Dave Wilson

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, May 18th

Indy radio legend Dave Wilson on John Andretti’s battle with cancer. If you're 50 or older #CheckIt4Andretti and schedule a colonoscopy.



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I can attend sterling chose CBS sports 1430. And the people who have known John and ready for a period of time. Got some bad news a little bit earlier and in the bad news is that John has colon cancer that spread whose spleen liver. On the good news is that is you at a mansion with John Andretti in the friends around and they've figured out. That the way to a positive result out of this negative as hard work and a guy who's done that would John. Relentlessly over the last 21 years with the race for Reilly David King Wilson how you doing king. I'm great goers great to be at the speedway even on a solemn occasion like this Richard Wright yet John is. When he first found out about this he really didn't wanna go public with that I mean he wanted to fight this battle privately. And we discussed with him about the positives it might have been able to come out of this and he has come to the conclusion Dallas. Make a lemon in lemonade out of lemons and so there's a whole campaign with that check it for Andretti check it for than ever for Andretti and staying. But to let people know that they need to get out and get a colonoscopy Cassel thing. At age fifty and beyond when you turn fifty at least he need to get a colonoscopy because John was 54. And just went on a whim because his wife was always on about get and he said and as he discusses a race car driver you give physicals constantly every year having complete. Physical book you can't detect colon cancer without a colonoscopy. So it did before he decided to go into it and deal. And boom within a week and amended surgery picking up part of this call because he had put at the time they thought was stage three cancer. But when they got in there you discovered that it has spread to his liver and just plain and it was four. So and he detected this when he was fifty year 51 of god that he might not be what he wouldn't be in the position he is now he's fighting this battle. So he's using this struggle. To get the word out and one of the coolest things that they've done here to speedway is every car all 33 cars in this year's deal. Are gonna have to keep count by the driver's name that says hash tag check it for Andretti it's just future cost me today so just a way to get. The word out to people. That they need to get a colonoscopy and the amazing thing it kind of got rushed over a little bit in the in the press conference but. Somehow we river to get IndyCar. And NASCAR to collaborate on something which rarely ever happens. But all 43 starters and Coca-Cola 600 the same night as the Indy 500. Are gonna have the same check at four Andretti did your cost me today speak now. By the driver on all 43 starters. At the Coca-Cola 600 plus a myriad of different. Open wheel races and all around central Indiana and here they're gonna have those stickers on the car so everybody is coming together it's kind of up. A tribute to John and what he and he stands for and to support a great cause. And you guys are are fortunate in that you've done the race for Riley for the last 21 years cheer familiar with the kind of health care activism. You guys have done it on the highest possible level on the thing that's cool with the race for Riley again it's 21 celebration this here. Is that it started it not on a whim. But John wouldn't come on your show on WI BC and do Michael weekly had talked about NASCAR IndyCar win every used to a and then to get any airline let's do something. All right how about this it's a literate and will do the race for Riley and off you don't need don't raise so much money initially. But Denny guys got clever you guys got Smart and all of a sudden it was a big deal. Went out first year we raised 2600 dollars and 2000 and recchi and Gary Pettigrew I'm. So. It was a slow start but it's getting bigger and bigger crawl around on board and that was a key Kroger got on board and it really started bringing allotted to people that. And actually mention we did 400000 dollars last year work or were almost it four million it won't total donations over when he when you're Riley. And we're not a foundation every penny goes to. Goes to Riley I mean there's no expenses out of this and expenses that are heard. Were born primarily by John and I paid for so big Joseph stays at papers on. That every penny every check that's written goes straight to write a children's foundation. And it started did you set on our show because men have of my producer would always start you start mile John a one in this league tyrant. How guys are direct gel okay what happened this week indeed it is so that these you went back apart Lego okay met with to see how you do all I can I could wipe John Andrea. Let's ever raced in and go carts and you can race John Andrea netherland. Let's give people that you know again who would who would want race against John Andretti never get a chance to race against a real driver. And so we would have people