a Chris Bryant and and Rizzo and all the fellows and it's all gonna. You know it it's not gonna happen every year and if you look at what happened during the post season last year. Some pretty incredible things had to occur for the cubs to get done what they did. Yeah I think that's you know that's one thing it's sort of easy to overlook it and that's the case was. Pretty much any change should remain rarely do we see any work. Somebody who just run roughshod over the speed and over the competition and just runs right through the playoffs and has. Nothing go against them great you have to get the outbreak is as good as you are what. Again two to the team has the most talent generally the most break. Walked four and right now the pope's all generating possible extra little place extra little. Do it defense. They can break there wavered in conical against the other way you see that turn around these are score and classic front the game you're gonna win a few more of those who can't cool water to. Typical bricks are all. Sunday the cubs and the Yankees played a six hour plus marathon. I went eighteen innings and people after that buster only wrote a piece of espn.com talking about. How maybe it's time to eliminate extra innings from baseball maybe it's time to adapt. Or adopt the other World Baseball Classic rules of putting guys on base an extra innings. And making sure that. And in that games are Ricky don't ended. Janet in a timely fashion without wasting an entire bullpen. I'll what do you think. You can't. I'm not saying innovate our idea I can appreciate a sport like football or app as much physical contact that you do you'll be be trying do to eliminate as much of that as possible. But when you talk about an event like that I mean it that was I want to go longest games first publicly seen it being passed the seventy Pennington. 92 likely be exposed radios that with a cup semi truck route. Don't want to shield them marquis Grissom and guys like that so you know or going 27. Years or 25 years in between the these occurrences as a release some that we need to legislate out of the game. It big when it happened the men pretty soon you forget about it than 25 years to become the trivia question a whole lot prime. The cubs played the six hour game was back in 2017. And so. Are we when you start changing the rules. To be except that it changes the way the game is played I'm not a big crane. You know they end and managers this happens all the time they complain about extra inning games because they got against their bullpen. How about this have your starting pitchers throw strikes. How would that be you know don't run every council don't have a guy throw 107 pitches. To get through five innings for the lot of Dodd have people challenge guys in the strikes and let's get to gay movement. Enemy that needed that because when it comes down views are set of circumstance or how many are cavity and see that we're. Over the course victim put it literally an entire second game it is immediately back to back any time there's the simply just not. Drop all or global player earlier Matt or just. Again that run into a fastball and driving into the stand over the course of nineteen hoosiers are aware that that's gonna happen. Are worried we're again I get the ramifications on the back and then and why you want to be our investments but. I don't know for so that's gonna happen want to years and it. 01 team is that a big deal I don't know I don't see it. Thank you have and I appreciated is always gill cubs. Are probably got a greater ratio particularly like if particularly. When they play the St. Louis Cardinals ace fan base who believes. That they invited the game of baseball. But a good sand base as I've said a million times on the shelf. I am not going to become like what do these Cleveland cavalier fans who thinks that be did they think that because they won the NBA championship last year. That they have invented basketball and now the basketball gods are going to heap upon them multiple multiple multiple multiple titles. I'm not going to be I'm happy for what the cubs did last year I get to experience something that I was quite certain I was never gonna be able to experience. And that's watching the cubs win a world championship. Fine if that's it I I've put my chips in my pocket and I walk out of the casino after I go to the cashier. I am all good with the Chicago Cubs if they wins 42 games this season. I'm all good I'm not come kitchen mode and in raise all kinds of hell. I've bid to the mountaintop. I have seen it and it was great and going there again that'd be a lot of fun but I don't need to not like if I needed to do it the first time.