American Dairy Association

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, May 16th

The American Dairy Association shares why Indy 500 winners drink milk after winning the greatest spectacle in racing.


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Back at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Carter's sixteenth and Georgetown in speedway Indiana bought courtesy of shutting Papa Johns of the great speed but the American Dairy Association. If you get your Hoosier dairy farm families providing in the winner's right now. What the great traditions. Up Indianapolis 500 I think was started well you tell us we're gonna talk to Joseph Kelsey. The the American Barry's association Indiana. Willie Mayer blew in my. 1933. And won the race and ask for buttermilk. 1936. A repeat winner and it was caught on camera and the tradition begins. Serving milk. She's the winner of the Indianapolis 500 what was the last time were the winners drank water no. That's a great trivia question had to the looked that would I don't know the drivers today have a choice between home alone 2% and skim milk. But celebrating with a milk in victory circle. A great. Let's say it's absolutely wonderful there is. Of course a huge part of what goes on here and and I think it's one of the most iconic things. This place is rooted in so many traditions. That in. It just kind of got started and never seen this sort of stops right. Well you're exactly right and what's been great about it at this this new attention to be in victory circle and presenting the milk. You really get a feel for those traditions of how important they are not only to the track and the folks that are part of this event. But that they against the vote yeah he sealed a street your friends and neighbors once you sit next to a church like hey don't mess up this tradition because this is darn important. About 45 years ago like I did it Hitler's still pissed off at that dot. I hope everybody learned their lesson that turning down the milk or asking for something else it's for vote. Well it's great to celebrate in victory circle with a note that's here. And now it'll be great hand in his. And that really see that that enjoyment. That is the unity in Indianapolis 500 give the guys waste it pouring it on top of their heads and remember it how does victory look. When you and you pass it around to their team members they take some drinks they slosh it around itself is an exciting exciting time. It really is an aunt that guy's obviously bail embrace it and handed inside it's the age you know who gets to give. Does the belt so the guy. Well I'm on trial here with Kim Dae Kim is this year is rookie mill person. And Campbell will be responsible for the winning team owners and the winning crew chief. And for me I'll have a responsibility of handing in of the driver as a veteran and the next year it will take her turn as the better it will name a new rookie. What do you do during the race I mean obviously you have full access to everything we're now we're watch a race walk him and I will be situated right upstairs here where we can see a great view of the track with that's pretty great stress. It's a great way to experience the 500 that's pressure and then just before the end of the race we was down here to the green room right outside of victory circle and waits. For those last laps and who the leader is animal connect that choice that winning drivers' favorite belt to the winning driver they roll in and not do our work. Countless talk to kids for Medicare and Medicaid so our are you nervous about all this. Little bit you know a lot of pressure but it's getting a lot of fun you know being yet had to attract today's grade. Get to see guys on the track it's just really exciting and I'm like yes so does everybody get their bottle the current team younger and the drivers that are three bottles as three bottles in the case and will be handing it up at the time. And it's official color. Initially there's yep yep it all and I decorated. Can't cops kinda like the briefcase full of blues then Elwood blues experience and that's it still is going to play yeah not. I don't keep it safe and protected it isn't yet it and sell it ends up doing like carry out a mixture of media Gator right. So let's hear yours you're going to be in the point person yet driver yeah. How often does this tape. There's two people every year so Joseph it was me isn't it last year and I'll read. Get there early and do one yet so there's a cycling. They. Kind of a free succession of power. Dietary association is you guys stand up the right now it's exciting don't get. Different people not need it through at the same person every year so dedicated share in its critics mean I don't get selected. We're on the American Association in a Bullard and so the board members kind of vote pick someone every year. It had to step up zone. They make that choice so you guys you guys are special in some ways that they excel excel it to. It could be coming out west especially bush did you know let us. You know let's treat this is something not like typical Tuesday. You know this and eleven and blanket to begin preschool and get them off the bus this little bit different view. We're prompt from northwest Indiana employers are all very I can't I'm up there. Thousand pounds and today. Really how familiar you must have heavily countless hands. Not to get it right. It there. So it fit in at the dairy. That's dairy the dairy business. Yeah technology continues football and it is so the one place that I think we're all familiar with is that Fair Oaks what's out there and has received the we see the billboard ads playing at that but that puts us to contact directly with kind of military foreign works that kind of is that representative. Kind of display of how dairy farms operate. You know it's and a greater scale than a lot of times you'll see. But did you practice everything's the same everything's just saved just is am clean. So practices the same when you get. A hundred Cal's or 101000 like that if that fails so what's your favorite theory treatment. Not except to say ice cream. Cubic Iran. I have made ice cream a few times. Lot of work I do you know buying it is it but as it worked delicious if it's fresh because I've made it adds. That. Thank you both for company and I really appreciated that's terrific thanks so great to be on the analysts compromise Johnson County just outside India are yet. Yeah also a dairy farmer that's right we know about 500 counts three times today. That your your hands obviously. Well counts we have a lot of work to your everyday but it's I wore a Smart guy but he keeps stated it until somebody lines so somebody laugh if nobody laughs I'll say to Scott during the next segment so we're all out on the inside that's. Of course that's what I do that to. That's really. The treatment I provide Indianapolis on a daily basis is an answer right there carts other on the way home. They they just kind of chuckled. I don't like that that they know they're listening debate. Hot thank you guys for coming into taxpayers' support all month long we loved working with you guys Sally and it's just a wonderful. Partnership and we look forward to seeing rates. Thanks so much for Amazon thanks Joseph. Thank you cam.