Chris Denari prior to Game 3

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, April 20th

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Look who's here it's a great Christen Mary Chris how are ya. Am doing great camp our youth I could not be better. Tonight what the pacers have to do to win this game. Well I've been pretty consistent the last couple days with what I think and I I think one of the things. And I know it seems very simple but you've got to play from and it. They had a great chance to win game one but most of that game they played from behind yup into. They got behind in a significant numbers by as many as nineteen in the third quarter battle back but. It's awfully hard to win games when you're playing from behind so. I think there's starts have been eaten in the first to walk in Cleveland but I I just think with the with the crowd that is going to be electric. You need to make sure they're in the game early and a way that happen that you play for but Lee. Clean it would like nothing better than to jump out to a great start. And quite at this bankers life fieldhouse crowd so I just think you've got to get off to a good start and built a lead and build all the energy it's going to be in the building. Pacers don't with the regular starting lineup. Do we know well I I I did not go to Nate McMillan. Pregame presser but I oh lead that he was asked about. Any debt will have to wait it's pretty I would not be surprised if they made a change I would not be surprised. If they create the day. I'd I think it's all of bowel. Matt shops and I think it's all about. Players on the war in different combination. What do you pick a college nor shall they get really matter. I don't think it really matter who starts or who does that I just think it depends. You know who's on the floor together so I think that that the situation did you concede it played more minutes I mean this is about we have. So when it even it needs to like 35 minutes of your week like. 45 minute but I think that the most important. That you know and it it would seem that because there are no back to backs. The guys that have enough in their tank to go ahead and play extended minutes and he went after bringing guy ended just to kind of filled timing give a guy blow. Knocked. Think you're right and I think that you know throughout the the quote the then. And you look at all of the match just you see teams using fewer and fewer player so I mean coaches. Really are more comfortable playing eight or nine guys. During the regular seat that's hard to do because. You're right here and back to back your flank or five night though. Yeah I think you can go whip. Certain combinations longer a lot of times the national TV games whether it's on ESP AB eerie at the end they have walker timeout. You have more time. That you can get all that you might have a regular speaker. And it didn't the pace is a got to win four or five games in order to vanquish the slow is that even possible. And that's a bit that helped cap yeah no question about that I mean that's why. That's why the NBA playoffs like I fascinating because. You've got to try to beat the excellent teams or thoughts. And so clearly. Winning four or five this is going to be difficult. But if you lose tonight winning sports great is. Nearly impossible and back. I think in NBA history it never happened where a team has come back from a three nothing deficit and clearly that happened happened in the first round so. That's like tonight is a must win situation. To put the pressure back on the cavaliers been. Somehow get to a game five you know you don't wanna beat 31 and eat it practically went to two and it all without him about the three game series. Cleveland has been flawed. In Asia over the course of the year I think they won 51 games during the regular season or fifty games. A MRSA plays that the pacers can attack. Well I don't think it is not a good defensive team and I think the majors that group and that other shot 50%. Combined in the 21 round. Losses they shot very well in the double overtime walked in. The first of April so I really don't think at times all that there's been an issue. I guess we eat go to the third quarter in game two where Cleveland ran a lot of double teams of all Georgia that they didn't react very well. And that was also distract the capital of went off but. I think one of the areas that they've got to do a better job as putting more pressure on our reader in yet that that there. As that are serving at all that the lady not a good defender and I bought jet ski in a nice job especially early gains to. Up being a grass have been putting pressure order I think that's where it starts. And does see if you can sort you know poke the B if you will starting at the point guard position. Where can we watch you and and gleaned from your wisdom. Well unfortunately we will not be doing a game again tonight at on your locally. But we will be on what they don't want our post game show that it's after he and he'll leave so. If the game is over at 930 at about 931. Local fox sports Indiana. Albeit with when buck there any ill and Jeremiah Johnson we'll have complete coverage. At the podium and not a locker room with Juanita I like that about what the so all of that immediately after the TNT telecast tonight on fox sports Indiana. Can't wait taking Chris appreciate it. Cranked out the Greg Crist and very scurrilous up on the the paces cavaliers tonight. Liked it and it in basketball a neck complicated game I mean we go over the same stuff again and again and again and and all these guys to a great job of kind of summing it up. You you've got to make them uncomfortable. He got to make him uncomfortable on defense by putting pressure on them. Are offensively. And then when they're on offense he's got to find a way to make among uncomfortable with your defense and making LeBron James and cultural was really really difficult. Making cuts here Irving is it uncomfortable. It is really really difficult and making Kevin Love. Uncomfortable can be difficult although I'm not buying all this big to read chunk. They edit and Kevin Love. Is not in the in the same club. Is carrier ring and LeBron James he's just not and people in Cleveland. Who believe now is a good luck. Kevin Love is to cut re Irving into LeBron James is Horace grant was to Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. That's who Kevin Love it's Kevin Love is not a special basketball player in the way that LeBron and tie rear of an arc. Is he went the better players in the league yes would he start for almost every other team yes. But is he a brother. Of Connery Irving and LeBron James in the way he can affected championship level basketball game no chance.