CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd on college athletes rights

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, May 11th

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Mac count against sterling Joe's CBS sports we're happy. Welcome to the show the great Dennis Dodd from CBS sports CBS sports dot com hey don't Dennis. I can't progress are here I cannot be better. Over the last couple days we've got a lot of conversations about. The national letter of intent. And whether elite athletes or any athletes should sign these things and for the first time last night I read the national letter of intent. And I had always thought it was kind of a different document but this thing. Is totally you know it protects the school at the expense of the kid what would a kid ever signed this thing. Really they've been brainwashed and doing it and there's no reason to ensure it. You know they're told by coaches you know everybody get the vote either witnessed or against the but there's really leveraged that that the elite players haven't ever exercised more I noticed in recent years. They don't have the sign a letter of intent that you're good enough at school it's going to take you any time anyway right what did they sign what called a scholarship agreement. And that means only figure out what whatever time to enroll you're bound to that school. Before that time he go anywhere you want now obviously. There's there's schools recruited him don't want bad at all. And it not publicize at all but I know I'll be an ally as you're talking about what kind of binding agreement. What you don't. All you have to do it sign a scholarship agreement that is scary he will guarantee you book. Room board tuition. To whatever school you're going to go to just not particularly that. And the scholarship agreement. Is that binding document that do that is between view of the NCAA and your school of the national letter of intent has nothing to do the NCAA whatsoever. Yeah that's right it's it's administered by the collegiate commissioners association which is what you think it is. Commissioners of the 32 Lee. And that the document that says you're not you're not committed enough bankers school because of a coach. Well no that's absolute folly right school. Athlete in every sport commitment play because of a coach. If it was about education would have this Infiniti PR which we had released today. What do they can get into bad if you want to get to total sham system. But now it is it is it doesn't tell you might have a double knee replacement of school paper foreign twenty year. Well you might have been mentioned as he gears and and they and they absolutely don't tell you. After our coach may be double the blocking train actually from any school wants. Let's go to the APR might do you think it's a sham. That if it was purposely created a line the pockets of coaches. By the way you can go to disposed to graduate players and keep them on an academic. Straight nose right I don't know why they're getting that they're pretty smartly kept getting. We're reaching an out the region and number eight PR. Candidate. Year after year Nike twenty never. Did it that the impacts. The most decent you talk about the historically black colleges for invariably. Want to get penalized in the situation six of the eight schools. But at post season bands. De committed to that I guess what today in both in post season ban begins achieving underachieving in the HE RR EBC news. They're 50000 sports teams across the spectrum. There and a handful. Maybe one school I think it had a post season ban and acting yes football. And that's US LP Oklahoma State got a waiver a couple of years ago. Maybe Idaho two by two. Out of all those sport about football playing sports only to do FBS school were bad and. The corruption in college athletics is I see it is so. It is so pervaded. College athletics that I just wanna bang my head against the wall. And and it bit and and that I think well let let's be a little bit more proactive and try to figure out a way to fix it but then you realize that the people of broken under the same people who benefit from it. And they're the people who operated that there's no there's no clear route to decency. In collegiate athletic says there. I mean that's a little bit of a generalization like I do think the majority. Administrators coaches. Have the right thing in mind for the athletes that there are a culture. And a system that requires you to practice and play more than twenty hours a week that requires legislation. Put in just this year. Bet. Player cannot practiced during their vacation. I don't know they won't. That they can't practice between midnight and 6 AM I don't know. That language have to be put and so there have been yeah. It was a little bit about overstepping her about it. And you're right a lot of the guys I knowing college athletics are really really good man who do the right thing for the great reasons. But the rules that govern and govern the scoff laws are administered. By those schools themselves. And and so there's really there's really no reason other than that. The general goodness of humanity. To expect a college athletics is gonna behave in a way that's good for the student athlete. Yeah you know they had kids fathers saying wait a membership wants it back. They'll tell North Carolina that when there are