Bill Reiter examines a possible NFL union protest and Paul George leaving the Pacers

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, July 13th

Bill Reiter examines a possible NFL union protest and Paul George leaving the Pacers.


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Writer joins us from writer's opinion six to ten right here on CBS sports 1438. Nobel. That I do agree upon them not too much aware aware we got her pennies and a bunch over Paul George a little bit but not for the reason that Paul George thanks. He thinks that people are disappointed he's not going to be a pacer. Nobody is they're just disappointed with the way he left in the way he articulated. Where he wants to go to Los Angeles and that kind of of this rated the trade value and got the idea. I think SAI think that they varied and very valid reason to be very disappointed blog George I. I like we'll all be one of my favorite memories governing MBA it was going to Indy. And certain air would within India and and greater integrator and bring it to be here at Watson stepped curry. And the band together and awaited details understandable loved Paul George. And gave him some space so certain happen every market in the fact. And it acts that happened in such a fashion. At the pacers got basically bottle of snapple and Victor all the people. Yeah I mean that is that is not the way elite organization and you undercut. All of this trade value and all the leverage and Kevin Pritchard out at the very ugly exit. Let me asking you brought up. How odd things are a little bit different Indianapolis how people give athletes space. And and that happens everywhere I tell this story about going to McAllister is across the street from the studio on Peyton Manning's in there. Wits for other colts and they're just sit there eaten sandwiches and drink and sweet tea. And nobody the entire lunch bothered that bothered them at all that's not the way it works in most places is that. I'm not going to Democrat will win I didn't know all the time and you know they can sort of set at this interview with him and it was going to be any. And when they pulled a little watercolor like a local bar I was sort of I expected to have to show up and be ushered them back or right that's what usually happens. They both of them they believe they romantic grabbed a table there was nobody with them very little bark Kardashian and might step curry scored like 54 point. Against the knicks got a burst out of the scene 34 years ago. And it just is utterly stunned me because. I guess he LeBron James got Miami he would mock I've seen job wall out DC he is my iGoogle article on and on a non. It was a very cool connection you could tell that he felt the Indianapolis the story was about he talked about it and I believed it and I bought it. And I was really disappointed not that you left. But both wanted to be left in the news they came up and made it really difficult for for you folks and and that seemed to get even anything approximating fair value football coach. Talk to bill writer from not brighter than you six to ten right here on CBS sports network that radio network throughout the country. Is this might be old guy talked but is there any level of money that an NBA player or a Major League Baseball player can make. And that will turn off. A fan base and say you know what did visit days people just aren't relayed a bull anymore we used to talk about that when guys are making three million a year. Played baseball or playing basketball but now they're going to be Macon 4050. Million dollars a year. Yeah the money's great guy you know I didn't like I think it depends. On the guy and how he conducts himself. And the level of success I've been really hard for a long time in my career I think rightly so. Our guys like like Howard and Carmelo Anthony. But not just play into not just sort of the way that they destroy locker rooms that bit of a malignancy in the coltart and Leander dirt about about the offense. They haven't lived up to their potential and that Abbott Lou Dobbs. To the massive amount of money they make. But personally can't I have no issue with step could make it a whole bunch of money. I have no issue LeBron James make it a whole bunch of money. I keep America out what you are all a boot for everybody to get bears. You just want people get what they deserve now what they don't so immediately me personally it really depends on a diet and whether he lives up those contracts. And if anything LeBron James is underpaid at whatever he gets because he's worth so much more to the city of Cleveland the cavaliers and the NBA at large. That's exactly right opera I tell my wife from Ohio an entire Stanley their Cleveland fans. I spent a lot and it's unlikely the last three years in the World Series and obviously LeBron James. And the economic impact on that city on that count. Is Israel and you talk to people about it you get the taxi or Cooper here at the bar after a game you're talking to folks who live there. LeBron James not just the championship or that feels great. Real lives have been affected in a positive way because LeBron. He can't make a difference in people's lives step curry the exact same thing not the Bay Area needs the economic uplift. Like that they got it made that doubted that franchise our report the catalyst much more valuable can I I think that's exactly it. If you bring value you place your work every dollar it's really situation. Talking to bill writer for brighter than you right here on CBS sports 1436. To ten every weeknight. The people in the NFL Richard Sherman most notably and most recently they're talking about the disparity in wages between the NFL in the NBA. And Sherman says that the NFL players need to develop a hunger for striking. And what I thought right then is well he wouldn't here in 1987. When it took the NFL all of about four weeks to break the union. Yeah I mean they if he's right in a vacuum but people argues it was communism and that does like something to look good on paper are uttered adventures in the real world. If you want big massive contract that you want to make a hundred million dollars or 259 dollar guaranteed right games ardent. You do have to break the owners but the problem is that the NFL. Is he moneymaking machine the people behind obviously very wealthy. And the owners can look across the sports landscape whether it's baseball or the NBA and they are gonna find in those examples the will power to stand up to those players. Not just because it's millions of dollars that they themselves. And I just Richard Herman wrong and they probably deserve more money. But obviously catastrophic injuries are much more likely and much more commonplace. In the NFL and that means that these guys at the players actually worse strike were to be successful can't you have so many bad contract I actually I do think it would you know in the game negatively. And it hit in order to strike. You're gonna have to get compliance from about 25% of your union base and those guys are really paid sort of week to week. And you're never gonna get those guys to see you know we need to be this because in five years ten years. 