Charlie Kimball looks ahead to the Grand Prix and Indy 500

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, May 10th

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I'm against Maryland shows CBS par. Fourteen. What a day. Wanna maintain voice told her. Always have to watch just. Lucky enough to be there as it has sized roadster go violence like that panel. What is. What is it who is that out there wanna sway told roasters well it was Tony Stewart how about them apples. I get ready for the month of may it will begin in earnest for this show on Friday we will be out in the the pace car garage. All month long courtesy of the great people at Chevy Papa John's and the American dairy association. Of Indiana. We welcome to the show is is we do is about as often as we feel. Is Gelman who didn't bet well mannered degrade Charlie Campbell the driver of the number 83 Novo Nordisk. Our Honda for chipped in SE raid they are racing how they don't Charlie. I'm doing well then how about yourself I could not be better it dealer. I went out there today and we saw the place where we're gonna broadcast rate the pace car garage. And I I just got all excited. They do it when you roll in India every year do you do you get that same kind of ceiling and it waves of nostalgia but hopes for what's coming. Absolutely I get your response strolling in there even during the winner when it covered and now it's just that. Actually that's special or racetracks that yeah I went there this morning. Give it to Rick to. Ate comet water polo team militant elements so when I walked around to go to this morning who has. Just telling them what it's like our great state gives me goosebumps that. It's so much fun this year that excitement and an owner that built in Indianapolis during the month the bank. I'm in the Indian now there the IndyCar Grand Prix you tend to finish fifth. Yeah I I have heard that recently gave. Poor concrete. I. Re there now. That's got to go get a top five like that. But like that. The at least the Olympic out of it this year what's the key to running well on this circuit. If that grit rooster and a lot of different. Elements to it got a full speed through that they're certainly not until well good breaks. In the turns seventeen deterrent on. But hopefully it'll be faster on the so there's a couple of really all certainly within a passing opportunities so. It is a little bit darker than her. Those you don't have to worry about human prompt and but at this point at each make the most of every chance he looked good. And then after the Grand Prix you have to get ready for the Indianapolis 500 you've been really good in the 504 top tens. In six starts what's the key to running well in the 500 mile race. Always all of a practice again you have to make sure that he put party tool in your tool box you ought to make sure that the caller. For all the weather conditions so he it's cloudy that would ensure that torture terrible question to all of those things. More time pitchers up or down change how long did it feel to how the track races. During practice as future. Weather conditions. You have to make sure that you're learning about the car and putting those two boxing. Well boy you get to race day you know you're ready to go. And for me. It's about being methodical and intelligent in how my it guy order true that we can practice. Through the weekend qualifying. And then what we have what we get to weekend. Tired of Charlie Campbell the driver of the Novo Nordisk number 8300 for Chip Ganassi racing. It can simulate that I have the simulators become. So it didn't detail oriented he can simulate wind conditions it is too busy running laps in the simulator to Indy. It's part this simulate the weather conditions frankly that is at the altar religion out she should throw for your. I noticed simulation each. Do a great job of looking at at your race there and wiggle goals. So what it feels like in the top that it is very solid and can be heard Eric. To replicate. From a computer site so it's something that just takes spirit and he keeps. It's still a little the rookie year that even your second or third year at the Indianapolis 500. It's that all elements that you learn the most about oh. As it is a guy who moved you don't like I said four top tens in six starts. We know the dead and that the key to running top tens is running at the end how do you stay away from trouble among the 33 cars. On that two and a half mile oval only is there is there a tactic or is it just blocked. Somebody who are excellent in New York pound on the bit just. Being hooked up to this special reports first quarter even harder and 4850. Laps. Building it to finish first you first must finish that thought on the Internet won't. Eat yet again a little more room where you have to give up that position earlier irony. But those last twenty laps. That's when the delegates turned out to attend and beyond because that's what it really out there and but it is going to play and what are the other drivers talked about the last trip me out there you let the racetrack they feel. How many of the other 32 guys do you think okay. Ed that guy's a knucklehead that deck has just gone crazy you know he's a bond side slit to the for a guy who wants to run to the first in the first twenty laps. I'm gonna stay the hell lot of guys might how many of the 33 guys are there who were like that. I think they're very few frankly I wanna be experienced good ones. Our circumstance that Specter early on. I mean honestly if you got a good first go to the front. And so when you have a good color just. Settle in your written and start won't buy any other callers wing Buchanan and making get me. Pretty innuendo Fatah and not speeches made any big presses her just because you have a good car underneath. How crucial. Is qualifying well. It's important but it's not the be all and all that somebody's sprint races. So slick roads streets and start to restart qualifier game. Oliver a key factor aren't where you finish. The front runner with 500 final. 