Chris Holtmann on his decision to leave Butler for THE Ohio State University

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, June 15th

Chris Holtmann on his decision to leave Butler for THE Ohio State University.


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Whether or not she's that's okay. Ohio State University you know they've got new men's basketball coach we've all heard that story Chris Holman and he joins us right now on CBS sports 1430. I don't coach. Very good Ken how are you I am great what was it a week ago. I happily watch you know where it was a week ago when you win when I was contacted yet we orders now. What is today urged Thursday. All over the map. Yeah I would say it was a Thursday it will likely Thursday night is more about it its decision it's a whirlwind did that. It is yet and there's this week my life had. You know it's it's been a lot but you know it's. It's such a lot of emotion and you know all of it comes with that so. Keeping your staff together I always thought when I go to like the wild and rooms for us selection Sunday and that stops it seemed like you and your staff. Including why missing kids. That you guys were very familial and I think that's borne out near decision to keep you guys together. Well you know it's it's sick tech gadget guy at different ways and sometimes say it an invitation to follow. A guy other time should don't want I think somewhere in our profession are on the QL. I've given invitation sir to understaffed and follow you. From need those guys played a critical role in any success that we experienced. Most importantly I think they're capable helping us. I'll be successful or not right it's maturity it's those guys are capable of north pitcher out there that competent and that good people and they represent. A white. What I want represented so. Focal spektr's some excited album and her name three important or. Sad without it families apart what one what is it toughest part of making this decision. I think you know that our players and and then telling mark my bosses Varian and the president Banco. I think that was the toughest moment and then and then. I'm that is. Uncertainty becomes what leaving a place that you love or your. Incredibly happy. And some would say well why did you know why did you leave Cuba happy well. I get that I understand that I think the risk the risk taker. Making that decision. You know that was voted ours spark conversation with the players and come cherished Syrian president thank. Or did it did he give yourself kind of a night after FT is sort of made the decision is sit down with your wife CAA you say okay this seems like a good idea. But I'm not call on them I'm not call on Jean until I go through a night and I wake up and I see in my stomach feels like crap. That was probably Thursday night the dapper. I am and that's that's why didn't you know about them was a short of category that's that's what I call our cash bad which it was this probably first at night. Not tonight I. I don't waver on and I went back or on down to stage when I was contacted I wasn't gonna do little. All went stale was not gonna do it it was the job was also on Tuesday night. Weapons that was pretty firmly committed to staying. And then more and then Wednesday night started doing more torched. Considering it so. I think at that point on Thursday. I needed to see here okay hey in my. Marcus Moore in the morning and outside did this is one of the epic ever in these these decisions that are this difficult there's never liked. Hey this is exactly right you know except like that was one of speech you know they're all we will be solemn. Even you know for the next couple years register I don't think I can pack gutters but there will always be some second guessing probably by everyone. But that the bottom line is this. I'm excited about what's what went forward and I know that. Butler missed sound an outstanding coach and they're going to be. Incredibly successful in the coming years. And Chris Holman head basketball coach Ohio State University did it now until I have to do we all have to say the Ohio State University when we talked via. I know you're important at this university. Not at your contract. You can you can act if they were very you're you're. I do say so you know fit that. Well what's your biggest challenge movement Florida's it kinda keep in the recruiting class together and in going out and figure not a way to put together this roster. Well we're that really didn't. You know were limited right now we're only. And scholarship players that or Korea so we went with a walk on scholarship but. Shelby. And then we we have some sort of issue that we get to figure out what a roster are sure that that's that's a major concern which figured out. This next year's team and make him making good decisions. Are put this next year's G men and not once they're there shortsighted. A 20 with a big challenge. Chris sit on And there was a story kind of a listing the terms your contract in terms of bonuses. I was kind of wanna know. It when you qualify for one of these bonuses like you're supposed to get according to them a 150 grand if the teams aggregate GPA. Arthur average GPA is 3.5 or better. Did they say India are real like run into the mailbox every day. It's a blow away don't look to date yeah how do you deal with Jose is is it direct deposit is it checks they get to that gave me a big giant check houses work. Yeah well I'll. I've I have. Been fortunate to have some bonuses and in my life and I believe I've gotten both actually have actually gotten a check out got direct deposit for. You know they don't give bonuses if you don't you don't do your quality of work all worked out right now ourself a position where he. We can we can as a team achieved some things. But there are you know beaten sort of park that. You need anybody to keep in mind in the lake house says those few weekends this summer. And actually got two calls about the fact I'll bet already so architects. But I actually probably gonna sell and my wife shared over that body. I couldn't for the time being. That Croatian. Inland delightful little will be ours and much to get their march but. BR for the time being all right perfect hey congratulations. Well learned it we're gonna miss you around your goals stay in touch. Well I appreciate and so straight haven't conversation you are really am excited about. Election publicly outlook church. One of the sister told staff to get that outside of that. I think they found an outstanding coach and might. But I'm in Indianapolis over summer certainly that the best years of of all life as a camera so grateful for everyone that. That was kind tourist and you know what you were well it was so good talk to camp. Perfect thanks Chris thanks for taking the time. Okay Chris Albany Ohio State basketball coach we're gonna miss Chris Holman because he's one of those guys like you just feel like you and ask. Questions too and he's gonna give you great dancers and and and there's. In the Asia don't like hey you develop a personal affinity for a guy like Dennis spent and a lot of afternoons ever Hinkle fieldhouse stock and Tim about leadership and management and basketball and all kinds of stuff and he's just an absolutely stellar guy. And a a really good human being and I think to butler's done the right thing and replacing him with another another person who has exactly those qualities. Which is terrific and congratulations to Ohio State University the Ohio state university. And Gene Smith for identifying Chris Holman. And it as a guy whom we can bring that culture to Columbus. And hopefully it it transmits. Well over there and they wind up being the kind of basketball program. But people in Columbus bleed they deserve. Except for when Ohio State plays Purdue and or Indiana. On those occasions we hope that Ohio State fall short only I did our friendship with Chris Coleman doesn't extend. Soul and so far that we would root for Ohio State over Purdue or Indiana would we absolutely not.