Bill York

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, May 17th

Indianapolis sports media legend Bill York reflects on his favorite memories from his time working with the Colts, the Pacers and at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 


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I come Kent sterling show CBS sports 1430 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Talking to their legends all over this place and their traditions all of this plays but none with in the media. Nolan is legendary in the way that Billy your kids and in so if you don't mind this year we'll talk. For a few minutes abound on your time in Indianapolis sports and still don't work out here. And just an absolute pleasure to medium. Well. Can't it's. Indianapolis is in my judgment is not only the racing capital world but basically the amateur and sports capital. We have had so many things that happened. To sports here in the last. In my idol lifetime here is since 1957. Involving basketball leave. Gone from the ABA to the NBA. We had amateur football team in no way now. Patent and Andrew. And the colts would show. Par my legacy is who have colds. I helped unload those mayflower vans back in 1984. Al on east 56 treated. Grade school on heroin. Was Bob Feller and Bob Walters and we set up the PR department and that little school doctor before. When they first moved to town and so that and then of course. My lifelong dream of working here speedway is. It is. Really set aside a life that I've really enjoyed our whole my whole family. Or involved in all people I have depended on over the years. To do. You know laughter. Forty or fifty jobs with the colts and I had to filler game day. Probably torn in thirty people to pay raise your game we. When news news statistics and timing and scoring in anything that's like then. One and done why we knew we'd get done more Raymond. It just goes back a long time and I'm happy to be a part of it and for all of people who have. He worked and helpless. What we've been doing the last forty years to to improve sports in that city Indianapolis. It's it's been outstanding. You know it's that you hear you're known as one of the nicest guys in internal one of the nicest guys in sports median town and it's really. You know moving here from Chicago. If you if you like Chicago sports media is completely different from Indianapolis sports media Indianapolis sports media people outside here's C it is soft. I don't see it is soft I see it is fair NIC it is nice and every time I ask somebody about that they talk about use the touch point. Having hired. Most of the people in town at some point of another peril or another. And end I think that really maybe this is overstate need tell me what you think but I think that the sports meeting in Indianapolis. Is somehow a reflection of view. Well. I think that maybe a little bit overstated but I assure. Years back and speedway Akamai are only did the high school guys. That and Ben Davis and Lawrence central and marched north and all high schools that had radio shows that we. So up time had to end of the day for the high school guys can mine here in. And do their broadcasting from the from the speedway media sinner and here they were. Probably 141516. Years old here. They McLaren broad as you're. That's got a whole picture Keylon leaves you. All these guys gone through that occurred. Dave first. All those guys were high school guys that started right out here just speedway in my judgment in a program and we had set up for the high school guys come do their radio show who's here at the speed. As centrist talking to Billy York. Sports media legend in Indianapolis and that's. That do well I never use that word but it's absolutely appropriate you've got a Super Bowl ring on ice and that's super Super Bowl ring breakdance there. And what's that what's that ring. Three ABA championships. Was slick and hey you know George and all just a couple weeks ago we heard it. Mac and George mcginnis had been. Just as we call him. Got into the hall of fame with. Slate and Roger and Mel and very befitting. He was one of the great basketball. Players of all time. Want a great individuals of all time in my judgment. So. We're sure happy to see that. How sports media changed through the people when it changed and we know about the technology and like I'm recording this interview on an iPhone for goodness they put. Microphone that just plugs into it and so it makes the technologies here but the people in sports media if they changed over time. Certainly. Back when we started with the pacers. We did everything by hand. I typed a running account. On the bench. We had guys that and and because at that. The ABA was so fast. I mean. You watch a college game or you like state high school game that was. Like at night crawler gold news gold restaurant something that. Ultimately it was so fast and we had to do all the times college. And guess who made the link to a jump shot and a lay up and charging fouls and all these things we had to do it. All my guys. Learned proof regionally in and become more and there are five others. Well five of us that were. Started out in 1957. Or 67. With the pacers bill Bevan. Call for him ski who passed about three years ago. Myself Bob Burnett health care and slick. We were all to first call dial and we had a camera first call out we and a 157. Guys. Showed up to try out for the pacers at the coliseum. And she's the slicks. Slick and Clyde rebel of course level that the coach Larry stay here Roenick coach at that time. And Clyde and slit in helping news. Well. You know when you had 157. Guys out there. They did and it drove Clinton first got I. Bit after awhile ago you know others Ron Bonham. Jimmy. Rail and but. All of those things and now everything is done with computer. Hand phones and all. Nice and the news. Doing all these things not by hand. Based on hire Bob Burnett myself to do stance for the guy just totally stuff so. And stability and a bomb one of the great guys but what's your favorite thing out here with your favorite part of many alternate questions first lap yet. There is there isn't anything in sports. That stay injury error on your armory here and back in the area and Guzman. That first lap his greatest. Thing in the world and my agent and and these so called game sevens. It. And it's amazing I watched the first. Lack of moderation. I'm I'm gonna Michelin on these days but this. That's. The epitome of sports that first which your favorite place to watch. Ohio watched it always. When I you know after the third level of Pagoda. Roger deputies and myself we used gloves that are on rod were still alive and we've picked our spot up there where were you see three fortunate track. And if we'd watch the first to. Oprah is the first ten to fifteen laps unless something happens now. If something happened like. We were busy and get backing him busy covered stuff like men to. That first lap. Today understand heroine her arms about. Your your not watching the right thing. That's an always brings people back on like attitude to get it to get friends from college who live in Chicago. Come down here sentiment turn one and him want to first lap and they never not it did they come back forever never never say it's just one of those things. Though it did in have you had favorite drivers players that you've gotten a Knoll and in enjoyed. Well of course. Purnell is mired. Favorite. Drier because each becomes such a good friend over the years it to him of course volley marshland news. Those close to. Jim Malone who got killed here. Years ago or after he'd been saying in my office down Weaver. Chatting probably. Thirty minutes prior im going around the track him at that point my time horizon. That's my last treasurer friend. Couldn't handle it more. But par LE course and a moment we go back whole life. Used to while on speaking engagements and glow around the dance parties and JC parties generally. He'd go has been lead. We it and read analyst situation meant to him. We that we had a good time and he's been a good friend for a long time. Talking to bill York a sports media legend in Indianapolis and beyond. Let me ask you this go back to sports media for a second is there any excuse. Is there any rationale. That. Invent excuses. A guy in sports media from being a nice guy is there is there any time where a guy shouldn't be a nice guy. I'd I'd find it hard to believe this year. A good sports fan. And you fall Lou this portion where they should be followed. I don't see any injuries and her someone to be contained her over. Behind it and then you've got a lot of you know media people have their own views about the twitch that's their prerogative. Our First Amendment stilled says Regan do Wednesday evening we well lesion. And that certainly. Who's all the thing about. And things like the Paul George situation going on right now. Well sure they'll want a whole Georgia's stainless. He's a great basketball player but. Sports and become such a big. Business. Thing anymore than it is state in the presidents over. Think he's. Thank you so much for spending some time with me I really appreciate great to meet you. And ink hit an area little bit special guy I wish him checked covering Chicago. Oh well and those. In charge do heroes. Have been charged to me is they're here for about. Well five or six years. Chet used to call Mary mountain. We'd chat about things in his church in Indy for a long time him. Of course only old standard guidelines and Jim Wilson. Shoring is sergeant Dave beyond today and quality as his sword but. We've got a good good group of radio and TV and print media Cleveland's. Print media has become pretty tough there here surgery thing is changed over the years. Error by can pick up all in fully wanton. And it's that's putting it papers. Pretty rough week ago I appreciate it Phil thank you so much every month.