20 years that's not the way they live they wanna get to it they want checks and October. Yeah I mean you're exactly right until LeBron James and Chris Paul took over the players you're in the NBA right to make this storm right did not happen before. There wasn't the political power the will power the players in this. To mr. Jackson and battle like talking to god back when that happened it's not just the guy that seven dam no effect on the band's seventh guy on the roster in some cases. If the guy can make a lot of money that don't manage their money particularly well at the NFL level book I don't make as much money. Everybody not everybody but a lot of people America live paycheck to paycheck. What you're selling insurance when you talk on the radio whether you're lucky enough to be LeBron how much are LeBron elect play in the NBA in Iraq like. It will take real pain and probably months and months of real financial pain for NFL player to do a Richard Sherman's call on fourteen very unlike. You from LA and New York here from Iowa how that moves don't let what's different about New York other know whether New York to LA. Yes shocking I love my kids were born in Kansas City allies from Ohio where orbits. I'll let you look here and Oliver for years and it was. It was a stunner and I think like the thing about New York about it here for maybe two months and Lorena Kidd got here three weeks ago. It that you think why and like we we pride ourselves on being down to earth and it ended questions but I'm collided technique that Alameda soft it's like 84 degrees in her diet. And get out with the release off. In it but they really put a ship that I'd never within your city is just the apostle idiot I like it but it's intense. There are people everywhere there's an incredible energy and for me I'm surprised about it I'd I talk on the radio for a living so that it's great to keep them like the energy high. My Weis really bought into it. My kids like but it allowed New York now the first two or three days were rough it's just. Miked or midwesterners NL label of a lot. But he didn't feel like New York so at least we got very lucky LLA it was a very good transition. For a couple of kids from this hurried to get used to New York City. You're terrific writer as wells a terrific radio host which enjoyed to a better. We all like it it's like all the in my journals and the president and in the universe in Missouri are gonna are gonna like roll their eyes are being angry at me but I actually I do like radio batter I am I am a writer I love doing that and you're very kind to be at stake. Well as much as like being writing you can be expanded you know that would. Radio such an intimate medium yuck connect with other human being it ought to be allowed to talk that want to be made that transition. Quite as great. You're interacting with a blank screen and it's been meaningful but somewhat lonely endeavor. Radio social and you connecting people lies my first sort of radio mantra told me that's my first start in the business. He liked it a privilege to go to people's homes and there's a real emotional connection that develops and that and created very mean polite and treat people respect. On the air like you shouldn't realized and so for me I did I get a lot more mean out of radio. There's no editing in a radio you know and and that makes it. Much lower Timmy spontaneous and challenge him. Sure I quite like the TV I my first ever audition of fox sports one I want to say that I was ordered dumpster fire and the best. How bad I want you out and I am very famous TV executives came down and everybody just heard screaming at me and I was sweating like from broadcast news an awful. And then again it ended slightly but look. Whether TV it's radio with it's writing. You have to be yourself you have to be up panic if you are not off the record for you failed to up and if you authentic it doesn't work you're gonna fill anyway. And for me radio would be ultimate sort of extension that is where you're oh you're you get to meet you for two or three or four hours right like. I love that you're like you got to be yourself you got to be comfortable in your own skin and I think radio the great need and if you can get to that place eligibility god tonight. So people don't feel the record for everything pay huge stop every diplomat actually did a pre K it was Serena Williams early candidate nice a lot of talent spotlight. What that outright like it is it's Wimbledon. Probably dived and I'm not a big Carmelo Anthony guy and I am a huge believer that that's. That it that it's possible candidate will not work when he goes to play for the coach he got fired three or four or five years ago right you know a budget up and we think I don't come on board George every single show they don't like the way he treated the place it's sort of grim and it was superstar will certainly circle back ethnic group. That's why would that be here and Andy thanks a lot that they do. That's bill writer for brighter than you that show is right here on this radio station every single week nights from six to ten. He does a terrific job and a really really good writers while one of those guys as we continue to talk about media. You know I a couple of days ago we're talking to Malcolm Moran and then yesterday were talking to Mike accorsi what do we keep hearing over and over and over again. Versatility versatility versatility. Don't Ryder taken it to heart duo and a great job in a variety of different forms TV radio writing all really really good stuff.