Chris Ballard prior to his first draft with the Colts

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, April 19th

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I've had a lot of people ask me now. So I'm reading a book right now because language is really good about their story TO and I put team together and Joseph Maddon has a great chrome. When he says you know don't let the pressure exceed the pleasure of the job. And I really I mean I thought debt that's set at all I mean this is what I've gotten. Sixteen years I mean really thing going back and Alan I was in kings is no. Bringing in players. I mean. So I'm done is what I know so now it's exciting and it's exciting time. Guys are trying really cool very cool we have to do best player best count yes but yeah. Absolutely and now it's even. If it's even. We'll Gordon needs a good look we put into an exhausting process I mean we take each player. And from the tape from the film. Mean all that everything matters ice laugh when people saved the work out still matter and I want to work them out absolutely they match. But to work out has to match that tape so every level of the valuation matters from. The tape. To the word out to any interviews. To the research you do on the player to the medical. In all matters and then they got to fit and look if there's one thing we will not do as if there's a plan around. Even if we're loaded at the position. We'll still take two player may not take before it is an example we. With Tom probably just in Houston. That would comment but we saw a player that we like in Kansas City that can rush the passer and that's who we choose. You know from some eyes from my. Eyes to our coach's eyes are scouts guys. We all. We all exhausted and then when we interview a player. You know we use of a bunch of different people outside of the facility and you know they interviewed players that any that are player programs David Horton. I'll make me doubt doctor McDowell we get involved. It goes to it's an exhaustive process. And terms of what is to filter that they have to get through so now it's it's it's day. In his whore I mean and I think my background helps me a little bit of that just. Being an Algiers and kings all those years in coaching. Guys make mistakes. So it's our job as an organization. Have. I mentioned this before. To NAFTA and I don't I don't care what everybody else. Things in their opinions are make our opinions. Internally do our work. Internally. Can make sure we exhausted with the player didn't know. What we're getting with him when he inner stability. And then now he's going to be in the community also it's a case by case basis. And when we take a guy that has issues. That we have a plan for him to work. We have a plan to develop him in the house we have to do it. Play and develop him as a man. These are young guys they make mistakes. Are we comfortable with it is an organization comfortable with it are we comfortable with how he's going to be in the community. Those are all questions that we ask and every gap case by case we don't. We don't just. Loop column and say okay you know here's this group of players and here's the problem guys now if we're not comfortable. At the end of the day they won't be on the board. Date we will not make it and that decision will not be made on track we're not having discussions on draft day. Those discussions have been had before the draft and if we're may find no way this guy did physical criteria. We don't we don't believe that he can be successful here in any animal take him off the board so it takes time. Like anything. Accountability. It. It takes time to build a defense and offense and have them all come together. Tom do we have worked in front of us yes we do but it takes time. And the biggest thing I want to make sure that we're emphasizing is that. Competition. And I have to earn it I don't it doesn't matter where you come from and how we build and where you know from from. First round pick to undrafted free agent just straight free agent guy that was cut it to 53 futures citing. I mean I'm just go back and examples through history of the Leigh and grabbed it doesn't matter we come from. You want guys that are going to be great in the locker room good teammates. They hold each other count as we need you got it right to good teams know each other accountable. As it is I mean look I get paired talk. All I wanna talk about. Competition and earn and it. Staff can talk about it that he is the day to great teams in this league and they hold each other accountable in that locker room and that's what we wanna get too. There's two positions. Safety and tight ends that are not as deep as I've seen. For sixteen years in humans don't. Outstanding players at every level that you're. You know experience of being good with people that are competent and and knowing I've done the work and we've got to work. It's never just know this is never just about one person. She never. When you ultimately make a decision on a player what we've made that decision we've come to the right conclusion everywhere are bad and it's been that way. Really interesting read about care care. And how TO. So the world was game you know the league baseball is getting flat. In terms of the analytics DH that they were getting from the numbers so we kind of took a different approach with character. And hey we want high character guys that love football that will hold each other accountable that would be good teammates that. I think it is it's a Gallagher we can lie and you just look at the team's winning sleek look to cut its culture. Culture wins it absolutely wins. Football also good it's the greatest team sport brilliance I mean because. Just wanna have individual success. That they can have individual success. Without their teammates they can't do not in this sport. It's too hard look now we'll have the collaboration reform now to sit. It's hard to may look we'll have a stack and ranked before we ever get to address you know whenever we get to draft David Seaman strive. Those discussions are happening right now is not ultimately look ultimately. It depicts army look at thick it is the gap doesn't work out and that's it that's my fault that's on me. For not making sure we get everything we could make the players successful it would get him right there that's for us this week we as a group got it right.