Evan Altman on the Cubs' start

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, April 20th

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Bang them against dereliction of CBS sports 1430 ain't gonna send him. Enjoy this weather while we got it's. Turning. And continue to turn. And if luck has turned for the Chicago Cubs they've gone from plan. Not so great baseball deploying that's a great baseball but winning games because of late inning heroics we welcome to the show. As we do every Thursday at 4 o'clock to grade ethanol and from cubs insider not comment and I don't let it. You know it's it it's better to see some clawed back victories then and kind of the ocean night continuing so to have a look better than the art baker would spend about 48 hours ago. Edison Russell. I think could be I don't know. You know what he's still really young in projecting him toward a hall of fame type. Clan I I think it's way too early for that obviously. But man I love every part of that kid's game. Yeah enemy if you heard. You went wetland Casper was announcing. Be recipients of the World Series rings report the ceremony at any ET six cuter BP. Paterson Russell and it's not hyperbole. You talk about a guy at a premium position is still super young. And we've seen that. You were you you have some guys who burst on the scene of course quiet right who just Culp stepped right into that rule ten BP and what raw hole. We're seeing more this steady is always been really good defensively. And you've seen flashes. Unit really nice gap power but he can't say he'd from time to time me be really streaky. And we saw last year's special equity indices were you really kind of took all smoke a little bit of the sort of play and really again took off so really deformities clutch moments. And now what we're seeing is he's really putting it altogether being just come middle order. You don't support of other middle order hitters. Who is against the playing gold glove defense to shortstop and and just has the wherewithal to come America. Big moments and delivered nothing is too big for him at this point so and that the future projects really really well. Target an annulment from cubs insider dot com Jason Heyward hit the ball for average but really not drive in the ball yet. Hopefully that comes but he's never going to be a thirty home run a year gyrate. Well he didn't now. Which is kind of problem guilt when you look at it many see I mean I think eased is physical size sort of realized. Really what his offensive game to use it's gonna look like a linebacker. You know our power forward thinking and it's got its gotta be hidden forty home runs that. You know we can't really Yuri never really been able harness. That body. As well as maybe you'll we'd like but at the same time you know hey if he shows off a little more depth power if he just keeps from pounding the ball into the ground. You know it only really got to do we still really athletic really fast and Italy needed to get on the basis it could be able to do some damage and who looks like. The new swing cup the reconfigured loose fitting gap there is starting to face a more dividends Luke as you know certainly critical life assurance it and the 230 just. In one Burma or server at a time out. L Mora and jade do you think Greek content I mean EA you look at Elmore and I look at Elmore and I think hey you today this guy's unbelievable turn him listen Sutter and Helen challenge David John jays hit 333. He's a good not great defensive center fielder so maybe this works. Yeah they do really been nice so or I think rescue continues Sheikh Al truth be told. I thought we'd see more belt more by now ready and I were still young and this season. But we've seen an aide worker has played more in center field and that either you or more to this point right. It's really close to double that kind of a surprise. But Madden bringing him along slowly I think we saw from. A beast he's always been a really solid hitters good veteran presence. Again I do think we see more continuous pressure he can rule. They can hit against righty and you don't app users much of that platoon split but. You'll for now it it's the you know we we beat the dead or some good crop have thing but when you got three guys who were all. You know put forward what took place. Old especially L Mora and he worked certainly whole desire Zetterberg Mike gadget is Al Gore can even be just up but to safety here. Our verdict secrets fraud and defensively at center field who's gonna save you more runs and he needs to create. Is it time to worry about area don't lack key Hendricks and Lester as this rotation I mean did Hendricks is. Curbs a Lackey and hasn't been bad. With you know right around a a one ERA but the other guy is kind of hidden menace. You know it's it's very interesting there's there's schools sort and an much anybody's been following among your list rserver. There's this there's a switch in the ways that Major League Baseball track. Velocity. And and it's only difference of of may be if you Peter inches but. All rolled that the numbers are tracking higher it is just because