protests protested long and loud. That the FCC commissioner graves sank he has moved ahead of the infractions committee which will sit in judgment and down. In this epic academic fraud case and that's one power ball. Overseeing arrival frankly. And I could see their point it would against the rules now the membership again it's signed off on it. But you know I think your I was great thank you might consider. Barbara you and myself to skate video and it caught the case will be lost one appeal no because it's in the rules but there are things like that. Is the big twelve dying. No. If not I that's become a narrative around the country in the last few weeks I think. And now there's eight years left on the on the very lucrative contract with like all of them back loaded with their media writes he'll get ESPN fox. By the end of that Texas will be making sixty million dollars a year. Are counting the longhorn networks they'll which again and then a borderline failure but it is what it are still getting fifty million dollars a year. From it. Oklahoma we will be making close to that out of the grant of rights you find these scenes together. And I don't think ESPN. And or fox or in any mood. Where the sports like bubble bursting down more to these schools to reconfigure them another late so now it'll go on for the eight more years of the contract and you know I I think the bad it is there a lot of bad publicity in the big twelve yet there are more pro reactive than proactive. It and I you know there may be an adjustment at the end of the American. The best case scenario for them is. Some sort of auction are big twelve. They are hard packed twelve teams in the big twelve or what we saw 2010 almost. A merger between the two. Thank you so much Dennis really appreciate it great stuff. I can't thank you. Dennis Dodd from CBS sports dot com CBS sports doesn't turn Richard job covering college football. And AP Andy he's right in it's important to say because I do I get a little bit broaden my generalizations. And I I know that you got a guy. And I feel like I know Fred glass okay. I feel like Fred glass is the athletic director at Indiana University announced said this a number of times. Because. It it can become is kind of his his legacy as a human being other can be in a husband other than being a father. He can take over the athletic department at Indiana university. And put the 8200 or 850 how many ever student athletes. Are are under that umbrella make their lives better I believe that he EE heat debts his vocation. And he does it out of a very good place. In his heart. It's not for money he took it took a massive pay cut. To accept that job is significant massive die in today in my mind it's massive. In his mind significant I'm sure. To take that job it's not about money it's not about position it's not about right and a tea to golf cart. It's about the legacy that he can bring to those. Who trust him to run that athletic department. As as the Steward of that athletic department for the four years ongoing those rolling four years for all the student athletes and Indiana. I truly believe that that's why Fred glass is in that business. And there are people who are in the business of college athletics who want nothing more. Then to have a positive impact on the student athletes they coach. Or meant Turk or to order or how ever they interact with people. On that campus there and those people far outnumbered the do overs. Who mood you know traded who's Sully it. By. By trying to take from it. More than they put back. That date is dale are. The good far outnumber the bad there's no doubt about that but they're people. Who moved in and the reason for the national letter of intent to exist. Is is pretty clear any gives coaches are of very very strong locked. And commitments and the number of scholarships they have to offer and all that stuff but they do it. By GA in Britain in many ways preying upon the tonight David tank. Of the student athletes and their families who believe somehow or another that they have to sign that document. In order to be welcomed in their program and maybe their programs and coaches who say you know what you gotta sign it. And if they say get a sign it you wanna go to school you better sign it. But if you're really really good behavior really early popular and your being recruited by a lot of schools you have to sign that thing. Say no. You have to sign that you don't wanna sign you don't like part of the contract read. Re the contracts say you know what the Sox. I'm not doing that. Hired attorney. Pat hired attorney to look at a mid does this make any sense no. It doesn't make any sense for you because your being recruited by 68 school you offers from everybody. You know what do you get 68 offers. You determine how stuff works almost said something else. If you got what I offer you better sign the national Letterman Ted you're in no position. To exert authority over the eight university's football programmer basketball programmer whatever kind of broke him to deal and one. You're not. Yeah I want proper signed the document you get sixty it offers double the shot. How much fun is right. That's what that's what happens if they get what your seventeen. Don't think you can tell anybody to shop. When you're fifty. You know would that you can tell everybody to shove it and that's what life gets fun sadly maybe.