donate money and that's how it's continued this year purse to this day I mean you can still pay money to get into race and race against John Andretti. Congratulations also on trying to nickel ought to stays in its pocket Kazaa it's not easy we know that now the big Joe's a frugal man up. The debate I tell you what though the big Joseph what he's good at is he hammers whenever big dinner. He hammers those restaurants each and every day that boy. He terrorism so we've got like saying now Moala Greek Thailand's. You know shoe lives every every great rates threaten Indianapolis. Donates I mean neighboring half who did and they give it to us everything's donated and his mostly because the big Joseph is there hammer himself materialize. And it is a good job to get zinc to give us about product line. Though. Yeah that that that. Persistence is it's a good thing or jail. Nobody says no word of the big Joseph put the big jello is not shy about saying no and everybody else. I'm Dave did the today do we talked about the race for Riley Indy your friendship with John Andretti the kind of spun out of here. On the radio appearances by John and then the race for Riley hearing that a friend has got cancer. Is it on me is he talked not talked that this is so poignant and it only took like a second Reese said he felt guilty. About having cancer because nobody in that treatment center in the infusion center. Hand error was his age and he felt guilty minding probably feels guilty would his friends. What's it like to be his friend and help shepherd him through this process. What's targets is really nothing you can do economy. I I after I told him last that you're going to drive this North Carolina hang out of that drive you around and I picked this up gonna do that all this. It's his wife is worth a lot of that guilt is is I it makes me feel bad that in Nancy his wife. Her father's quite ill. She John's daughter is getting married in June so there's a lot of you know anxiety a lot of pressure getting at something done. And then and in Nancy's got her son Jared appear racist sprint cars are the most dangerous form of motor sports on the world. North so she's got an and John sickness and in nursing him so she is you know he feels guilty about everything and he is put on her. And and Jarrett and his daughters you know because this could have been had he gone got a colonoscopy. Like he knew he probably should've when he turns fifty then this would have been avoided. But as for me personally it's just it's just frustrating because. I can't help members of the eye candy and I can help and with the race Riley do little bit more than I'd done in the past and maybe pick up some things there. That. But it it just hurts your heart to see somebody that's that good and does so many things during your term operation Riley he goes and he visits a kid but he visits the kids. He'll stop the town is and without cameras or anybody known to show up sign autograph walker on hindsight do what's wrong with them before it. And just say hi to try to brighten your day with nobody knows anything about so he's such a great guys. Target date the king Wilson about John Andretti his battle with cancer that he's taken public in order to raise awareness for colorectal cancer get a colonoscopy. Letterman stealing your beard gimmick I. Certainly grossly part of my dear you know as we progress past our radio. Salad days. When the gravy train pulled up every two weeks adopt a loaded no one yet I had to get past that you gotta find different ways to make a living. And that I still tell a lot of jokes grant told jokes I'm I'm Donald awaiting official and I love doing that. But I do Santa Claus and our real beard Santa. And op Ed it's heads in this so rewarding is so much fun. Being in Santa you know and that has so yeah I do you have the white beard I don't think it's as long days I cut mine off. At the first of January and re grow so this is Santa yet this is sent to seventy. This is just as a person you look down to figured Sanders you have your own little click in you'll like say Peterson. Figured sanity out of did just don't have the respect yeah I'm I'm I hit out of hop kind of snooty about that I admit it. But you are real but it it did end. Or get out I throw that stupid fake hair and a fake beard get rid of it. Grow bitter kids deserve it. Thanks scanning I appreciate it you know there's some Marconi awards thing crystal awards. That should have your name on them in the Salvation Army radio on name on them because that's what generated those awards and there are people down their celebrating. The winning those who words read no damn thing to do it did it pisses me off brother half what and I got to thank you John quickly you guys are the management we started this. And a lot of people the sales weren't too happy about it. But you guys blocked them and kept them off us and let this thing growers and let it get it could get scorched about. Students were shot twenty years ago that you guys think you. For a stand up force and give us a chance to make this happen we were and always assets at hockey puck popped up it we're never had that I ever redskin appreciate it.