456. Pit stops. There's a lot of opportunity to make your car better and keep moving up to your excellent track position race and that's further up front you can beat. Easier to cart arrives. The last opportunity you know we're good cast look trouble. But at the same time you've got a little bit at times could get there as well. Tired of Charlie Kimball the driver the number 83 Novo Nordisk chip can SE Honda. I'm Olivia skidded every time we talk TR I think rightfully so and I hope you don't get tired of the week talk about health. OK as a diabetic kids it's difficult to maintain like slew of levels and blood sugar levels and all that stuff. It end the right measure Andy I know you spent some time yesterday out a patent Manning Children's Hospital. EEE using your celebrity. To further that health. Of people in central Indiana and beyond how important is that to you. To me it it's really important I think K. It's nice. And it has some balance to your contract. And stuff because. That the congressman Lewis and it paid many children as well as the Riley children's hospital and meeting. Young people we're darker here are currently anticipate meaningful yet Jett talked to a group to keep that they'd be like you hear my story here their question. Talk about how tight lipped and they are an integral appropriate going in and there are inspiring to meet these young people that are. Eighteen that's allowances are. Certainly. Who had surgery the day before. And it took it to 60 very significant. Dent in her response Scully assists. And low score in particular and have a photo taken with me and and I pilots. I lecture. Inspired. Thinking and partner program Indianapolis motor with a and so that part after talking there. The Indiana blood center we know is facing a critical shortage and and that's one of the things that. That we wanna talking about the importance of donating blood and it sometimes it slips our minds. Today and we don't think about those in need but it's absolutely crucial that we do. Absolutely I could be looking more because it it definitely hit home. Especially in the month and named him he doesn't. Is that so many people going up the racetrack could erase from the current eighty. Incident patients who need to blood transfusions to just stay healthy and survive. It's critical that the Indianapolis putter has the stone her to be able to support. Those people vote takes care for. So I encourage people in if you can't donate blood and kicked out donate blood in and they're doing a really cool promotion. If you made an appointment. Anita age twelve and hurt her 23 Batman they're cheap little. And I don't want don't really blunt. They. A built in light car seat tickets for you see go attract you're you're there who puts out competition once Kirk the purpose for free. While supplies last and now it's a great opportunity to look there and get a chance perhaps the trucks for clothing well. If you had to pick a band. Tell if you're going to be on non participant encourage you or if seagate you're gonna run your practice a carb day do the pit stop thank. And then you set out a hell with it I'm going over their nominal watch this band and you could pick the bad the band here choice who Diego city. I think you're probably police beat blink 180 cubicle dice Oakland ms. I'm not only are panic. That people according to your outlook is that it is is really get it so. I saw them they change them you Klipsch music there last year. Or not an expansion including it'll be a lot of our car. They did I was there as well that did an excellent choice thank you Charlie we'll see out there beginning Friday. Absolutely candidates people want the fine work is copied into what are they can go to. Indiana blood dot org slash locations for donor center location perfect thanks so much really appreciate it. Income taxes if that's Charlie Campbell the driver of the number 83 Novo Nordisk condos for chip can Nancy racing. One of the really really good guys and me and always generous with his time and and always a guy who's gonna finish. Unless he's the victim of bad luck he's always gonna finish in the top ten of the 500. And it seems as though he is always going to finish. Sales in the Grand Prix. He has started that race three times it is only got to run three times. And he is finished fifth in each and every one of them so there you go the first one I saw from the the go to and that was very cool. And we'll be immediately below. The place where I watched that race starting on Friday thanks to the great people a Chevy. And the American doe it dairy association of Indiana as well as Papa John's cannot wait to get out there. And do shows nine shows total and we absolutely loved doing each and every one it's a privilege to be out their broadcasting to you the truth. You know you think about the heritage of the race they heritage of the people have brought. Broadcasts into the homes. Of those in central Indiana and beyond all the way back to Sid Collins when that radio network began in 1952. And all the way through I think since last race was 76. And I think Paul page dated and then there was Bob Jenkins Lou coal Bert. May be missing again someplace but somebody could broadcasters. Have been a part of that radio network. And have done great work broadcast from out there we'll continue to were happy to do it ourselves. Coming up starting Friday and then Monday through Friday and then Monday Thursday and Friday we're gonna have fun that we suggest you come out to the track. Have fun as well and don't like Charlie Kimball said. Indiana blood centers they're facing a critical shortage so if you go there the 22 her 23. He get a card date ticket how cools at Steve Miller gonna be out they're providing the musical entertainment.