or they're tracked it right out of the pitchers and verses. Maybe a few feet further Al and that's resulted in numbers looking bigger but if you look at the copes. The velocity number girl down while article also or by. One half two mile an hour which the sound like much. We talk about a Major League pitcher and and big big gain of just you know fractions of an instant baseball is. That that makes a difference in others some thought that the these are theories that. Perhaps they've been cut to hold the ring netted a little bit sick to sort of doubt backed its its its rocky fight them right handed until Mexico can be can switch to stop. Yeah so you listen to be said for that this is and what you know they are offensive power and our defense can bail us well. You know there's there's a possibility there although it's always cut I never want expression was a group of guys picture we're. They're creatures of habit. And so cut telling them. You know there's a fear to be of saying eight ballot back. What do you know and that somebody you know is that extra punch it and is that is a car should issue in the event next year. Or ridiculously good now yours document. A little velocity so I don't think it's time to worry but he definitely some Akita I honestly. At least the panel looks great Carl Edwards junior terrific Wade Davis terrific Hector run don't. These guys are virtually unhittable nice skid and it didn't into the late innings in games like yesterday's in the day before. Against the brewers know and he got a big advantage. Yet I think or really seen it in this you know Wade Davis use. The guy that they thought they were getting. Right there were some beer and intrigue or so we're not from myself I thought it was a great deal from the start. But there was a fear that the new organ in the sky who you know is coming off an injury was formed to want a closer captured. If you need any enemies have been on inaudible. And it you know Pedro stroke looks so if he'd just Ingraham has been a little if he put there again just like the the batting order. They've established a group of guys were open in there or leverage experience who lives that. Who generally you're all pretty good against all righty and lefties and so it's not a matter of old notre Seagram's not pitched well what do we do yeah. I don't write it Bryant it's a good thing or not do we don't have to think about that because we would. Yeah of course we would you know it wouldn't the last time you know in the couple of this couple and Achilles heel. Oh my god at this guy's not there in which you know wherever around about the journey to beat a role Chapman to the ground. Boobies you know and and you've got a Davis gone after next year it looks like it worked could be the Colbert way up in it's it's exciting to watch these guys. Let me ask you about this we're talking to Evan Altman from cubs and Saturn icon so in Tampa I guess yesterday they're too routine fly balls. Same ends. Called guys off and does not fly ball the falls harmlessly to the earth. And it's a base that. Four out for the rays against the tigers is that cross and over the line if you're a fan yell and mine mine mine as a balls in play. You know why am I am always of the opinion so if I go back to the days of high school basketball. And there are girls basketball and anarchy was pretty decent then we. Men understand this young man. Chose you to count down thing yeah or whatever three minutes or so on the clock and a girl he Gupta of course we we laughed and and as we should well it Coke and a bad about it but fear that they ate my my thought hey if you're allowing Graham's. Outside of actually physically interacting with the player. If you're letting what those critics have to think about all the other taught everything else turnaround talked with a guy at a polling and you or your listened to them. I. I don't know I don't know this cross the line. But I guess it was an excuse for me is that funny anecdote from my school and you're very specific about it I think the dead is exactly what happened when you were in high school. It was news news that north quite right school you know there that are. Little little ways up the road I guess some 43 so there was a lot of wanna put no I think you'll unions to the exit. We we've talked about this before we feel like we have a comic influence over the game it's true that spans so. They wore a white white Omar have an actual influence and is that party if you didn't want that to happen then you put in front and people of the bands shouldn't have influenced the limit. When I was an eight year old and a nine year old. And it might in my did was a coach who literally are Little League coach and win and I kid. For our team hit a pop up my data dealt from the dugout watch out for the bite. You know it is so yeah I guess those are the in those are funny moments and as I admit maybe there's something wrong with. A dead coach yelling added an eight year old but it's still a lot actually now that I know kind of what your. That that explain to greet deal can't take you very much seven appreciate it though rough partnership.